Matt Harvey Apologizes For Being Awkward on Dan Patrick Show

By Connor Muldowney
Matt Harvey
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it on Wednesday, Matt Harvey made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about the second-year pitcher’s elbow injury that could possibly keep him out of baseball for a little while. Dan Patrick brought him on the show to talk about a sponsor of his, Qualcomm, as well as what the future holds for one of the league’s bright young stars.

The awkward interview can be seen here: Matt Harvey’s Weird Interview With Dan Patrick.

Patrick was trying his hardest to get as many details about his decision to pass on Tommy John surgery and just rehab his elbow to full strength — avoiding injury altogether his he has to. The topic was brought up and Harvey redirected the conversation, saying “this day is supposed to be all about Qualcomm”, but he made a rookie mistake in a pitch/interview combination.

Apparently, someone forgot to inform the New York Mets‘ ace that he had to do a full interview along with his product pitch. The radio station doesn’t benefit from having an athlete on to talk about a product and just finish with that and no talks about sports or anything. Dan Patrick was not happy. Not happy at all. He called out the pitcher after the conversation was over, claiming that he should have known better and he didn’t benefit at all because Qualcomm isn’t paying him anything.

Well, Harvey made a classy move the following day, apologizing and doing a full interview with Patrick once again on his show, seen here:

Very classy move, Matt.

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