Andy Reid Gave One of the Most Awkward Post Game Interviews Ever

By Connor Muldowney
Andy Reid
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As hard as it was for the Philadelphia Eagles to see their former coach on the opposite sidelines coaching against them on Thursday night, it was even harder to watch Andy Reid‘s post-game interview with Sal Palantonio. It was bad in the way that Palantonio asked poor questions, but it was bad because Andy Reid gave poor answers and just looked like he didn’t want to be there at all.

It’s understandable — he wants to be in the locker room with his team after a huge win on the road against the team that let you go a season ago. Also, he surely wants to get out of Philadelphia as soon as possible. His Kansas City Chiefs put the hurt on his former Eagles team in Philly.

Check out the incredibly awkward video here:

It’s obvious that Reid was just trying to ignore Palantonio and give him extremely short answers just to get into the locker room. At one point, he even said that he felt good and full of Gatorade and wanted to jump in the shower as soon as possible.

Reid seems to be a pretty good guy which is why this interview is so confusing. Not many people have seen the side of Reid where he acts like he’s better than the reporter who’s asking him questions. Also since he knows who Palantonio is and sarcastically acted like “this guy” was a nobody.

Any way you look at this, it was a poor move for Reid — but who cares, he’s 3-0.

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