Mug Shot of Drunk Iowa Hawkeyes' Fan Girl Surfaces

By Andrew Fisher
Iowa Hawkeyes
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

University of Iowa officials had to be furious a few weeks back when the school was named the nation’s top party school by the Princeton Review. The University has put great effort into cleaning up its image over the past few years, but after Samantha Goudie went viral over the weekend after being arrested for attempting to run on the football field and then blowing a .341, the school’s reputation has taken another major hit.

Most people were just shocked that Goudie was conscious after having such a high blood alcohol level, but to everyone’s amazement, she took to Twitter just hours later to tell her ridiculous story. Now, her long-awaited mug shot has hit the internet.

Image via @LostLetterman

Not only does Goudie look extremely intoxicated, it seems that she acquired a shiner somewhere along her journey to jail. But hey, when you get that drunk, anything can happen…

As far as the Iowa football team is concerned, they didn’t fair so well in the season opener. The Hawkeyes lost on a last second field goal to NIU and now have started the season in a 0-1 hole. The game marked the debut of new signal-caller Jake Rudock, who looked good up until he threw a late-game interception to set up NIU’s game-winning field goal.

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