Friends Pull Amazing Prank on Clemson Fan By Decorating His Bedroom With South Carolina Gear

By Dan Parzych

One of the best parts about sports is the rivalries that are established with friends and family–especially when it comes to college football. So when a Clemson fan recently went on vacation and came back to his room decorated in South Carolina gear–one can only imagine the state of shock he was in when he returned home for the first time.

The victim in the video above happens to be a Clemson fan named Sean and as you can tell later in the video, he is not too pleased with the new apparel in his room when he returns from vacation. We’ve seen plenty of easy pranks over the years where sports fans will put up a simple decoration or two, but Sean’s friends went all out with this epic prank and even took it to a high level by painting the room South Carolina colors as well.

To make Sean even more frustrated, his girlfriend seems to be a huge fan of the new colors to the room–so it will certainly be interesting to see whether or not he goes through with the change. If anything, Sean should be thanking his friends for the change considering the South Carolina makeover is a huge upgrade to the sloppy room he was living in before.

Once again, another solid prank between friends who happen to root for different teams and it will certainly be fun to see if Sean comes back with any sort of retaliation down the road.

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