Miami Heat's Chris Andersen Caught Up in Internet Hoax

By Will Connolly
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to an article on, Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen was the victim of an internet hoax started by a woman in Canada.

“Chris was a victim,” said Mark Bryant, Andersen’s lawyer and agent.

Sources state that this woman from Canada, Shelley Lynn Chartier, lived in Easterville, Manitoba, and impersonated Andersen online for months, while communicating with one of his former female acquaintances from California. She pursued gifts, a relationship and eventually threatening the woman with revealing the scandalous pictures that she had received through their communication.

But not only did she impersonate Andersen, but the woman from California as well. She was so good at this, that she was even able to set up a meeting between the pair, arranging for the woman from California to travel all the way to Colorado to meet the NBA star. However, nothing became of their short-lived relationship.

This whole conspiracy came to a head last year when Douglas County Sheriffs raided Andersen’s house in Denver. At the time, Andersen was still a part of the Denver Nuggets franchise. The police found nothing of interest in their search, but continued their ongoing investigation of the case.

Andersen’s reputation was completely tarnished after this scandal surfaced, for there were rumors that he was involved with child pornography, and was labeled a pedophile by multiple media outlets across the board. It wasn’t until recently, when the correct information came out, that his name was finally cleared.

“I want to thank the Miami Heat organization for reaching out and believing in Chris, probably more as an individual than as a basketball player,” Bryant said. “That embrace assisted him in this difficult time, and to that organization and to the fans around the world that stood behind him, his deepest thanks.”

Chartier was arrested in January of this year on charges of possession and transmission of child pornography, extortion and utter threats. The full extent of her actions were not fully understood until her arrest earlier this year. She is set to appear in court on Oct. 22.

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