Bryce Harper Freaks Out Following Strikeout, Smashes Bat

By Andrew Fisher
Bryce Harper
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Bryce Harper has gained quite a reputation after just two short years in MLB. He of course went viral during his rookie season for using the term ‘clown question’ when responding to a reporter’s inquiry. This season he hasn’t said anything of that proportion, but did recently make headlines for saying that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him, especially sports writers. He also got a lot of feedback on his hair style this summer during the Home Run Derby.

While the young superstar does have his fair share of fans, there are also a ton of people who can’t stand him. He’s often referred to as a ‘bro,’ which certainly isn’t a compliment. So for those of you that aren’t fans of the Washington Nationals‘ outfielder, or for those who just like seeing bats getting smashed, here’s a clip of Harper losing it in the dugout following a strikeout in a recent game:

Bryce Smash!

You have to give him credit, he didn’t give up. That bat just wouldn’t break after the first couple of smashes, but as they say, third time’s a charm.

Overall, it’s been a decent sophomore season for the outfielder. He’s currently batting .273 with 49 RBI. His production is down from his rookie campaign, but that’s due to the amount of time he’s spent on the DL with a knee injury.

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