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Erin Andrews May Have Been the Victim of the Greatest Photobomb From the NFL Season

Erin Andrews Photobomb


For whatever the reason may be, photobombing has become one of the most popular trends over the last couple of years–especially when it comes to sporting events. Unfortunately for popular female sportscaster Erin Andrews, she happened to be the victim during the first day of NFL Sunday for the 2013 season–and it was flat-out awesome.

As you can see in the photo above, the one man to the left of Andrews arguably provided the photobomb of the year as he just sits there awkwardly during her broadcast with a hilarious stare on his face. Andrews was helping the crew wrap up their NFL coverage after an exciting game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, but if she saw what was going on beside her–chances are she would have most likely burst out into laughter.

Andrews has always been praised for her knowledge of football, but thanks to her switch to Fox last year–football fans will get to enjoy her even more for the 2013 NFL season. Normally, football fans just enjoy seeing Andrews on their television sets talking football, but thanks to this hilarious photobomb–fans received an extra treat on Sunday as they were provided with a good laugh as well.

As far as the actual game that took place before the photobomb–let’s just say it’s clear the Packers and 49ers are most likely going to be two of the top teams once again in the NFC and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they met again once January rolls around.

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