20 Female Athletes You’d Want To Get Caught With In A Dark Movie Theatre

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Hot Female Athletes

hot female athletes
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In recent years, the power and image of female athletes as a whole has grown exponentially to the point where a number of female athletes are now household names. The reason for this growth has come down largely to an improvement in quality of play on the field in female sports and the ability for female athletes to connect with a largely male audience through being attractive.

The implementation of Title IX in 1972 has had a large impact on the gradual growth in the number of young girls playing sports such as soccer, volleyball or softball and the resulting improvement in quality of play.

But while this improvement in quality of play has had a large impact on women being more involved in sports than ever before, another driving factor in the growth of female sports has been the promotion of female athletes who are both attractive and successful to the sports audience that is largely compiled of men. The result of this promotion of female athletes is that many males are left with a cemented image of certain female athletes in their heads, and has had a marked influence on the growth of certain sports. For example, when one thinks of the WNBA, their impression of what the women on the television screen will look like is markedly different from the U.S. Women's Soccer team. One result of this is that television ratings have been markedly higher in recent years for the top level women's soccer games than basketball games, despite the fact that basketball is the more traditional sport in American society.

What this building of brands for attractive females has also done is led to men being infatuated with female athletes, very similar to the infatuation with actresses and musicians. The result of this infatuation is that most males have a number of female athletes that they would love to take out and be seen out in public with.

With this infatuation of female athletes in mind, we have decided to compile a list of the 20 hot female athletes that any male would like to get caught in the back of a dark movie theatre with.


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20. Anastasia Ashley

hot female athletes
Anastasia Ashley Facebook

Anastasia Ashely is a professional surfer and has caused a storm in the mainstream media with her stunning looks and modeling exploits. There is no doubting that walking into the back of a dark movie theatre would be something to talk about for years to come.

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19.Leryn Franco

hot female athletes
Leryn Franco Facebook

Leryn Franco has been moderately successful as a pole vaulter for Paraguay, but has truly made her name as a model. In the past, Franco has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, finished runner up in the Miss Universe Paraguay pageant and participated in the Miss Bikini of the Universe pageant. It is safe to say that any male would love to be caught in the back of a dark movie theatre with her.

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18. Melanie Adams

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @SportingbetSA

Melanie Adams is a pole vaulter from Australia, and has represented her home country at the 2012 Olympic Games. During this time she has become recognized as one of the most attractive olympic athletes alive, and left men everywhere drooling at the thought of taking her into the back of a dark movie theatre.

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17. Lindsey Vonn

17. Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is one of the most decorated skiers of all time, and currently is dating Tiger Woods. Surely, nobody would feel bad making Vonn ditch Woods considering his past history.

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16.Gina Carano

hot female athletes
Gina Carano Facebook

Gina Carano is one of the first female mixed martial arts stars, but gained most of her fame through television and modeling appearances outside of the ring. In 2008, she was voted "Hottest Woman In America" by Big Biz Magazine and is one female athlete that any male would love to come out of a dark movie theatre with.

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15. Meghan Hardin

hot female athletes
Meghan Hardin Facebook

Meghan Hardin is a professional golfer for the Cactus Tour and has previously been a contestant on Golf Channel's television show Big Break Atlantis. While doing each of these things she has turned the heads of men everywhere, and left myself wishing we could venture into the back of a dark movie theatre.

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14. Ana Ivanovic

hot female athletes
Ana Ivanovic Facebook

Ivanovic is a supremely talented tennis player, and has previously been ranked number one in the world. Off the court she is well known for being extremely attractive, and it can be assured that we would jump at the chance to go into the back of a movie theatre with her.

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13. Sydney Leroux

13. Sydney Leroux

Sydney LeRoux is a lethal striker for both Seattle Reign FC and the United States Women National Team. Off the field she has gained mass attention for appearances in ESPN The Body Magazine and for reportedly dating San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. There is no doubting that many men are hoping this relationship ends and LeRoux gives them a chance, and I am certainly included in that list.

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12. Michelle Waterson

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @YahooSports

Michelle Waterson is a MMA fighter and is currently the Invicta FC Atomweight Champion after beating Jessica Penne on April 5th, 2013. Waterson has gained the nickname The Karate Hottie for her stunning looks, and it can be assured that any male would like to have some alone time with her.

