Josh Donaldson Makes Amazing Catch While Putting Body At Risk

By Connor Muldowney
Josh Donaldson
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson is having quite the year for the 79-59 Oakland Athletics. Besides batting .292 with 19 homers and 77 RBI, the 27-year-old third baseman has been as rock-solid as anyone on the entire team and it could easily be said that he’s been the best player on the team this season.

In an effort to make one of the most amazing catches of the season on Tuesday night, Donaldson did something that not many players would do — especially if they’re making the big bucks. It’s rare to see a talented third baseman put his body at risk for the love of the game.

Check out the amazing play here:

As you can clearly see, Donaldson knew exactly what he had to do to make the catch. He saw the ball heading toward the stands and he took off. Running toward the tarp with one thing in mind — catch the ball — he made a brave leap toward what could have been the disabled list. Good thing for Donaldson, his fall wasn’t as bad as the one Derek Jeter made a few years back when he dove into the stands to make a play. He caught the ball and landed safely between the tarp and the padded wall.

Either way, he made one heck of a catch. Too bad for the Athletics, though, they came up short in the game against the Texas Rangers, 5-2.

He might have one devastatingly ugly haircut, but he’s a great player. This catch might go down as the catch of the year and I just can’t stop watching it.

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