Urban Meyer Receives Letter From 2-Year-Old Child Looking to be Recruited

By Connor Muldowney
Urban Meyer
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Urban Meyer is a hard-nosed, tough coach. He is one of the best coaches in college football and that has been evidenced by his two national titles and undefeated season in 2012 in which he led the Ohio State Buckeyes to an unbeaten year in his first season as head coach of the team. However, they couldn’t make a bowl appearance due to their one-year bowl ban placed on them by the NCAA.

Sure, Meyer is tough, but is he heartless? A certain 2-year-old recruit would argue otherwise. Sullivan M. Busser, a 2-year-old ‘recruit’, sent a letter to the Buckeyes’ head coach advertising his skills and attributes.

Obviously, the child didn’t type the letter up himself, but his parents did a great job of showing just what Sullivan brings to the table if Meyer wants to consider recruiting him for the class of 2029. Check out the awesome letter from Mr. Busser here:

Urban Meyer
via LostLetterman

As you can see, the young kid has a ton of potential and many talents that he can bring to the field. He leads by example, he excels in the classroom, he runs a fast 40-yard dash, he can throw on the run and a perfect spiral and don’t forget, he catches everything.

This is an awesome letter to the head coach and it might just be taken into consideration — recruiting seems to be hitting middle schools nowadays.

Young Sullivan seems to have caught Meyer’s eye because the coach responded.

Dear Sullivan:

Your parents sent us your future Buckeye recruiting information.  We will look for you to make your collegiate football debut in 2029 — you will need to gain a little weight, but our strength staff will take care of that!  Go Bucks!

Sincerely, Urban Meyer

Head Football Coach

This is pretty awesome coming from a busy guy. Glad he took time out of his day to make a young boy’s dream come true and possibly earn some brownie points come 2029.

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