Kansas City Chiefs Fan Gets Tasered By Police

By Andrew Fisher
Arrowhead Stadium
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs had a great home opener on Sunday. This guy in the video below, not so much. Watch as this Chiefs’ fan gets tasered by police:

Warning: There are a few swear words uttered by surrounding fans.

I don’t know what the heck these three cops were doing. How much man power does it take to subdue one guy? I’m not even sure he had room to resist, but I suppose he wasn’t cooperating. The taser was probably necessary, but the sock the face at the 1:14 mark, I’m not sold on that. If I was in this guy’s situation, I’d be calling up Saul Goodman and seeing if there’s any legal action I might be able to take against the Kansas City Police Department.

Maybe these cops were acting within their boundaries, I have no idea. Their actions just seemed a little excessive. At the same time, I’d be willing to bet that this guy was an inebriated meathead.

As far as the Chiefs are concerned, the Andy Reid era has gotten off to a great start. The team has already equaled its win total from a season ago and so far KC looks rejuvenated. It’s a long season, but I’m sticking with my preseason prediction that the Chiefs will earn a wild card spot in the AFC playoffs this upcoming winter.

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