25 NFL Cheerleaders Who Should Put On More Clothes

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25 Pictures of NFL Cheerleaders Who Should Put On More Clothes

Bradd Barr-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who could accidentally become a father someday, I am appalled by all of the ladies in these pictures. If my theoretical daughter were to try to go out wearing such revealing outfits, she would immediately be sent right back to her room to put on some clothes.

Despite the fact that they clearly work very hard on them, there is a lot more to all of these women than their bodies. When looking at these pictures, I would like everybody to think about their possible accomplishments and possible wonderful personalities. I can’t tell you about their actual accomplishments and personalities because unfortunately, I don’t know who they are.

I would like those who look at these ladies to make a fun game out of inventing accomplishments and personalities for them. It would be a great exercise to help people focus more on what’s important.

Now I’m not trying to be too judgmental here. I understand these women are adults and can do whatever they want. They are clearly proud of their bodies and have every right to walk along the line of public nudity. I just hope they understand that when they dress this way, there are some men out there who think, and even say, very impure things about them.

As crazy as it sounds, some of those men may even go through this slideshow with no intention of participating in the progressive exercise I described. There are some godless heathens out there who just want to look at the attractive women, and this article is definitely not for them.

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Daniel-Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Nice camouflage ladies. Good luck sneaking up on your prey in that!

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Those outfits make people assume that you neck on the first date.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If those are their clothes, how small must these young ladies' undergarments be? And what kind of filthy store would sell undergarments that small?

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Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is a fine how do you do! What disgusting fans want to see this smut?

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Are these ladies spinning or sinning? The answer is both.

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins? More like Washington Bare Skins.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

J-E-T-S, Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

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Don McPeak-USA oday Sports

Serves her right.

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Kelley L. Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You know who else forms a circle and chants things? Witches.

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Hussies

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Where do you even get a coat like that? It looks like it was designed for a baby with giant arms.

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

“Go, Fight, Win?” more like “Go, Put On, A Jacket!”

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

These ladies are never going to meet a nice boy wearing outfits like that.

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Geoff Burke-USA TOAY Sports

“Oh say can you see, where the rest of my skirt went?”

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently these ladies are like Donald Duck and only need their top halves covered.

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When you dress like this, expect to be chased by giant animals.

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So I guess in New Orleans it’s Mardi Gras during football season too.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How else was Miley supposed to turn out?

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Finally have full shirts on and of course they have to tie them up.

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Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

What is this, the MTV?!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever happened to a good old pair of sweatpants?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the ladies are actually covered in this picture. Unfortunately, they’re covered by other ladies wearing next to nothing!

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

While you’re down there, maybe you should pray for some clothes.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not doing the limbo, or dodging a bullet in an over the top way, there is no reason to be doing such a provocative move.

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t go to ‘da club’ so I don’t know if this is twerking, crumping, crackalacking or whatever, but I do know it’s wrong.

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  • vettevet2002 .

    what slays me is these women want to be respected for their–wait for it–minds…

    • Neal Feldman

      And why can’t they be?

      Or are you such a neanderthal that a square inch of skin or a side boob makes you incapable of dealing with a woman on an equal foundation?

      Your reply, or lack thereof, should be quite telling indeed.

      • Asuri Kinnes

        Looks like “lack of reply”.

  • Doogerhoot

    Is the writer straight? What’s the problem?

    • Dee Omally

      well at least he’s shootn’ straight—-from the mouth that is. ;)

    • Max Lucy

      He claims to be married & he is WAY too ugly & dumb to be gay!!

  • Caymus

    The writer obviously hates the whole concept of cheerleaders. THIS DISQUALIFIES HIM FROM BEING AN IMPARTIAL OBSERVER.NFL cheerleaders are usually students working their way through college. I disagree with him.

    • yummie

      Geez, let women enjoy being women. Aaron Charles is obviously a Democrat threatened by female sexuality. If they were naked transgender things, he would be singing their praises.

      • Brian Burleson

        A democrat threatened by female sexuality says the friend of the republican party that has done everything they can to prevent women from having sex?

        • badabing

          You’re just pissed because Robert Kennedy Jr. gave you a 2 on his slut list.

        • CoastW

          Don’t ever be a talk show host.

      • Cuppa

        Ummm, Republicans are the ones always trying to control women’s bodies, yes?

