Bo Pelini Bashes Nebraska Fans, Audio Released With Excess Profanity

By Connor Muldowney
Bo Pelini
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Pelini has been a beloved figure — kind of — in Nebraska for over five years now and the coach has made some headlines with his bashing of Nebraska Cornhuskers fans following a comeback win against the Ohio State Buckeyes in a 2011 game. This has just surfaced — seemingly set to erupt on Nebraska’s campus.

How bad was the bashing? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly rated PG and it is surely to stir up some controversy moving forward as the coach will likely face severe repercussions for his words — even if they were from October of 2011. In a time where he should have been happy that his team came back from a three-touchdown deficit to win in Lincoln, Neb., against Ohio State, the head coach was not satisfied with the fan base for leaving the game early nor was he happy with the media.

Listener discretion advised. There are a ton of profanities in this audio of coach Pelini, so if you are opposed to profanity, do not listen.

As you could hear, Pelini was not happy at all and it showed. He likely didn’t know that he was being taped by an unknown source and he went off like nobody’s business. Being new to the Big Ten and leading his team to a conference championship last season are not enough to excuse his trash-talking about fans.

It’s never okay for a head coach to say “f” the fans and the media and say that they were basically a bunch of fair-weathered people. It’s hard to hear this because you know nothing good is going to come out of this audio clip discovery.

It’s sad that many coaches are probably guilty of the same thing.

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