Cancer-Stricken 12-Year-Old Boy Scores Emotional Touchdown


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If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming story that has the potential to bring a tear to your eye, you have come to the right place. Twelve-year-old middle school football player, Tremaine “Trey” Sampson, might just make you realize that life is much bigger than sports.

Sampson was recently diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma that spread to his arm, which warranted an amputation, then spread to his lungs and doctors told Trey and his mother on Sept. 9 that there was nothing left for them to do — the cancer was too far into the boy’s system that he might only have a small amount of time left.

After receiving the news, the young boy turned to football to take his mind off the terrible idea of being sick for the rest of his life. Trey wanted to play football and score a touchdown. Although playing middle school football in Texas isn’t quite as popular as high school football, this might be the most talked about game in the entire state today.

Trey took the handoff on the first play of the game for his Balch Springs Jaguars and ran straight for the end zone. Check out the amazing story here:

As you can see, the opposing team was a good sport about letting Trey score the touchdown. This was something that surely took the weight of the world off his shoulders, if only for a few moments, and made his day. Although the story is sad, we can take light in the fact that he got to do something he wanted to do before his sickness got too far.

Great story. Our thoughts go out to Trey and his family.

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