Boston Red Sox Have Sleep Room Inside Fenway Park

By Andrew Fisher
Boston Red Sox
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox already have one of the best venues in all of sports. Fenway Park is a legendary place that any true baseball fan should experience, regardless of your thoughts on the team. But President and CEO Larry Lucchino revealed something on Thursday that has taken the legendary park’s status up a notch further. Upon a recommendation from the team’s sleep specialist, the Red Sox installed a sleep room during the last round of renovations at Fenway. That’s right, a sleep room.

Since the revelation by Lucchino, Boston catcher David Ross apparently had the green light to go ahead and talk about it:

“It is nice. With the travel schedule you have here and this market and all the Sunday night games, getaway day-night games, everybody wants to put us on TV and have a big draw. You know we do have some times every once in a while where it’s nice to go in there and get a little hour or so rest, a little nap.”

The room works so well because it’s soundproof.

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I think this is a fantastic concept. Every pro sports team, heck every workplace in America should have one of these things. It’s proven that naps lead to fresher minds and fresh minds lead to more productivity. We all have those days where we just didn’t get enough sleep the night before. It’s safe to say, many people like myself are jealous of the Red Sox.


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