Pittsburgh Steelers' Players No Longer Allowed to Play Pool or Ping Pong

By Andrew Fisher
Pittsburgh Steelers
Leo Mason-USA TODAY Sports

It’s easy to point fingers when things aren’t going well. It’s safe to say after two games, that things aren’t going as planned for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013. They’re currently sitting at 0-2 for the first time in over a decade and as a result, things are apparently changing around the team’s facilities. A new rule was put in place this week, which bans players with less than four years experience from playing pool and ping pong.

I guess the team could have pointed to its lack luster offense over the first two weeks, but no, the problems clearly stem from the rec room.

Fourth-year player Isaac Redman, who is just eligible to play, summed up the rules with this quote:

“Young guys can’t play pool, ping pong or shuffleboard. Sucks to be a young guy, I guess. We need to win a football game here before guys are coming in worrying about who’s first on the pool table. So that eliminates that.”

Steelers’ fans are sure hoping that there weren’t players truly more concerned about playing pool, than they were about winning football games.

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While the new rule is kind of silly, I understand the logic behind it. The team is just trying to send a message that business comes first. There’s nothing wrong with that logic, but it is kind of sad that a rule of this nature was put in place to begin with.

We’ll see if it has any impact on Sunday, as the Steelers take on the Chicago Bears in what is nearly a must-win game.


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