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11.Angela Rypien

hot female athletes
Angela Rypien Facebook

Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League and the daughter of former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien. Anyone who has seen Rypien on or off the football field can see why we would love to come out of a dark movie theatre with her.

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10.Hope Solo

hot female athletes
Hope Solo Facebook

Hope Solo is the goalkeeper for the Seattle Reign and the U.S. Women's National Team, and has gained acclaim as the best female goalie in the world. Solo is also surely the most attractive goalkeeper in the world, which cements her position on this list.

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9. Maria Sharapova

9. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is not only one of six women to complete the career Grand Slam, but possibly the most attractive tennis player of all time. Sharapova has appeared in numerous publications as a model, and there is no doubt that we would love to take her out to a movie.

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8. Arianny Celeste

8. Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste borders on the hinge of being an athlete with her job as a UFC ring girl, but seeing her looks, we gave her the benefit of the doubt. We would love to get the chance to get her to take a night off from UFC and come out to the movies with us.

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7.Allyson Felix

hot female athletes
Allyson Felix Facebook

Allyson Felix is a very successful sprinter, having won four gold medals during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. On top of this success running, she is very attractive, and one female athlete we would love to go to a movie with.

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6.Ronda Rousey

hot female athletes
Ronda Rousey Facebook

Ronda Rousey is one of the most successful female UFC fighters ever, but had gained much of her critical acclaim for her appearances in the 2012 ESPN Body Issue and ranking No. 29 on the 2013 Maxim 100 list. We would love to take her out to watch her appearance in the film Fast and Furious 7.

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5.Darya Klishina

hot female athletes
Darya Klishina Facebook

Darya Klishina is a Russian long jumper and one of the most attractive women in sports today. Klishina is one Russian that does not polarize Americans, and you can bet that any male would love to be caught out with her.

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4.Caroline Wozniacki

hot female athletes
Caroline Wozniacki Facebook

Caroline Wozniacki may be the former No. 1 female tennis player in the world, but she still holds a spot as the most attractive female tennis player alive today. If there is any way we could get Wozniacki to ditch her boyfriend Rory Mcllroy for us, you better bet we would be happy to get caught in the back of a dark movie theatre.

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3.Roxy Louw

hot female athletes
Image Courtesy of @roxylouw

Roxy Louw is a professional surfer, but truly made her name and likely most of her money through modeling. When one sees her, they can see just why she is such a successful model, and one female that we would love to be caught out in public with.

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2.Michelle Jenneke

hot female athletes
Michelle Jenneke Facebook

Michelle Jenneke is known in the sports world as an Australian hurdler, but really made her name as one of the most attractive women in sports today. This attractiveness has landed Jenneke in the Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit edition, and left jaws dropping around the world when she comes on the television.

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1.Alex Morgan

hot female athletes
Alex Morgan Facebook

Alex Morgan is a professional soccer player for Portland Thorns FC and the U.S. Women's National Team where she has received acclaim for her ability as a striker and great looks. It is safe to say that her looks secured her place on this list.

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  • Joe

    “Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League and the son…..
    ” Angela Rypien is the “son” of Mark Rypien? Wow.

    • Tyler Leli

      I have to admit that was a typo on my part.

      • jc20s

        That was definitely more than just a mere typo. I was disturbed for a moment. You can’t fix it?

        • Dan Murray

          Yah. That scared me off tonight’s supper.

          • Tyler Leli

            Has been fixed, hope you recovered your meal.

        • Tyler Leli

          It has been fixed.

    • Tyler Leli

      By the way, thank you for your feedback.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      Well, you what “THEY” say….the prettiest women in the world used to be Thai men, lol.

  • marco a. poshar

    total stupid selection !!!!the writer needs a new set of glasses

    • Fly Navy

      What? Are you a Janet Reno fan :)

    • A black man’s perspective

      So true

  • stinkin

    Rousey, while cute, would kick your butt if you got out of line in a dark theatre or in mid day sun.

  • Harvardforever

    I noticed……….one black girl, please!

