Money Swaying Tim Tebow to Sign With Russian Football Team

By Connor Muldowney
Tim Tebow
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The Denver Broncos had him, then the New York Jets had him and then the New England Patriots sort of had him. Tim Tebow is starting to make his rounds in the world of football — and by world of football, I mean he’s allegedly taking his talents to a different country. I’m not kidding.

Reports have surfaced that Tebow is involved in serious talks with the Russian football team, the Moscow Black Storm. Owner Dmirty Popkov has stated that the two sides have been in negotiations since the million-dollar offer hit the table a couple weeks ago. The deal was that Tebow had to sign a two-game contract with the Black Storm for a whopping one millions dollars.

So is Tim in it just for the money? It seems that way. He really wants to play football in the NFL, but you have to think by the time this NFL season is over, his pay will stop coming in as well. Being offered a million dollars to play two games has to be a dream come true for any player who will surely be out of a job for quite some time.

Popkov has been quoted as saying that Tebow is the Michael Jordan of American football. Well, I don’t think anyone told him that Jordan was good and Tim, well, Tim’s not so good.

I’m not sure if Popkov really knows what he’s getting himself into. My guess is that he made the offer at first just as a publicity stunt, but when Tebow contacted him, he was all for it. Rumors are that the contract has raised to over a million dollars now.

I’m not sure if Popkov means the Russian dollar, a ruble, which is three cents to every American dollar. So maybe his one millions dollars means a millions rubles, which in turn would make just $30,000 American.

This is getting interesting. Tebow’s getting money-hungry.

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