Mike Tyson Throws Darts Blindfolded, Hits Two Bullseyes

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Tyson
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tyson is known for a lot of things: being a former boxing champion, his appearances in the Hangover movies and of course his off the wall comments. But now, he might be known as the world’s best blindfolded darts thrower. Check out this crazy video of Tyson tossing darts on a recent television appearance:

Katie Nolan is right, just to be able to hit the board isn’t bad. But to be able to hit two bullseyes, is simply remarkable. Anyone who’s played darts can attest that hitting bullseyes without a blindfold is no easy task. On top of being extremely accurate, the former champ was really winging those things.

Tyson has of course been in the news a lot lately due to his sobriety, or lackthereof. He revealed during a recent press conference that he’d been lying to every one in his life about being sober and even said that he ‘was on the verge of dying.’

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In other Tyson news, the former champ also has a new reality show that will be premiering on Fox Sports 1. The show is called ‘Being Mike Tyson’ and it will provide fans with an in-depth look at his life. The show captured Tyson on his one-man show tour this past year and will feature clips of him with Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield. As with anything Tyson does, it should make for interesting television.


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