    • Koby Messick

      If black girls are so hot, why do black guys want white girls?

      Rashida Jones and Rihanna are 2 of the best looking girls on the
      planet. Of course Victoria Secret’s model Candice Swanpoel I think is.

      • Harvardforever

        “If black girls are so hot, why do black guys want white girls?”
        Racism is a bish.

        • RavenzRule

          That’s not racism, that’s a cultural fact. I could give a s@#t less who dates or who marries who, it’s 2 parties involved. You started off with the racist statement of “no black girls”, but who are you mad at, me, society, black men? I prefer redheads or blondes but that’s just me but I’ve been with black girls too. Don’t throw racism around like it’s a toy because you think you can benefit from it, know your facts or know who you are saying it to, otherwise that’s what is on your mind a lot.

          • Harvardforever

            Sociology 101

            You must be very young since you have no concept of my reference to “one black girl.”

            This is about diversity in the modeling industry, a major concern of black models who recently held a press conference with members of the Diversity Coalition to “lashout against racism on the runways of the fashion world.”

            And yes, this is institutional racism whether you have the competence or experience to recognize it or not. Life is more than dating, my friend, so look beyond your social sphere and into the real world.

          • tall4myage

            So you are suggesting that the fashion/modeling industry is SO racist that they would rather lose money by putting less “attractive” white models on than more “attractive” black models on. So they will put on those ugly white models and although it may hurt sales because the product wont be as appealing, at least they wont be shamed at the next Klan meeting or smoke filled room of white guys in tuxes, holding down the black man.

            Yep, I’m sure that’s it. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be that they have done their market research and know that for the demographic that buys their products, white models are more appealing, and that more guys are likely to buy the product for their wives if its on a hot white chick. And it couldn’t be that this “Protest” is just to scare the fashion industry into hiring more blacks for fear of being called, “gasp” racists.

            You guys have been pushing this attempt at redefining beauty, and trying to make men feel like racists for stating the obvious….most people simply thing white women are more attractive than black women. Oh, the pop media is behind you, the flavor of the month now being that Beyonce is SO gorgeous, Before that it was Serena Williams that was going to redefine beauty. Whatever. For most men, if you took the 15 men on this list and asked them to rank them, the black girl would be near the bottom. Not necessarily in the same order as this list, but she’d end up near the bottom for most guys. That’s not racism. That’s preference. Your race card is no longer valid, as the account is overdrawn.

          • Harvardforever

            “…..most people simply thing white women are more attractive than black women.”
            Evidence? I know you’re white with white privilege….small minds run in small circles. Have good day, little boy.

          • Tyler Leli

            Racial background played no part in the forming of this list. Thank you guys for reading though.

          • A black man’s perspective

            Most white men might think that white women are more attractive. You are in no position to speak for black men or men of any other races. Since white men control the industry, they are gonna put forth what they think is attractive. My issue is when whites try to impose their standards of beauty on every one else, to the point where blonde hair and blues eyes are to die for, No woman on this llst can hold a candle to serena or beyounce. Not even close.

          • Marvin

            First of all, Beyonce is no athlete. As far as Serena……serious? That DUDE is one step removed from the zoo.

          • A black man’s perspective

            Obviously too much woman for you to handle. Stay with those 95 pound anorexic toothpicks you call attractive. No female athlete on this planet even come close to Serena’s attractiveness. NOT ONE!!! Funny how white men try to downplay the attractiveness of black women, yet, during the days of slavery, they found it awfully convienient to rape the female salves, on a regular basis. Hypocrites. mOst whit emen want ever man of ever other race to view white women as more attarctive than their own women. That’s typical of the way that the white thinks. No one wants your skinnny no ass white woman but you.

          • peeeko

            you are a very angry man. quite an offensive generalisation, “no one wants skinny ass”

          • A black man’s perspective

            That is your opinion. It’ hurts white men to know that not ever man on this planet views the white woman as the most desirable. it’s fine for white men to view them that way, but dont impose your standard of beauty(blue eyes, blonde hair, straight nose) on ever one else and then get upset and result to name calling when we dont see it like you all do. And it’s “skinny no ass”.

