Top 10 Gatorade Shower Celebrations of All Time

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Top 10 Gatorade Shower Celebrations of All Time

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Why do we love sports today? Sports are chock full of incredible stories, emotion, timeless tradition, unbreakable records, unforgettable performances and most importantly: The Gatorade shower.

It is a practiced science, really. To be able to execute a perfect gatorade shower, the folks involved must plan it correctly. If they don't, well, they will always be remembered for that moment gone wrong. When it goes just as it is supposed to, it is a moment never forgotten in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Have you ever wondered where the all-important celebratory stamp came from? How about if there have ever been any showers handled the wrong way? Not every coach can love getting soaked with a sugar-filled sports beverage. Sometimes, the shower has failed to hit the right target. What happens then? Well, in a word, laughter.

From single-game performances, to last second victories, to early celebrations, to showers gone wrong all the way to the big-game celebrations, the Gatorade shower is an ageless aspect of sports nowadays. It is almost guaranteed that if your team wins an important game, the coach will soon be drenched in that sweet, ice cold electrolyte-filled beverage. It is an absolute must!

It has long been debated where and when the infamous Gatorade celebration was started, but you will soon find out the truth. Along the way, I will count down the top 10 most memorable gatorade shower celebrations of all time.

Some of these will bring back a great moment in sports history. Others will surely make you laugh, wondering how on earth it happened the way it did. Finally, you will find out the debugged mystery of how the tradition began.

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10. Kentucky Celebrates Early, LSU Shocks the World

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With 11 seconds to go, the Kentucky Wildcats thought they had the game wrapped up back in 2002 against the LSU Tigers. But, as we all know, they forgot to play until the very last whistle. After showering their head coach, the Wildcats suffered a last-second loss at the hands of a Hail Mary miracle. Sadly, for the Wildcats, this Gatorade shower will always be remembered for the wrong reason

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9. Eric Mangini Oddly Showered After 3-5 Start

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In yet another instance where the Gatorade shower will be remembered for the wrong kind of reason, Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini was given the bath after defeating the New England Patriots a couple of years back. This win put the Browns at 3-5 on the season. Yep, you read that right. It wasn't a playoff-clinching victory nor anything worth celebrating in such a way. But, as only the Browns could do, they celebrated like it was 1999 after their third victory of the season.

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8. Baylor Upsets No. 5 Oklahoma, Gatorade Shower Goes Wrong

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Back when Robert Griffin III was with Baylor, the Bears upset then-number five Oklahoma 45-38. During the ensuing celebration, there was supposed to be a Gatorade shower given to Griffin. Instead, it hit Heath Nielsen and Erin Andrews. I assume, for obvious reasons, fans were a bit more excited about the shower soaking Andrews in that instance. In a celebration that will never be forgotten, Griffin stayed relatively dry while one of the more popular female sideline reporters was left soaking wet. What is there not to like about that?

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7. Nick Saban Clearly Unhappy After 2009 National Championship Shower

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The Alabama Crimson Tide took on the Texas Longhorns in the 2009 NCAA National Championship game, in a battle between Nick Saban and Mack Brown. When it was all said and done, Saban was the one to get the Gatorade bath. Why was it memorable? Saban was nearly knocked off his feet and the expression on his face immediately afterward signaled a potentially severe conditioning session when the team finally hit the practice field again. In any event, the Tide won it all and Saban got soaked. All was well in 'Bama.

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6. Erik Spoelstra Gets Shower After LeBron James’ First Ring

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Here come all the LeBron James haters already. Say what you want, but James finally got the monkey off his back and this will forever be one of the most memorable celebrations of not only our decade but possibly this century. James very well could go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game, and his very first title is one for the books. Head coach Erik Spoelstra got the shower even on the hardwood -- not typically the most popular celebration in basketball. The Miami Heat weren't shy about their championship, and certainly did not show any caution when tossing the Gatorade.

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5. TCU Players Give Gary Patterson Blatantly Unwanted Bath

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In the 2011 Rose Bowl, the TCU Horned Frogs took on the Wisconsin Badgers. As the game came to a close and TCU knew the game was wrapped up, they began strategically planning their showering of head coach Gary Patterson. Quickly, Patterson looked back and warned his players not to take any further action. How are these kids supposed to follow such ridiculous directions? Of course, Patterson got the bath and was not too happy about it. I have a feeling, now, neither parties regret the situation as it was one of the most memorable moments in their lives -- not to mention a hilarious moment for the fans to look back on.

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4. Florida Gators Win 2010 Sugar Bowl, Urban Meyer Gets it Good

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As the Florida Gators were wrapping up their dominating performance against the Cincinnati Bearcats in the 2010 Sugar Bowl, head coach Urban Meyer was soaking it in. In fact, he was soaking it in so solemnly that he never saw the shower coming. In one of the more hilarious Gatorade baths in history, Meyer's facial expression after being shocked and soaked was absolutely priceless.

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3. 2008 Boston Celtics Win NBA Title, "Anything is Possible!"

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In another one of the more heart-warming moments in NBA history, the Boston Celtics won the 2008 title and head coach Doc Rivers was given the infamous bath. Of course, we will never forget the quote that came afterwards by forward Kevin Garnett after over a decade in the league without a championship. "Anything is possib-uhhhhhhhhl!" Garnett belted out in a post-game interview. This is why we love sports today. Rivers' Gatorade shower on the basketball court and Garnett's unforgettable shout.

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2. Bill Parcells’ 1985-1986 New York Giants Over-Do Gatorade Showers

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In the 1985-1986 NFL season, the New York Giants thought they were the very first sports team to begin the trend of the infamous Gatorade shower. Bill Parcells got the treatment on several occasions, and to this day, many attribute the trend to New York. How quickly those forget, though, that the team which started it all was...

...on the very next slide.

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1. 1984 Chicago Bears Begin Ageless Trend

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So, it has come to this. The team that started it all -- the 1984-1985 Chicago Bears. Head coach Mike Ditka was the very first head coach to be christened with such a delicious beverage. How could we possibly forget so quickly and jump to conclusions such as giving credit to Parcells and the Giants? No disrespect to the now-Hall of Fame inductee, but credit has to be given where it is due. The most unforgettable shower in history must be the day it was all started. Check it out below.