John McCain Thinks We Care About His Opinion on Dodgers Celebration

By Connor Muldowney
John McCain
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Senator John McCain is back in the news for seemingly the first time since his unsuccessful campaign for presidential election in 2008. While he lost out to current president, Barack Obama, he has kept his prominent role in politics as the senator of Arizona. However, he’s in the news for something sports-related and not at all politically-based.

As we all know, the Los Angeles Dodgers are receiving some serious heat from the Arizona Diamondbacks and social media following a celebration that seemed to mock the opposition after clinching the NL West on the road at Chase Field. What exactly did the Dodgers do that has garnered hatred from people around the country?

Well, following the win, the once-lowly Dodgers — who were 12 games under .500 in June — celebrated in the visitor’s locker room after a win against the Diamondbacks. They had fun behind semi-closed doors and Yasiel Puig even did the worm:

However, it wasn’t the worm that got them in trouble, it was this:

They jumped into the pool that sits behind the right-center field wall at Chase Field. Why is this so bad? Well, two years ago, the Diamondbacks won the division and celebrated in the same fashion — except it was their home turf. This kind of looks like the Dodgers are mocking them.

However, there are no fans present and shouldn’t even be a big deal. These are just guys — who were once underdogs — celebrating something they didn’t think would be possible two months into the season.

They had no idea that it would stir up controversy and look like they were trying to show the Diamondbacks up on their home turf.

However, John McCain took to Twitter and voiced his opinion on the matter.

For someone who is high up in the country’s political system, voicing a personal opinion like that that is only stated because he is a Diamondbacks homer.

Stick to politics, John. People don’t care what you think — hence why you’re not the president.

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