        • mrsgunnut10

          Nope, Bill ” Slick Willie ” Clinton was and still is a Democrat. The only body he “tried to control ” was Hillary’s. That didn’t work either.

          • Cuppa

            Republicans don’t want women having healthcare, contraceptives, abortions. They do want them having invasive trans-vaginal ultrasounds, doctors forced to lie to them, and creepy old religious men telling them when and with whom they may have sex. If they disobey any of the above they shall be labeled “sluts”.

            Using Clinton is weak. I can name dozens, upon dozens, upon dozens of Republicans who have done the same or worse than him.

          • Shawneuser

            You forgot some key words.

            You mean republicans don’t want women having healthcare, contraceptives or abortions for FREE, which actually means having someone ELSE pay for them. Just a little word you missed.

            And actually, in an ideal world, there would be no abortions. No one WANTs women to get abortions. It is a necessary evil.

            You also failed to mention the rights of the baby in the whole abortion debate. No surprise there though, right?

            But who cares about the baby, right, they can’t vote.

          • Cuppa

            No, free is NOT something they actually care about. The American Taliban wants complete control over women’s bodies.

            Why are Republicans so very concerned about fetuses and embryos, but as soon as a child is born, call them moochers for wanting food, healthcare and education?

          • KevinH

            “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Lady Margaret Thatcher, a women with more intelligence and understanding in her big toenail than you have in your entire body (actually, your entire party, for that matter).
            You folks will just never figure it out, will you. But that’s okay. Quick, go back to your talking points to come up with a response. Go ahead, we’ll all wait.

          • KevinH

            Btw, nice try with the whole American Taliban thing. Maybe you ought to travel the world and see how some of those animals really act before you go comparing them to fellow Americans. This from a member of the party who criticized Bush for removing Saddam from power and killing his worthless sons, while your type were perfectly happy with him being in power forever, keeping rape rooms in his palaces for himself and his piece of sh!t offspring to do whatever they wanted to women, all the while you saying that the other party doesn’t care about women’s rights like you do. Hypocrite!

          • coda alexander mars

            Do you actually have your own opinions? Or do you always rely upon lying leftist, talking points? I happen to be a conservative and I can tell you that you are dead wrong. DEAD WRONG. Now grow up and get a clue.

          • Cuppa

            Oh, so sorry. Right wingers never, ever, ever try to worm their way into women’s’ bodies or everyone’s bedrooms.

            Clown. F off!

          • UncleSamsnephew

            Well they don’t mandate their way in and then give a punishment if you do not comply to the socialist mandate. That would be the left.

          • Cuppa

            That was weird.

          • Cuppa

            Tell me what I said is wrong? Please. What did I state that is untrue?
            You can’t because I’m right. F off clown.

          • UncleSamsnephew

            What ever cuppa the conservatives want women to worry about their own bodies. No we don’t think it is right to pay for your birth control you want to have sex pay for your own take responsibility for your actions. Abortions are murder no matter how you look at it. It does not magically pop out of the vagina and bam is suddenly a human baby. So I yes I am telling you what you said is wrong. Your welcome happy to do so. please educate yourself before you comment on these things and you won’t sound so low information. But it appears the best you can do is call people names. .

          • Cuppa

            That was weird.

          • Shawneuser

            Strange, because it was the “American Taliban” that kicked the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan. And the real Taliban, by the way, is best known for its oppression of women.

            And yes, lets equate death with being refused free food, healthcare and education. THat is my favorite abortion argument.

            Let’s – me and you- go out on the street and ask 100 random people. “We will give you a choice. You can live but not expect the government to give you free food, healthcare or education, OR you can be dead. Which do you choose?”

            Hahahaha…. Those damn conservatives! Trying to save the life of babies but then refusing to give them free stuff after they are born! What barbaric hypocrites!

          • Dustin Goldsen

            The baby? You mean the fetus. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says anyone BORN in the United States is a citizen.

            I’m willing to bet you would not give citizenship to that “baby” if it was conceived in the United States to foreign parents.

            As the quote goes: Social Conservatives believe in a right to life that begins with conception and ends with birth.

          • KevinH

            Nice semantics. Btw, the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution served it purpose after abolition, but has been distorted and misused by congress during the entire 20th century until today. It should be repealed so that progressives like your heroes will stop using it to dismantle the federalism that was the intent of the founders and we can reverse the tide of the bloated, ever-expanded federal government.
            That’s okay, you can now go back to your talking points.

