People From Cleveland Come Up With Gift Ideas For LeBron James' Wedding

By Connor Muldowney
LeBron James
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone knows by now, LeBron James is set to wed this weekend — scary thought I know. Someone is going to have to deal with the attention-loving, Cleveland-hating, indecisive diva superstar. Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh — or maybe not.

Either way, the guy is getting married and the people of Cleveland want to set him up with a few gifts to set him on his way to a good marriage. Check out this awesome video of Clevelanders giving gift ideas for the former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar.

This looks to me like some Cleveland fans are a tad bitter about the whole situation that went down three years ago. If you aren’t familiar with what happened, you were probably living under a rock, King James had created his own ridiculous free agency destination decision following the 2010 season and wanted it to be televised for the nation to see, because well, because he’s LeBron.

The Akron-native played his first seven seasons as a member of the Cavaliers and it looked as if he would play out his entire career as a member of the Cavs, staying in his home state to try and bring them a much-needed title.

However, he sat down on national TV and said he was “going to take my talents to South Beach”. LeBron chose the Miami Heat over his hometown squad. The city of Cleveland darn near exploded following “The Decision” and it rocked the city in ways that nobody ever thought possible. The economy suffered and games failed to sell out.

LeBron single-handedly built up and ruined the franchise. Good thing for the Cavs, however, they have built up a solid, young team around point guard Kyrie Irving that could make it back to the playoffs this season.

Jokes on you, LeBron.

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