Kevin Ware Returns to Basketball Court With Dunk, Six Months After Gruesome Leg Injury

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Ware

Six months ago, many wondered if Kevin Ware would ever play basketball again. After suffering one of the most gruesome leg injuries you will ever see, Ware is not only back on his feet and walking around like normal, he’s back on the basketball court. Check out this video which shows Ware’s amazing progress:

This is absolutely remarkable to me. I was watching this game live and what unfolded was no doubt one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen on live television. I’ve seen a ton of injuries, I’ve seen terrible injuries, but this one takes the cake. I think part of the reason was because it took place during a basketball game. Those types of injuries rarely happen on the hardwood and the fact that he was wearing shorts, really made it tough to watch.

The thing that also stood out was the reaction of his teammates on the bench. This happened right in front of them and there’s just no way to prepare for something like that. I even remember the announcers saying that players were throwing up on the sidelines. That’s how bad this leg break was.

Here’s the footage. Watch it again if you dare:

Reliving that moment makes the new dunk video even that much more remarkable. Ware is expected to make a full recovery and so far reports state that he’s just a few weeks away from resuming full basketball activities. Simply amazing.

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