Prince Fielder Grabs Nacho From Fan After Chasing Foul Ball

By Andrew Fisher
Prince Fielder
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Prince Fielder has been having a pretty good 2013 campaign. He’s currently hitting .280 with 24 home runs and 102 RBI. The Detroit Tigers are also in first place in the AL Central and poised to make another run in the playoffs. But Fielder’s moment of the year may have happened on a routine foul ball play Wednesday night.

Check out what the Tigers’ first baseman grabs from a fan after trying to chase down a ball:

Yeah, that just happened. Fielder pulled off a fat kid move and grabbed a nacho. I’ve never seen anything like this before and probably won’t ever again. Absolutely classic.

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While Fielder does get some flack for his weight, he was actually a vegetarian for awhile. According to Wikipedia, he decided to become a vegetarian after his wife gave him the book ‘Skinny B**ch’ by Rory Freedman. However at a 2012 press conference, he revealed that his stint as a veggie eater was shorted lived. “I’m not a vegetarian. I was, for like three months,” he said.

Today’s generation often overlooks the fact that Fielder is a second generation player. His father, Cecil Fielder, played 13 years in the big leagues. He played from 1985 to 1998 with five different teams, but most notably, he played seven years in Detroit. Cecil smashed 319 home runs during his career, while driving in 1,008. It’s rare that you see a father-son combo both perform at such a high level. At his current pace, Prince is set to pass his father in home runs by next season, in three less seasons.


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