Von Miller Passes Suspension Time By Tattooing Himself

By Andrew Fisher
Von Miller
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Von Miller has a lot of time on his hands at the moment. The Pro Bowl linebacker is currently in the midst of serving a six-game suspension for violating the NFL‘s substance abuse policy. To pass the time, he’s apparently picked up a new hobby – tattooing.

Check out this video of Miller laying down some ink on his left arm:

Noted tattoo artist Phillip Spearman tweeted last week that he was going to doing some work on Miller, but it looks like the linebacker wanted a piece of the action. So far he’s got quite the conglomeration on his arms and he’ll have two full sleeves in no time.

It looks like Spearman does some good work, but I think Miller should get some ink done from my personal favorite tattoo artist, Alex Vance (vance938 on Instagram).

As far as Miller’s football career is concerned, it’s being held up by his off the field actions. The LB has been in the news a lot lately over traffic related warrants, but his agent Joby Branion, cleared the air on Thursday with this released statement:

“This was a traffic infraction and not a criminal matter. On July 9th 2012, the speeding ticket and all associated fees were paid in full. On July 12th 2012, this case was closed. No warrant was ever issued for Von’s arrest.”

So finally, it looks like all of the LB’s troubles are behind him. That’s where Denver Broncos‘ fans are hoping they’ll stay moving forward.

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