J.R. Smith Uses Poor Wording in 9/11 Commemoration Instagram Post

By Connor Muldowney
J.R. Smith
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

J.R. Smith hasn’t been the smartest guy in the media in the past few weeks, but this one might definitely take the cake in overall stupidity. As we all know, Wednesday was the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and it seemed like everyone was making some sort of tribute to the horrid day and all of the innocent lives lost in the tragedy.

Smith had to make his own tribute and although it was a nice gesture, he failed miserably with his word choice. Check out the Instagram post that Smith posted yesterday. Never forget.

J.R. Smith
via J.R. Smith’s Instagram

As you can see, Smith had the right idea with a pretty cool picture of a “911” tribute, but the New York Knicks star captioned the post, “Celebrate the deaths of the people in 9/11!”, showing that either J.R. doesn’t know what the word celebrate means or he just doesn’t know when to use the word.

Well, J.R., this was not the correct time to use that word. I understand celebrating a party, a win or a title, but celebrating the deaths of innocent people has to be the worst thing to come out of the guy’s mouth. Just stupid.

The people who commented on the post seemed to call out the NBA player relentlessly — as they should have. I understand, the guy accidentally used the wrong word, but at what point does it sound correct to say that deaths of innocent people should be celebrated? Yeah, that’s right, it never sounds right.

Poor mistake. Next time ask your PR person what to post.

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