          • UncleSamsnephew

            The left are socialist they try to mandate everything in your life the conservatives want everyone free under the constitution. The one Obama said keeps getting in his way to getting his agenda done.

          • Ryan Paul

            Its not a baby, its a fetus, and before a certain point its actually just an indeterminable mass of cells that only make visual sense to embryologists.

          • WHSIII

            Clinton was an idiot for what he did considering his position as President. That being said, both Democrats and Republicans are human so please don’t compare the two. Stick with the premise of the article and don’t meander into this. The writer has a problem with cheerleaders and as such so goes it. If I had a body like that, I would show it off any time I could!

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            No, Clinton got his dick sucked. I don’t care if he is president and I don’t care how he does it. If he can perform the action and duty of being a president then good! But no one should care if he gets his dick sucked and how.

          • KevinH

            Better go back and review your talking points, I think you left one or two out, moron.

            I wonder where you stand on the rights of the 50% of the women, who, to NO fault of there own, are ABORTED each year. What about those women’s right, a-hole? It’s stupid-asses like you (a troll probably) who think things subjects like these can be framed in archaic democrat-republican contexts. Actually, it comes down to common sense, which obviously means NOTHING to a simp like you.

      • Dustin Goldsen

        Right, he’s a Democrat just like Rick Santorum and the rest of the religious right who think the Bible is all about stomping out sex.

        I think you are holding your list of ideological views upside down.

      • Dee Omally

        So we are just “transgender things”? Maybe one day we will be promoted to “human” persons, not things.

      • Dee Omally

        I take tremendous offense as being referred to as an object “thing”—–such a horrifically dehumanizing comment. A (no-less-public) apology is way overdue here. Agree, disagree, or be nonchalant but refer to us as “things”?

      • CharliDenae

        Um… what? I think you’ve got it backwards. The Repubs are the ones who’re always shouting about morals and sin. Aren’t the Democrats the ones who’re ‘sexual deviants’ because they’re open-minded and think people should live their lives the way they want? Besides, why do you have to bring politics into a discussion about how much clothing a cheerleader should, or shouldn’t wear? I’m sure there’s a political discussion online somewhere where you can spout your partisan crap.

      • Max Lucy

        Nope he officially is a Registered Republican trying to “save the world from immorality”!! LMFOA

  • DC

    wow, what a d-bag. You say ” some day you might ‘ accidentally’ become a father. That statement alone disqualifies you from posting anything about girls wearing less clothing. You have zero value in your words. In this day and age when girls and guys walk around in cloths that look more like underwear and nearly every media outlet promotes sexuality to the point of saturation. These girls are actually decent. As for you the writer, lets pray to the heavens and all the is fatherly…that you NEVER father a child. We don’t need another orphan or unloved girl growing up just to run away from home and becoming yet another porn star… .

    • Neal Feldman

      Agree with all but the last.

      What is wrong with porn stars, exactly?

      I have four daughters in their mid 20s… none are porn stars but if that is what they wanted to do and were happy that would be good enough for me.

      Not only is the US one of the most violent nations but it is also one of the most sexually repressed, while at the same time Madison Avenue tries to use sex to sell everything from avocados to zippers.

      A definite recipe for trouble.

      • Tom Fraioli

        K so it would not be a problem for your daughters to be porn stars, I think you have some serious moral issues.

        • Neal Feldman

          Why? Because YOU do not approve? Who the F are you that you think you get to make such universal determinations?

          Is their life THEIR life, or YOUR life, to control?

          I say it is THEIR life. You seem to disagree.

          So long as my girls are happy and healthy and doing what they like I can’t ask for more than that.

          My bet is, with your attitude and throwing your ‘morality’ dick around that you are one of those religious types if your kid was LGBTQ you would disown them and shun them, and you think this make YOU possessor of the ‘moral high ground’?

          Think again.

          You seem to have some rather remarkable boundary issues to deal with.