          • A black man’s perspective

            The cultural fact is white women want balck men. They like our walk, our talk, our swag, our skin tone and definitely curious about what we have down stairs.

  • Jim Briggs

    Not that it really matters given her looks, but Leryn Franco is a javelin thrower, not a pole vaulter.

  • Ar

    Make up your mind about the tennis players… one is the most attractive alive today and the other is the most attractive of all time? Maria Sharapova is very much alive today and by far more attractive than Wozniacki !! What about Danica Patrick?

  • Daniel Helmick

    Nice job ending #15 with a preposition. I guess your editor’s copy of the Chicago Manual is being used to prop up a table.

  • johny johnson

    i don’t know about #1 these people working on this clearly weren’t judging on looks alone

  • RDCollins

    “Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League and the SON of former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien.” SAY WHAT????

    • Tyler Leli

      That was a typo that has been fixed. Thank you for reading!

  • Matthew

    Miesha Tate from the UFC should have been on this list. She’s way hotter than Ronda Rousey.

  • Gary Clure

    Ring girls are not athletes.

  • eng_England

    Wow! You managed to sneak in ONE non-white athlete. Way to go, Adolf.

    • Figures

      oh so now we have to pretend to be attracted to women we aren’t to prove we aren’t racist? do you realize that accusation makes YOU a racist?

      • A black man’s perspective

        It is apparent that the person who created this list prefers white women. That is very clear.

        • Figures

          And that makes them racist? So what do we call a guy who only likes blondes? Or girls with big boobs? Or whatever it is that they prefer? I’m not attracted to many black women either. It happens but it’s rare. Does that make me a racist? Before you answer you should know that my white cousin is married to a black guy and I’m the only in my family who stood up for her. We were both disowned for over a decade.
          I also had my ribs kicked in defending a black guy at a bar who was about to get his kicked all to shit by a group of about twenty bikers.
          And the time… The list goes on.

          • Tyler Leli

            I have no preference for women of any ethnic background, and certainly do not discriminate against any women in forming my lists. Thank you for reading and your feedback.

      • Dr E

        Nobody’s saying that, it’s just that there are MANY different pro female athletes that are beautiful. In this digital age they only found ONE non white woman? And for the record, ALL of the women represented here aren’t even pretty. The point is just that beauty is NOT and NEVER has been limited to blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. That’s all.

        • Figures

          There aren’t that many good looking athletes. Let’s be honest. Most of them are quite plain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Stokke doesn’t even make the list and she’s about as good looking as it gets out of any field. Maybe they just don’t like Cal Bears? Who knows. But yeah, a LOT of people are calling this article racist.

      • Rick Brosh

        Yeah, to some of us, color does NOT determine beauty OR self worth for that matter! WHY do people ALWAYS have to be playing the race card!

    • Bongs&Thongs

      well the snuck it a tranny also since angela rypien is the son of mark

    • Tyler Leli

      I can assure you that race played no part in the formation of this list. Thank you for reading though!

  • Dr Sex

    Who ever selected this group of ladies is blind as a bat…You have some sure fire gorgeously beautiful ladies just in the WNBA, not to mention the pro cheerleaders and then there is Miss Williams, of tennis fame…The next time you put a list together call me and I’ll help you…

    • Tyler Leli

      I am not a big fan of either of the Williams sisters. Thank you for reading and your feedback though.

  • Skott Harrington

    that guy is hot!

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Hope Solo = Overrated! Very average looking.

    • Tyler Leli

      I disagree sir, but thank you for reading.

  • NL

    Why did you leave out Lolo Jones?

    • Tyler Leli

      I am not an especially big fan of Lolo Jones, although she was one of the last women not to make the cut.

  • Apacible Oso

    The 16 ladies may very well be attractive to some but they are not by far the “hottest” 16 females in sports today. Granted, the classification of “hottest” or “sexy” are both subjective. Additionally individual taste often vary dramatically. All that being said, why is it that ESPN, SI, and the likes continue to ignore the BodybuildingFitnessFigure industry and the athletes that participate. There are several female athletes that participate in the NPC and IFBB that are far more attractive than any of the 16 ladies listed above. Look up
    Denise Milani, Karina Nascimento, Nicole Wilkins, Mikaila Soto, Alina Popa, Karina Akmens, Irina Kiselev-Kononenko, Shannon Courtney, Victoria Lomba or Margie V. Martin. All of these ladies I just mentioned best those 16 previously highlighted in your article. It’s all a matter of taste but the entire industry should not be over looked.

