Houston Texans Fan Comes Through on Promise to Drink Own Urine After Team's Comeback Win

By Dan Parzych
Texans Fan
(Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports)

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of dedicated fans perform some pretty crazy acts that most of us would never even consider attempting in a million years. As for one die-hard fan of the Houston Texans, let’s just say he took his fan hood to a whole new level by drinking his own urine–all because of the team’s comeback win against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football.

In case you went to bed early, the Texans pulled off one of the most impressive wins from Week 1 after they overcame a 28-7 deficit before beating the Chargers 31-28. With the way things were going in the first half, Houston looked like they didn’t have a chance at coming back as they were struggling on both sides of the ball, but just like it’s been proven numerous times before–a game is never over until it’s officially over.

So back to this Texans fan, apparently this guy made a promise to drink his own urine if the Texans overcame their 21-point deficit to win against the Chargers and due to fear of how the Football Gods would treat his team later in the season–he decided to come through with his promise as seen in the video below. A warning to all of you reading this–watch the video below at your own risk as it may make you want to vomit afterwards.

Believe what you want to believe when it comes to what’s really in the glasses, but either way–this video is painful to watch and takes being a football fan to a whole new level.

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