          • Ralph Owen Muir

            You’re crazy dude. Anyone that wants or lets their children be subjected to one of the most degrading things women can be subjected to (legalized rape, sodomy, incest, you name it…..it’s in porn….or have you not looked at the internet over the past 20 years…hmmm?) that is porn, is just plain sick. I have no moral high ground that you accuse the guy who disagreed with you. I’m a sinner….I sin every day. I’m not proud of it but, I sure as hell wouldn’t encourage my daughter to be a paid and true slut subjecting herself to any and all STDs and like gang rape and stuff. Would you have sex with your daughter too? Porn is porn….no way to minimize it. Cheerleaders are NOT porn….I agree with the larger majority here but, not you wacko.

          • Neal Feldman

            No, I am quite sane, thank you very much.

            “One of the most degrading things women can be subjected to”?

            Sex? My what a reactionary prude you are.

            WTF is ‘legalized rape’? Are you not understanding my statement? I said if THEY wanted to and it made THEM happy. Where the hell does ‘legalized rape’ come into that?

            Sodomy is irrelevant as it pretty much means any act other than the missionary position, involving not more than nor less than two heterosexual adults privately and only within the boundaries of ‘official’ marriage.

            Incest? You have some very strange net trolling habits it would seem. Depictions, yes, but again, it is called acting/pretend. What is the difference between acting in movies and porn other than the movies usually, but hardly always, have their clothes on most of the time and in porn they don’t?

            I have known of porn since the 1970s through this year. I have also known folks involved in the industry and they would laugh in your face.

            An example of one:


            ‘just plain sick’

            Then if you find it such I recommend you not watch it or participate in the making of it.

            I feel the same about the Saw movies and I follow my own advice in that context.

            As I have stated many times over the past 40+ years, the US is one of the most sexually repressed societies on the planet. You and your hysterics and histrionics are a perfect example of this.

            ” I have no moral high ground that you accuse the guy who disagreed with you.”

            I agree, you do not.

            ” I’m a sinner….I sin every day.”

            Then you have, by your own admission, no place in heaping scorn onto anyone else, now do you?

            I do not happen to consider your religious basis to be anything more substantive than fairy tales. As such, so long as it is not forced upon anyone, I could not possibly care less about it.

            You do not see me bursting into church services telling them all how moronic they are, now do you? Maybe you, adjusted for context, should consider similar circumspection.

            ” I’m not proud of it but, I sure as hell wouldn’t encourage my daughter to be a paid and true slut subjecting herself to any and all STDs and like gang rape and stuff.”

            You keep throwing around the word ‘rape’. It is clear that you have no more clue about that topic than Akin or Mourdock did in the 2012 elections.

            Here, since you seem incapable of utilizing a dictionary:

            “rape [reyp] noun, verb, raped, rap·ing.


            1. the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

            2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

            3. statutory rape.

            4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

            5. Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.

            verb (used with object)

            6. to force to have sexual intercourse.

            7. to plunder (a place); despoil.

            8. to seize, take, or carry off by force.

            verb (used without object)

            9. to commit rape. ”

            Did you notice the bits, in context, regarding illegal, force, duress, etc. In other words NON-VOLUNTARY.

            Any non-voluntary sex on film is pretty stupid as you are documenting your criminality… all anyone involved has to do is turn a copy over to the authorities with a sworn statement and that producer etc are in for some LONG jail time and massive civil suit(s).

            *I* am talking about voluntarily doing something they like (we are discussing hypothetically here… I thought my previous comments would have shown that clearly to anyone fluent, or even just well versed, in the English language).

            What *you* are ranting about is, honestly, anyone’s guess.

            Slut, huh? Demeaning? I think many find various other occupations that have little or nothing to do with sex to be far more demeaning. “Personal assistant” springs immediately to mind.

            As for STDs those involved in porn are not the ignorant morons you seem to think they are. They are regularly tested, and there are systems in place to deal with any fails. Just recently such kicked in when an actress tested positive. The entire industry immediately shut down, everyone was tested that had any professional contact with her. Come to find out her boyfriend contracted it outside the industry and passed it on to her, also non-professionally. Here is a link:


            You are far more likely to contract HIV by participating in the dating scene than from acting in porn. Far as I know none of the four recent cases over the summer were contracted while making porn but instead from activities in their personal lives.

            Try figuring out all the HIV cases that have ever existed, and the microscopically small percentage of those that were spread by professional on-screen porn contact. And then try to prove that ‘porn is unsafe’. Good luck with that.

            “Would you have sex with your daughter too?”

            WTF dude, YOU are the sick puppy, not I! Geez! Where the F do you get your BS from?

