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15 Celebrities Who Are Big-Time Soccer Fans

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Celebrities and the World's Most Popular Sport

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The game of soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world, with participation and excitement surrounding the sport being unrivaled by nearly every other sport combined. One statistic that shows this claim best is the fact that one billion-plus people tuned in to watch the final of the 2010 World Cup. To put this into consideration, one must put this number of viewers against the best numbers for other landmark events in the sporting world such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup, and it's by a minimum of tenfold increase, a remarkably vast difference.

As a result of soccer being the most popular sport in the world, there is undoubtedly a huge number of soccer fans around the world from all walks of life. This includes the poor, middle class and invariably results in a number of high-profile celebrities who garner the most attention as huge fans of the beautiful game. During the last 2010 World Cup noted above various celebrities including Shakira, Akon, John Travolta, Joe Biden, Matthew McConaughey and Alicia Keys were all spotted at various games.

While being spotted out at any event, it could be a nuisance for these various celebrities, but the fact is that fans love to hear that their favorites celebrities around the world support the same club. This is both because knowing that celebrities even like sports provides them with a sort of humanization factor and because it never hurts to have a rich supporter for one's club.

With the knowledge that fans want to know who their favorite celebrities may be rooting for -- or just that they are fans of soccer in general -- we have decided to compile a list of 15 celebrities who are huge soccer fans and found out what team they support.


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15. Russell Brand

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Russell Brand is a huge soccer fan and has maintained a love for Aston Villa FC since his youth. Thankfully for men around the world, he transferred this love of Villa into having his ex-wife Katy Perry sport a risque outfit with the club's logo.

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14. Will Ferrell

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Will Ferrell may have grown up in the United States, but nonetheless he has developed a love for English club Chelsea FC. While Ferrell may be a relative newbie to the game of soccer, there can be no doubt whether he loves Chelsea seeing him in attendance at multiple games in recent years.

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13. Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart has been a huge fan of Scottish club Celtic for his entire life, and has continued to attend matches throughout his run of fame. After watching him cry after Celtic completed a historic upset over Barcelona in 2012, there is no way anyone could truly question whether his fandom was for real.

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12. Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl Cole may have previously been married to Chelsea star Ashley Cole, but she has always kept her love for Newcastle United. Cheryl's affinity for Newcastle can be drawn back to the fact that she is from the same town as the club, and like any true fan, she has never let anything stop her from maintaining her love for the club.

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11. Sylvester Stallone

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Sylvester Stallone is a huge supporter of Everton, and as the picture above shows, has been spotted supporting his clubs at their games in recent seasons.

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10. Jackie Chan

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In the past, Jackie Chan has been seen at both Arsenal and Manchester City games, showing that he may have no preferred club, but does love the game of soccer.

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9. Steve Nash

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Despite growing up in Canada, Steve Nash has been a lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur and the game of soccer in general. As if supporting clubs was not enough, Nash was given the opportunity to train with Inter Milan, and surely is one of the biggest soccer fans in the United States.

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8. Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is an avid supporter of Aston Villa, and has even made the trip over to England to watch his favorite club multiple times in recent years. Hanks showed his love for Villa when he made the trip to Portland to watch the club take on the Portland Timbers in 2012.

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7. Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant picked up an affinity for soccer while spending a large portion of his youth in Italy and has maintained it ever since. Bryant has stated in the past that he supports AC Milan, both connecting the dots back to Italy and showing that he still maintains a love for soccer.

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6. Adele

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Adele grew up in North London, which happens to be where Tottenham is located, and has maintained a love for Tottenham Hotspur since her youth. In recent years, she has been shown watching games at White Hart Lane, displaying the fact that she is a true fan.

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5. Drew Carey

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Drew Carey is not only the host of the Price is Right, but also is a part owner of the Seattle Sounders. In recent years, Carey has been seen at a number of games in Seattle, and undoubtedly maintains an avid love for the game of soccer.

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4. Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsey has been an avid soccer fan since his youth days, when he nearly became a player for legendary Scottish club Glasgow Rangers. While Ramsay never quite made the big time, he never lost his affinity for the game, and has even appeared in a few charity matches in recent years.

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3. Elton John

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Like most Englishman, Sir Elton John is an avid fan of soccer, and has even dabbled in executive roles within the game. In 1976, John became chairman of his favored club Watford, and although he relinquished this role in 1987, he has been the club's honorary chairman ever since.

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2. Paul McCartney

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The legendary Paul McCartney is not only one of the greatest musicians ever, but is also an avid follower of soccer. While growing up in Liverpool, he decided to become a fan of local side Everton and hasn't looked back since.

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1. Pope Francis

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Pope Francis is a self professed lover of the beautiful game, and obtained a membership card for Argentine club San Lorenzo in the past. Since becoming Pope, he has gone on to host the Argentine and Italian national teams in the Vatican, washing away any doubts over whether or not he is a big soccer fan.