Ndamukong Suh Stupidly Threatened Cable Repairman With Pellet Gun

By Connor Muldowney
Ndamukong Suh
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

He did it again. He did something even more ridiculous and stupid that anyone could have ever imagined possible. Who am I talking about? Ndamukong Suh, of course. The Detroit Lions‘ star defensive lineman has been accused of threatening a Comcast cable repairman at Suh’s home last month.

We knew he was a hothead, but we didn’t know he would take out his anger on the innocent cable repairmen of the world. Spencer Ferrell, a 22-year-old Comcast employee, called police shortly after leaving Suh’s residence on August 16th and claimed that the NFL superstar and notoriously dirty player threatened him with a gun and told him to leave the property.

Wait, a gun? Well, the cable guy was a bit mistaken as Suh reportedly used a pellet gun to scare away his prey. Ferrell was apparently working on a utility pole in Suh’s backyard and the big scary lineman chased him off. It seems to me that Ndamukong thought the guy was some type of paparazzi climbing a pole in his yard and trying to snap some photos of him lounging in his house.

The young cable guy was not too happy with the situation and the police were contacted, but nothing could be done about it because the surveillance camera installed in the house — like most athletes have — showed that Suh was pointing the pellet gun at the ground and then over his shoulder, never pointing it at the man.

Suh claimed it was because he thought he heard something in the bushes and went outside to investigate. The event was investigated by the police and Suh was cleared of all accusations.

Next time you want to check a utility pole in Suh’s backyard, try to do it before 9 p.m. and maybe knock on the door first.

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