Floyd Mayweather Gets Coffee With Honey, Proceeds to Lose It

By Andrew Fisher
Floyd Mayweather
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather is preparing for one of the biggest fights of his career this Saturday against Canelo Alvarez. Both boxers will enter the bout undefeated and one will have leave with a new blemish on his record. Mayweather is favored to take care of business and keep his streak intact, but the fight will still make for must-watch sports television. After all, anything can happen in boxing.

Leading up to the bout, Mayweather has of course been doing his fair share of media appearances and interviews. During one of his rounds of answering questions from reporters, the champ went to take a drink of his coffee, and this happened:

**If you’re offended by the use of swear words, this video may not be for you.**

Apparently, a member of Money’s entourage put honey in his coffee, and as the champ so eloquently put it – ‘Hell no! You put honey in tea, not coffee.’  He’s right. Who puts honey in coffee? That sounds like a good way to ruin a cup of joe to me.

You can hate on Mayweather all you want, but there’s no denying how good the guy is in the boxing ring. He’s the best thing the sport has left and I shutter to think where it would be without him. Just like most undefeated streaks, his is good for business. When it ends, boxing might end.

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