            Porn is porn, true. Now if you can get past meaningless tautologies (which I am at this point seriously doubting you are capable) maybe you might have something relevant and legitimate to impart. Until then, not so much.

            Depending on how you operate your definitions, cheer-leading is a form of porn, granted fairly soft-core, but porn nonetheless. Beyond that it is nothing but semantics.


            As for ‘wacko’ I would posit that being religious is far more ‘wacko’ than anything I have said in this discussion.

            To restate my position, if any of my four adult daughters were to choose to be in that industry by their choice because they liked it, and it made them happy, I would support them in their endeavors as a loving parent.

            How that is defined by a bible-thumping martyr such as yourself as you have above demonstrates your sanity settings are clearly in severe need of adjustment.

            Have a nice day.

          • Jarek Solomon Lilly

            So you’re telling me that with all this porn in this country that the US is the most sexually repressed country……please……more like oversexualized…..I can’t even watch M&M commercials without them making allusions to being nude. (AKA chocolate M&M…..)

          • Neal Feldman

            not THE most but one of the most.

            You don’t see the prudishness? How if a woman is raped the only thing preventing the trial being about HER ‘immorality’ more than her attacker.

            Look at reactions to being seen in underwear vs a bathing suit. The suit can even show more skin, but while they don’t bat an eye showing off their suit, they shriek in horror at the thought of anyone seeing them in their underwear.

          • Don

            Mr Neal !! After reading comments from your fans it is clear to see that we are surrounded by closet hiding, shallow minded f**ks that are apparently ignorant idiots. Good for you sir and this world would be a better place if all the people like your fans suddenly disappeared. You are so correct about the underwear / swim suit issue as well. People freak about seeing a woman in her under, but are ok with swim wear. I would take swim wear everyday of the week over underwear, underwear covers way to much compared to swim wear.

          • Ana

            Religious or not, most fathers I know would have a problem with their daughters being lusted over by perverted men and would want to protect them by guiding them in a different direction. It is a beautiful thing to love and support your children but their are boundaries. Acccording to your analogy, you would be okay with them being murders just as long as they were happy doing what they were doing. Don’t even write back murdering is wrong, what idiot doesn’t know that because if that’s what you are thinking you should really be asking yourself why you don’t think porn would be wrong for your daughters. Do you watch porn? Is it possible you have desentizied yourself to how bad it is?

          • Neal Feldman

            Then that is their problem. It does not happen to be mine.

            My daughters are fairly ‘top heavy’ so they ‘get lusted over by perverted men (and some lesbians)’ anyway. They know how to handle themselves. I taught them how to cripple anyone stupid enough to ever attack them.

            They are adult individuals. Past 18 years of age it is not my, or anyone else’s, place to guide them anywhere they do not wish to be ‘guided’.

            What an extremely low opinion you seem to have of women. why might that be, Ana?

            Yes, there are boundaries even to my support of my kids. If they were a serial killer, and I found out, they would get turned in by me. We are not talking about illegal activity, though, now are we?

            As an adult male in the US with no particular hangups regarding sexuality yes, I have watched porn. Have you? Or are you so judgmental sight unseen?

            No, it is not ‘possible that it has desensitized me to how bad it is’. Some is not to my tastes. Who am I to judge anyone else’s adult sexuality amongst consenting adults? Who are you to do so?

          • Ana

            I do not know where you get this idea but I do not have a low opinion of women. I just see that they are worth more than being sexual objects.
            And if you want to get technical on what is wrong that is not illegal how about being an alcoholic? That not illegal. Would you support your daughters being alcoholics just as long as they were happy?
            The problem is you don’t see how destructive porn is. That assumption is obvious in saying you would be okay with your daughters being porn stars.
            I know almost every male in America has watched porn, I myself have watched it too. I am not mighty or above anyone else, I watched to see what it was all about but I have had my eyes open to how destructive porn is and haven’t and won’t watch it again. It is a lie that people are believing that porn is normal, cool, acceptable, and okay. I know it’s a lie because I use to believe the lie myself. I hope one day you see it for yourself.

          • Neal Feldman

            No, Ana, you have admitted that you believe adult women are to be controlled. ‘Guided’ I think is the word you used.

            I believe ‘alcoholic’ is outside of the ‘healthy’ status.

