Lamar Odom Says He Doesn't Have Problem, But Spotted Buying Drug-Related Items

By Andrew Fisher
Lamar Odom
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Despite numerous reports across the internet over the past few weeks, Lamar Odom claims he does not have a drug problem. The NBA free agent allegedly has a huge problem with crack cocaine, among other substances. He was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI and then subsequently checked himself into rehab. His stint in rehab didn’t last long, though, and now he’s back in society living life.

As you can imagine, the paparazzi has been watching him like a hawk. TMZ, specifically, is following his every move these days. They caught up to him recently to shoot the video below. In it, they ask the basketball star if he has a drug problem and if he wants to play this year:

So after this video hit the web, new pictures have now surfaced from TMZ that show Odom’s driver carrying a bag with ‘Chore Boy Ultimate Scrubbers’ in it. The copper cleaning pads are apparently a very common part of homemade crack pipes. Sure, Lamar could just be doing a little scrubbing around the house, but given his recent past, that seems unlikely.

In the star’s defense, he doesn’t look like a complete train wreck in the video and it sounds like he still wants to play basketball. I hope that he can get his life straight before too long and return to the court clean and sober this fall.

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