Blue for Google Glass is Best Thing Ever for MLB Fans

By RanterX

Don’t you just hate the annoying fans who are always on their phones at the game? There is nothing worse than someone interrupting your celebration and excitement after a big play to ask, “What just happened?” From now on, just say reply “Blue” to those aggravating individuals.

If you haven’t heard of Google Glass, you don’t know what you’re missing, but you can see it in action in the video above. Specifically in this video, you’ll see the newest app for Google Glass, called Blue. This amazing technology gives fans real-time stats and updates while still watching the game. That’s right, no more looking down at your phone and missing the game itself while trying to figure out the new relief pitcher’s career ERA against left-handed batters.

Now there are certain stats and pieces of information that are displayed on the various video boards at MLB ballparks across North America, but none of it compares to Blue, which doesn’t even require users to look away from the action to the video board, much less down at their phones. I’m no Blue salesman, but I’m headed out to get it right now before my next MLB outing.

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