  • Barancy Peloma

    gina carano is an ex-athlete. she hasn’t competed in several years.

  • John

    “Leryn Franco has been moderately successful as a pole vaulter ” is a stretch.

  • ByronAnderson

    This is one person’s opinion, I’ve seen better looking Female Athletes, he must have a hard-on for these 15 or something. And like they say, (who ever “they” are), everybody has an opinion. Because someone in the media say a woman is “Hot” doesn’t make it so, it’s just you being vocal about your twisted belief, that I should like what you like.

  • cobra617

    What??? No Yelena Isinbayeva?

  • Figures

    No Allison Stokke? Cal pole vaulter.

    • David Lee

      have you seen her lately? her pics from HS were her best years.. she’s nowhere near that now.

  • Steven Lewis

    So is
    Angela Rypien the son who had a sex change or was that a typo?

    • Bongs&Thongs

      no she is still packing

    • Tyler Leli

      That was a typo on my part and it has been fixed. Thank you for reading!

  • billykes

    You forgot Roberta Mancino… Wingsuite flyer.

  • Christopher A

    Of all the athletes you could have chosen for your token Black slot, you picked self admitted Allyson “chicken legs” Felix?

    • Bongs&Thongs

      well they did have a token tranny also because angela rypien is evidently the son of mark rypien according to the stellar writers

      • Tyler Leli

        Typo has been fixed.

  • David

    I didn’t know there was a “Miss Bikini of the World” pageant — why not…

  • Jim_Fletcher

    Leryn Franco… just too many pole vaulting quips come to mind.

    • henry

      leryn franco isnt a pole vaulter she throw the javelin

      • Jim_Fletcher

        You’re right henry; I believed what was written next to her pic here. But really, with that body, who cares what she does?

  • Cristobal De Arrows

    Are you serious??? Can you honestly call yourself a writer with such neanderthal mistakes. Go back to elementary school you inept moron.

    • Bongs&Thongs

      my favorite is angela rypien is the SON of former redskin mark rypien

    • Dan Murray

      There should be a question mark after the 2nd sentence and a comma after “school.”

  • Bongs&Thongs

    what hack wrote this??

    “Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League and the son of former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien.”

    so angela has a penis is what you are saying?

  • A black man’s perspective

    All white women, except for Felix. And she is really not that attractive. Too skinny and no ass, like most of the women on this list.

    • Tyler Leli

      Racial background played no part in the formation of this list. Thank you for reading.

      • A black man’s perspective

        That might be true, but the fact remains that all of the woemn on this list are white, except Felix and she has the same body type as the women on this list. That is your preference and in this article, you should state that. You give the impression, as do most white guys who compile such list as these, that these are the type of women that ever man prefers when that is not the case. Most black men like their women with thick legs and thick backsides. If I were compliling a lsit, none of these women, including Felix, would be on it. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  • lipreader

    This premise is creepy. What do you think these ladies are going to consent to with the average reader in a dark theater? And if they are consenting, why would the reader by happy about being “caught” with them in said theater?

  • Dan Murray

    Does Arianny Celeste look so amazing that her picture can’t be shown?

    • Tyler Leli

      That may be something with your computer, as I can see it. Thank you for reading though!

  • name

    what are they doing out of the kitchen

  • Tennessee3501

    I cast my vote for Sandra Bullock! What? You say she is not in the Olympics? That is just a mere technicality! I root for her to win all screen awards even during the years when she has not made a movie!

    • Tyler Leli

      I am not sure exactly what you are getting at with this, but thank you for reading!

      • Tennessee3501

        Have you never heard of a celebrity crush? Gracie Gold is too young for me!

        • Tyler Leli

          I understand the celebrity crush part, but Sandra Bullock is not an athlete!

          • Tennessee3501

            She was a cheerleader in high school ! The point is, just put a pair of ice skates on her feet and place her in the back of the theater with me anytime !