Mike Tyson Talks Candidly About Sobriety With Conan O'Brien

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson shocked a lot of people a few weeks back when he revealed that he’s been lying to everyone about being sober. Tyson’s troubled past is no secret to sports fans across the globe, but many truly believed he had given up drugs and alcohol for good, long ago. The former boxing champ got everyone’s attention when he said that he was ‘on the verge of dying.’

Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien was one of the many people that were taken back by Tyson’s shocking revelation and he reached out to bring the former boxer on his show:

“I just wanted to be honest and I don’t care how much success you have or how much love you have, if you’re not honest, it’s never going to last. I have 20 days now (of being sober), and this is the guy I want to be. I was just very scared about all this stuff, it’s really creepy you know, being sober not ready to handle this stuff and all those yucky feelings start coming up and you want to kill that pain, I’m just so happy that I can be truthful with myself. That’s all you have to be, right? Be true to thyself. Shakesperian stuff,” said Tyson.

O’Brien was very sincere when he told Tyson that he was worried about him. Their interview got very serious for those couple minutes, and that’s a good thing. The former heavyweight champ is now 47-years old and he may not have been far off when he said he was on the verge of death. Human bodies just aren’t equipped to withstand years and years of substance abuse and from the sounds of it, Tyson was hitting it hard for a long time.

Here’s to hoping that Iron Mike can finally get sober once and for all and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

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