Alabama Fan Grooms Poodle to Look Like Ultimate Crimson Tide Fan

By Connor Muldowney
Alabama Poodle
via Reddit

It’s been a widely-known fact that Alabama Crimson Tide fans are pretty passionate. In fact, they will say “roll tide” at any possible moment and do the craziest things to show how much they really love their team. One fan took their love for the Tide a bit too far with the horrid grooming of a dog.

The “A” for Alabama has been shaved into the back of the dog and the rest of the poodle’s body was colored crimson for the color of the school. This is just a complete disregard for this dog’s happiness and well-being because I know for a fact it wasn’t begging to be paraded around looking like a flaming-hot Cheeto.

Even more embarrassing, the furry fro on top of the poodle’s head looks like a clown wig and it would scare away all the children to encounter this poor animal.

All dogs want is some love and attention, not embarrassment and rejection.

As we all know, the game of the year is set to go down this weekend, pinning Alabama against the Texas A&M Aggies. In the spirit of the big SEC game, many crazies have been coming out of the woodwork to show their pride for their respective schools.

AJ McCarron is set out seeking revenge on rival, and friend, Johnny Manziel this weekend on the road. I’m not sure whether this fan and dog will be in attendance, but if they are, hopefully the Texas A&M fans treat the dog with respect while just terrorizing its owner.

Tough break for this dog.

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