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Johnny Manziel and the 25 Athletes You Love to Hate

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Johnny Manziel and the 25 Most Hated Athletes

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Have you ever wondered why some athletes are hated so furiously? Why some people just can't stand the sight of, or hearing about, athletes that seem to always get attention for the wrong reasons? Some hatred is just there because the media creates some of it with the over-exposure of certain athletes.

One of those athletes recently is college football star, Johnny Manziel. The reigning Heisman-winner's name got so big in last season that he even earned himself a nickname after just one season as the starting quarterback of the Texas A&M Aggies. Earning the nickname 'Johnny Football' all but ensured a spot in the media spotlight for the remainder of his football career.

Like him or not, most people don't, Manziel is one of the best players in college football despite his antics off the field. He has been involved in an autograph signing scandal in which he was accused of accepting cash for his signature by signing hundreds of pictures. Prior to last season, he was involved in a bar fight and when he was arrested, he presented the officer with a fake ID, instead of his actual license.

People like Manziel usually get negative attention and sometimes they bring it upon themselves. Terrell Owens is one of those guys that used to be the center of attention because of his 'look at me' personality and his cocky attitude.

Kobe Bryant is hated by many in the NBA because he's also cocky and acts like he does no wrong. The way he handles the media also rubs some people the wrong way, but it's usually the most talented athletes that are also the most hated.

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25. J.R. Smith

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Besides untying opposing players' shoes at the free throw line and threatening fellow players on Twitter, he's a pretty stand-up guy. Oh wait, those aren't good things. He just seems like a guy who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

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24. Aaron Craft

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Aaron Craft is a tough little player, but the fact that everyone gushes over him is just annoying. I'll give it to him, he's a great hustler and a terrific defender, but he gets way too much attention. If he's not on your team, you will hate him for his annoying hack defense.

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23. Kevin Garnett

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Making fun of fellow players for skin conditions as well as poking fun at opposing players' dead mothers just adds to the infamous trash talking that is Kevin Garnett's game. He knows no boundaries when it comes to riling up the opposition.

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22. Richie Incognito

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Richie Incognito is a tough lineman that has the ability to pancake defenders and open holes for the run game, but he also opens up loads of drama off the field with teammates. Jonathan Martin took the brunt of his off-field trash talking and the world got to see what Richie Incognito was all about.

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21. Tim Tebow

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You either love him or you hate him. However, no one player has received more criticism and hate than Tim Tebow has. He is a mediocre NFL wannabe with an awesome personality. Too bad he can't make it in the league because that's why people are annoyed with him -- too much publicity for an average -- at-best -- player.

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20. A.J. Pierzynski

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A.J. Pierzynski just has this way about him. He's been known to get in players' faces and let them know what exactly is on his mind. It doesn't help when he is a guest analyst during the baseball postseason -- he puts on his other face and acts like he's the nicest guy out there. No one likes a two-faced athlete that never makes the playoffs.

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19. Riley Cooper

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Riley Cooper was widely publicized as a racist this offseason for the video that surfaced of him using a racial slur at a concert. He took some heat for it and many people -- if there were ever any -- fell off the Cooper bandwagon. Not many people are fans of guys who put other people down in a discriminatory manner.

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18. Titus Young

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I'm not sure whether I can call Young a 'hated' athlete or just a stupid one. He had a ton of potential as an NFL wide out playing for the Detroit Lions, but with a bad temper and trouble with the law, he is now out of the league and probably in jail as we speak. Oh wait, he doesn't show up for court hearings.

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17. Mark Sanchez

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This guy is hated by his own fans. He's just awful. Mark Sanchez worries more about his looks than he does about his ability -- or lack thereof -- to throw the football. He also told reporters that he won the starting job in the offseason, basically saying that Geno Smith doesn't deserve to start. Just go away, Mark. No one likes you.

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16. Rajon Rondo

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Rajon Rondo is a pesky player on the court and he gives off the vibe of a rebel as well. He didn't like to listen to coach Doc Rivers and that got him into some trouble in the locker room. He was also a hot-head on the coach, bumping refs and throwing basketballs at opponents. Other than that, he's a peach.

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15. Marshall Henderson

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Marshall Henderson is cocky, loud and just flat-out annoying. He loves taunting the opponent and I can guarantee if you aren't an Ole Miss fan, you hate this kid. His drug problems aren't helping anyone like him any more, either.

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14. Michael Vick

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Michael Vick's past will never escape him as he was imprisoned for his dog fighting scandal. He allowed hundreds of innocent dogs to fight to the death for his pleasure. That's never an okay situation and he seems to have changed since then, but there are some people out there who will never like him again.

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13. Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler has been knocked for being a guy who doesn't have the "will to win" and gives up. The biggest such instance of this is when he apparently took himself out of a playoff game after it looked like he had given up. Not to mention he has an "I don't care" attitude.

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12. Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman is a trash talker and frustrates everyone in the NFL with his big mouth. However, he backs it up, which is even more frustrating.

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11. Ndamukong Suh

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Being considered the dirtiest player in football is enough to get yourself hated by fans everywhere. You know it's bad when you're getting fined every other week for a dirty hit. Unless Suh wakes up and realizes that he's dirty, he will always be hated. Oh, and we can't forget the stomp he put on a Packers player on Thanksgiving last season while he was laying on the ground.

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10. Metta World Peace

world peace
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Malice at the Palace in which World Peace entered the stands and beat up on an innocent fan, he has been hated around the NBA. He's cleaned up his image a bit, but that doesn't change what he did.

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9. Ryan Braun

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Braun took PEDs, lied and said he didn't take them and then got caught. He cheated baseball and told close friends that he never took steroids, and for that, he is hated.

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8. Sidney Crosby

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Sid the Kid is not very well liked in the United States. He is glorified in Canada, but he is not the most popular hockey player in terms of people liking him. If you don't live in Canada or Pittsburgh, you probably hate the guy.

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7. Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel is a given. As I explained earlier, he is cocky and likes to taunt the opponent. He's also a headache off the field with his never-ending problems.

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6. Dwight Howard

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He wanted out of Orlando, he got his wish. He wanted out of Los Angeles, he got his wish. Now he is in Houston and he got a coach fired and insulted many former teammates in the process. What a guy.

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5. Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather, like most boxers, is cocky beyond belief. He knows he's great and he likes to flaunt it, along with his cash, in front of everyone with a pulse.

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4. LeBron James

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LeBron James is the most popular athlete in sports. If you don't like him, you hate him -- there's no in-between. However, more people hate the superstar who wins titles because he's part of a 'big three' and not on his own. Plus, he's a pretty big crybaby.

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3. Lance Armstrong

via Lance Armstrong's Instagram

American hero turned villain has had one of the biggest turnarounds from loved to hated in such a short period of time. He won a ton of Tour de France titles, but was found guilty of taking steroids. Cheaters are always hated.

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2. Alex Rodriguez

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Getting plunked for just basically being a liar, cheater and just a flat-out bad guy should be enough proof as to why no one likes him. He took steroids, threw people under the bus, appealed his suspension and is playing in meaningful games he shouldn't be just because he can't take his punishment like a man. A-Rod is just bad for baseball.

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1. Aaron Hernandez

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No description needed.