            I ‘don’t see how destructive porn is’ for a very good reason. It is not inherently destructive.

            Your logic is exceptionally flawed and assumes a great deal that is not in evidence. You have to prove your assertions, Ana. Or didn’t you know that. And expressions of zeal don’t cut it. You need documented and verifiable facts.

            Do you have any of those, my little anti-porn crusader?

            Again you call porn ‘destructive’ yet in no way do you back up a bit of it. Why is that, Ana?

            You clearly seem to need to learn that you are not the final arbiter for everyone as to what is, or is not, ‘normal, cool, acceptable, and okay’. The sooner you realize this fact the less like an overzealous and ignorant moron you are likely to come across as.

            What ‘lie’? You have proven no ‘lie’. If you are going to throw around such terms maybe you might consider proving your claims instead of just asserting them as if they were immutable fact.

            You have presented absolutely nothing but your unfounded opinions. Better luck next time, puritan.

          • Ana

            Again like I said before, I hope your eyes are open to the truth about how destructive porn is one day. I don’t have time or energy to speak truth and state evidence to someone who isn’t open to truth and cant share their differing beliefs without being in attack mode and calling people morons.


          • Neal Feldman

            My eyes are open already. Laughably presumptuous of you to claim otherwise.

            Neither you nor anyone else has proven porn to be ‘destructive’.

            Again you just make empty claims without a thing to substantiate them.

            If a person acts like a moron I will identify that behavior on their part. Why shouldn’t I?

            And how cute of you to claim you COULD back up your BS but you just WON’T because I do not already agree with you.

            That is ;lame BS and you know it, Ana.

            Better luck next time.

          • Jarek Solomon Lilly

            My Dad’s cousin was convicted of child molestation and cannot see his kids after he raped his daughter. He admitted that it started with porn at the age of 16 he didn’t reign it in and it caused him to do these despicable things. PORN IS DESTRUCTIVE TO PEOPLES LIVES.

          • Neal Feldman

            Your dad’s cousin is your cousin. Why drag your dad into it?

            He raped his daughter and only got a molestation conviction? Pretty weak of the prosecutor’s office.

            His blaming things other than himself for his actions is irrelevant.

            HE was responsible. HE did those things.

            Billions watch porn daily… if porn caused his actions one would expect to see billions of such actions daily.?

            But for some reason, that has not occurred. Go figure!

          • Don

            Wow !!! Myself and Billions and Billions of Right Minded people watch Sex / People shoot each other / people running away from cops / Drug deals – Usage and a very long list of “Destructive” Movies all the time. Does that mean that we are all going to do all those things because we seen it a Television? Are all you people really of age to actually think for yourself ? oh wait — sorry , my bad for asking a stupid question.

          • Ryan Paul

            hahahaha ladies and gentlemen, I present you exhibit A) the “Cut and Run.” When bested by fact, religion tends to do this a lot haha.

          • Don

            LOL That sounds like one of the biggest cop-outs of all time. ( You need to LIVE as “I THINK” you should, ACT like “I THINK” you should act and DRESS like “I THINK” you should dress and I can tell you why you should.) I just don’t have the time or energy to type. (Speak – in your words) What a load of self righteous bull shit that is. Have you ever thought about just not speaking so our country does not look so stupid ???

          • Jarek Solomon Lilly

            Guided doesn’t mean controlled according to the dictionary. A guide is someone who points the way out to you but they don’t make you go that route.

          • Neal Feldman

            In context it is implied.

          • Ana

            No it isn’t. I don’t believe in controlling others so I would never imply that.

          • Neal Feldman

            Actually it is implied, Ana.

            If it is an inaccurate description of your position it would seem your expressing of your position may be flawed. You might want to look into that.

            Because in all honesty you come across as a self-righteous and sanctimonious prude who seeks to control women so they are not allowed to do what YOU do not think they should be doing, when they are committing no crime and harming no one.

            If you ‘would never imply that’, your stated position is apparently inconsistent with that paradigm.

          • Ana

            I think you should take your own advice and look within yourself.

          • Neal Feldman

            I do so regularly.

            Now if you would be so kind as to actually respond to MY post?

          • Ana

            To be called a prude by a man who would cheerfully and encouragingly be behind their daughters becoming porn stars if they so choose is a compliment in my book.

