Terrell Owens Thinks He Can Play in NBA, Says He's "Better Than Luke Walton"

By Connor Muldowney
Terrell Owens
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you think you’ve heard the last of him, Terrell Owens finds a way to creep back into the spotlight. His most recent crazy act came from his recent appearance on ESPN‘s Sports Nation. Owens, now an NFL wannabe, was talking about the possibility of playing a different sport and he had this to say about the NBA:

I could play, I’m better than Luke Walton!

Oh really, T.O.? You think you’re better than a guy who didn’t receive an invite to any team’s training camp this summer? That’s pretty impressive, I must say. Walton was never the most talented guy in the league and was seemingly overpaid — actually he was definitely overpaid.

It’s pretty comical that Owens thinks he can play a different sport professionally when no one wants him on their team in the sport he is known for. The former NFL star has been trying to make a comeback, unsuccessfully, for the past couple of seasons. He has found no work and was cut last season from the Seattle Seahawks prior to the season.

As one of the most outspoken athletes, or former athletes, in sports, Owens knows how to stir up a bit of controversy and this will definitely do it. I don’t know what he’s trying to prove by saying he’s better than Walton, but it’s definitely sad that he thinks he’s a two-sport athlete when he can’t even make a team in one.

Way to aim low, Terrell. Even though you are a great celebrity game player, you wouldn’t be able to handle the real thing.

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