Tokyo Wins Amazing Opportunity To Host 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

By Stowe Gregory
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Tokyo has won the amazing opportunity of hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Japanese capital won a majority of second-round votes on Saturday evening in Argentina, seven years from a summer where the nation will be watched by the world. It has sparked a party atmosphere in Japan, with it being the first Olympic games for the nation since 1964. It is great for the Asia as it will see a return of the massive event, following on from China in 2008.

Japan’s 2002 FIFA World Cup was a success and had little to no problems, so you’d expect the 2020 games to be run just as smoothly and provide the same levels of entertainment.

The four cities of Istabul, Madrid and Tokyo all put in bids to be the hosts for the sixth Olympic games of the 21st century. All the cities had presentation teams that display why they should be selected as the host city in front of IOC members in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All three candidates had concerns surrounding them: Spain’s financial crisis, Turkey’s unrest and the nuclear power leaks in Japan.

Tokyo’s bid included Prime Minister Shinzo Abe making his belief clear that the games would be 100 percent safe, despite the nuclear leaks in Fukushima following the 2011 earthquake. Japan also stated that, like London 2012, 10 new venues would be created and used after the games. Another notable point was the fact that no Japanese athlete has failed a drugs test at an Olympic or Paralympic games.

You would hope that they are absolutely sure that the nuclear safety claim has substance and that commercial motivations were not put ahead of any doubts. Before Saturday’s final deciding stage, Baku (Azerbaijan) and Doha (Qatar) had been declined.

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