          • Neal Feldman

            I think that is pretty much the definition of prude, Ana.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            Guiding is controlling dip shit. Cause when a parent guides the child is unknowingly being controlled and manipulated so yes you do believe in controlling if you believe in guiding. Ana you are the stupidest fuck I have ever seen comment on one of these discussion pages. Try not letting religious views clout your arguments and then you might seem intelligent.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            No they believe it to be real if they are uneducated and stupid. I have watched porn and still do occasionally and it does not change the way I am to women.

          • whodaman2000

            Women don’t lust after men? Porn stars? half naked guys in chick flicks? look at the CBS tag line for their fall rollout of shows ” Sex, Lies, and Really Hot Guys”. But men are the disgusting pervs…Maybe its just art?

          • Ana

            “All” woman and men are capable of being perverted depending on what they choose to entertain and allow into their minds. I was only discussing men in that particular comment but I fully agree women can succumb to being that way as well.  But we are also capable of rising above it and living pure lives.  Art in my own personal opinion is making love to your husband or wife.

          • Ryan Paul

            “pure” doesn’t sound like any fun to me, especially just to end up dead in a hole in the ground. No matter what you do in this life, good, bad, man, woman, everyone ends up dead and that’s the end of it. Rising above… that has the undertone of implying you feel better than and superior to anyone who doesn’t live by a two millennium old of fiction written by man….

          • Don

            It would take a lack of intelligence of your kind Ana to bring Murder into this ? I think all reasonable ADULTS know the difference between Sex and Murder. Grow Up !!!!!!!

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            “According to your analogy, you would be okay with them being murders just as long as they were happy doing what they were doing.”, This is a straw man argument, so therefore it holds no weight try again. Look up how to argue correctly and then you might just sound intelligent and actually be correct. What people need to understand is that they have no right to judge someone as long as what they are doing affects no one else negatively. The second it does you chastise them because well they are hurting someone else, which is wrong. Being a pornstar if anything only hurts themselves, but if it does not then you need to fuck off because well they are happy and doing well. So when you argue this point of mine, “What people need to understand is that they have no right to judge someone as long as what they are doing affects no one else negatively.” Argue it correctly for I do not have time to waste with fucktards.

          • Dee Omally

            Your point is well made. Although as parents, we would disagree with our children becoming porn stars, their life is their responsibility, not ours if we have attempted to guide them. One of the most painful things I live with is having to dress “down” when I go visit my mom. Oh I know that she misses her “son” but none of us can be reduced down to our race, gender, sex, height..is why I prayed for a healthy child and I never wanted a “girl” or “boy”…..both are worthy of being equally loved. Children aren’t like things in a catalog.

            In essence, I am not living “my life” for me but for her. One of my brothers said it is “disrespect” to be dressed as the female that I am—ouch. Oh sure I should just be me but maybe if my mom was younger. I have missed at minimum 8 funerals for fear of “embarrassing” the family. Ouch again. Rejection is not always a word—it is a painful reality.

          • KevinH

            Dude, I can only hope you’re just trolling. Either that, or you’re seriously the most pathetic father on the planet (my tomcat has more sense than you).

            “If it makes them happy…” – so I guess you’re okay with them shooting heroin into their veins, or snorting coke, or becoming a raging alcoholic too. After all, any one of those activities may “make them happy”. Or perhaps, if they someday have kids of their own, maybe they can just beat their kids up every so often, as the mood strikes them, as long as it “makes them happy”. Or, I know, if they have daughters, they could sell them into prostitution around, say, age 10… I’m sure the money would “make them happy”.
            Though I’m not sure you’re capable of doing this (I seriously doubt it), look up on youtube the slide show of all of the porn stars who have either a) died of AIDS, or b) died as a result of a violent criminal assault, or c) committed suicide – just in case you’re wondering if this is a worthwhile way for your (hopefully you never have any) daughter to “make herself happy”.
            Has nothing to do with religious fananticism, either – just common sense. Oh, shit!

          • Neal Feldman

            If it makes them happy and they are healthy (that leaves out your ludicrous heroin example) and not violating any serious laws (so much for your child abuse lunacy, selling into prostitution, etc)

            More folks have died of AIDS than than porn stars.have. They have a system of testing and checks that works pretty well, as we have seen recently. And in the recent alerts not one of those testing positive got it through professional conduct… all were acquired in the person’s private life.

