Young Football Player Plows Opponent Over, Makes Incredible Run

By Connor Muldowney
Pee Wee
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterbacks these days don’t get nearly enough respect. They make plays on offense under pressure and when they make a mistake, they are criticized heavily. Also, stereotypically, quarterbacks aren’t the strongest, bravest or fastest guys in the world. You would be hard-pressed to see a quarterback throw a crucial block or make a solid tackle.

While some quarterbacks may be considered weak and sheepish, the way football is evolving nowadays, it’s not too uncommon to see a quarterback tuck the football and run with him, weaving in and out of defenders’ way. Dual-threats are becoming a growing trend in both college and professional football. If you can run as well as pass the ball, you have a better chance of getting a shot than a strictly pocket-passing type.

Even in the high school or pee wee ranks, kids are starting to pull the ball in and run with it. Watch this young quarterback take out a defender with a devastating ‘truck’ and pull some slick moves on another all while rushing down the sideline into the endzone for a score.

The kid’s name is John David Taylor — not to be confused with former USC quarterback John David Booty because he would never be caught making a play like this — and he’s a young pee wee quarterback who is now internet famous because of this ridiculous run.

It’s not so much the way he eluded the final defender that makes this video, it’s the complete disregard for his body and his opponents’ when he trucks over the kid and scores a touchdown.

What a play. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets offered a scholarship before his 12th birthday.

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