ESPN Not Happy With the Way Jason Whitlock Handled Thayer Evans Comments

By Connor Muldowney
Jason Whitlock
via @WhitlockJason

Jason Whitlock is an ESPN personality that has recently been in the news for his disgusted comments about Sports Illustrated writer, Thayer Evans.

Whitlock was disgusted with the fact that Evans was allowed to investigate the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ football program with such a poor background — again this is according to Whitlock. He went on to call Evans out, saying that they worked together at Fox Sports and Evans was as unreliable as it gets.

He was shocked that SI allowed Evans to investigate the Oklahoma State program even though he is apparently a huge Oklahoma ‘homer’. Did Evans ever attend Oklahoma? Nope. Which makes this even more bizarre that this guy is apparently an Oklahoma homer.

Whitlock went on to say that it was nothing personal, but Evans probably couldn’t even spell “cat”.

Many reports have surfaced about Thayer being pretty unreliable — especially coming from former Oklahoma State players who were supposedly quoted in the exposé. These players have refuted ever communicating with the reporter and some have even said they had run-ins with Thayer that were awkward, didn’t pertain to the investigation and just flat-out odd.

Whitlock is facing the wrath from ESPN over his comments. This is what the organization said:

“We have discussed Jason’s comments with him. They were personal in nature, they do not represent ESPN and they are not acceptable based on the standards we have set.”

Tough to say that Whitlock will be with ESPN for much longer, especially since he was let loose a few years back already. Enough of the tough-guy act, Jason. It’s not working for you.

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