Warren Sapp Makes Ridiculous Ryan Tannehill Prediction

By Andrew Fisher
Warren Sapp
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Nobody really ever questioned anything Warren Sapp did on the football field. The guy was simply a beast during his 13-year career. As a result, he just took his rightful place in the NFL Hall of Fame a few weeks back. But now Sapp is making headlines for a prediction he made while working his current job as an analyst for the NFL Network.

Check out the Hall-of-Famer’s prediction for Ryan Tannehill‘s upcoming season:

“The second year won’t be a sophomore slump for Ryan Tannehill. He will break Dan Marino’s [mark] of 5,084 yards. That’s right…he’s gonna break it. Ryan Tannehill loves to throw it around the yard. Quarterback-driven league. Watch it.”

Sapp is of course referring to the Miami Dolphins franchise passing record Marino set back in 1984. Until 2011, it was the NFL’s all-time high for passing yards in a season as well, but three players have since beaten out the legendary QB’s total.

I think most of us can agree that Tannehill is in for a big sophomore season. They’re aren’t too many analysts predicting that he will experience the proverbial sophomore slump, mainly because of the job the Dolphins’ front office did to bring in receiver talent to place around him. But to project that he’ll break Marino’s franchise record, is just crazy talk.

To pull of the feat, Tannehill will have to put up 1,790 more yards than he did during his rookie season. Possible? Sure. Likely? Heck no.

I respect Warren Sapp’s football knowledge, but there’s just no way I can agree with him on this one…

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