Usain Bolt Unwisely Reconsidering Retirement Plans

By Andrew Fisher
Usain Bolt
Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY

Just a few weeks after the greatest sprinter in Olympic history said that he was going to hang up his running shoes following the 2016 games, it seems Usain Bolt is having second thoughts. The sprinter is currently on a book tour in London to promote his autobiography and he revealed to reporters that he might extend his career by another year:

“I am definitely reconsidering. I think my fans especially have really voiced their concern about me retiring. They think I should carry on and so do my sponsors. I have discussed it with my coach and he says it is possible. We will see what happens. But it’s on the cards that I will extend it by one more year.”

I’m sure his sponsors do want him to continue.

If Bolt does decide to extend his career, it basically means that he’ll partake in the World Championships one more time.

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Maybe I’m just a fan who likes to see athletes go out on top whenever possible, but I hate this idea. I’m not saying winning a world championship is a bad way to go out, but it certainly pales in comparison to going out after winning Olympic gold. That’s how Bolt’s career should end. He should retire after winning both the 100 and 200M races in the 2016 Rio games. If he can pull it off, he’ll be the only athlete in the history of the games to win both races in three straight Olympics.

The only way I would get behind him running in the 2017 World Championships, is if he fails to win gold in Rio. Then I would understand, because he at least could go out somewhat on top.


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