Richard Sherman Slaps Jim Harbaugh on the Rear, Much to His Surprise

By Andrew Fisher
Richard Sherman
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Butt slaps. Sure, they’re a bit odd, but they’re just part of sports. I don’t know how it all got started, but they still exist in 2013. Richard Sherman may have pulled off one of the all-time great butt slaps on Sunday night. The Seattle Seahawks had just gotten done putting a beatdown on the San Francisco 49ers, when this happened:

Sherman decided to go tell his former college coach Jim Harbaugh, ‘good game.’ Harbaugh, didn’t know quite how to respond, but he played it off well considering the surprise nature of the slap.

The slap itself, wasn’t that great. I’ve seen much firmer slaps. However, this one is all about the back story.

Harbaugh was of course Sherman’s coach in college at Stanford, but they didn’t exactly have the greatest ending to their time together. No one truly knows how it went down besides Sherman and Harbaugh, but the word is that Harbaugh didn’t give Sherman a good review to pro scouts following his time in college. Since then, Sherman has risen all the way to the top of the NFL cornerback ranks. In fact, you can make a solid case that he’s the best corner in the business.

It seems apparent that Harbaugh’s alleged dissing of the CB might have given him that little extra edge that’s fueled his career so far. This slap was just a nice way for Sherman to tell his former coach, thanks. Thanks for that extra motivation to be the best and to make your life coaching against the Seahawks, a living you know what.

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