            More folks have been violently assaulted than porn stars have.

            More folks have committed suicide than porn stars have, and I know of not a single porn star that was happy in what they were doing that has ever killed herself. Look at Jenna Jameson for a perfect example.

            Your use of reductio ad absurdum and straw man fallacies (pretty exclusively, as I saw no other content in your post, hardly demonstrates a reasoned argument on your part.

            I have four daughters, as you would know if you had followed the thread and read for comprehension. All four are in their mid 20s, none in the adult industry. My statement was a hypothetical. If they DID choose to do so, they wanted to, were not forced in any way, they enjoyed the work, were healthy and not committing any serious crimes then yes, I would support them in their choice of how to live their life.

            Common sense, as you have clearly proven, is not very common at all in many cases.

            If I, as their father, see no reason to exert control over my adult daughters and their lives, who in the world appointed you to the position of doing so?

          • KevinH

            Nice use of latin fallacy terminology in an attempt to make yourself seem intelligent.
            Look, I realize that the deity even allows cockroaches to procreate, although, as in the case with you, I really don’t understand why. The fact that you justify you’re being okay with your daughters, whom one would usually assume you love, working in porn with the fact that, unlike the examples I cited, it’s not illegal and it may make them happy, proves to me that you live by a very low standard. How about setting your bar slightly higher than “it’s legal?” So is being a scumbag lawyer, or a slimy politician, or an abortion doc like the creep in Philly, but it’s not what I WANT for my kids, even if it “makes them happy.” I get that they’re in their 20s and can do whatever they want and you cannot make them do anything, but blast it anyway, your okay with it? You’re disturbed.

          • Neal Feldman

            No ‘attempt’ and no ‘seeming. My use of those description is proper and accurate and as for intelligence when tested I am in the 99.9th percentile. Clearly you inhabit the far left of that particular bell curve.

            Your opinion of my standards and 99 cents won’t get you a dollar. Makes them happy, they are healthy, they are committing no serious crimes… sounds pretty reasonable to me. But apparently prudes such as yourself cannot get past your own intolerance and self-righteousness to notice.

            You seem to be the disturbed one of the two of us.

            So now you oppose anyone entering politics, practicing the law or providing medical services because you do not like them? Typical of your seemingly very limited repertoire.

            You cannot apparently conceive of a person liking being in the adult industry. That is your narrow tunnel-vision at work, it would seem.

            I, on the other hand, have known those involved in various areas of the adult industry, from strippers to prostitutes to porn stars, etc. Most worked as such because they liked it, it made them happy, every one of them was healthy, etc.

            They are adults, it is up to them what they choose to do. So long as they are happy and healthy and committing no serious crimes what difference does it make to you?

          • KevinH

            Where to begin… Make any claim you want as to your intelligence, Mensa, since you know in this forum it’ll never go beyond that – just a claim.
            Nice try – call me a prude with the underlying intent to get me to prove otherwise. Not biting. I don’t have to swat at a gnat just because it’s flying around my head, either.
            Funny how you slipped in that the abortion doc in Philly (who’ll hopefully rot in prison) is one “providing medical services.”
            Your relativism that all lawyers are the same, rather that an acknowledgement that some are lower on the, shall we say, ethical spectrum (same with politicians), than others gets to the heart of the issue. You live in a world of grey – nothing’s absolute, no judgements, live and let live. Just a fanciful repackaging of the philosophy born of the hippie 60s. Unfortunately for our once wonderful country, children of that time (no doubt such as yourself), with your warped sense of right and wrong (dare I use the words?) are running the show.

            I was once partners in a business with your type of thinker -brilliant in his area of expertise, but completely full of it in his way of looking at the world. It was eventually more than I could handle and I’ve been more successful since we parted ways. Who am I to judge? Well, we are called upon to be “fruit inspectors” if you will – look at the fruit on the tree of those we observe around us. Is it good fruit, or bad fruit? I can make a judgement on that – so can you. Actually as members of a civil society, we’re all to judge. Doesn’t mean we do harm to one another (discriminate, abuse, demean), but rather that we all should be accountable to one another. I don’t know you from Adam, but from this exchange it would appear that you sir, would rather take such a libertine view of life that I have concluded that the future of our country cannot be trusted to your ilk. Reread Lord of the Flies if you believe that it’ll all just turn out great if everyone just does what feels good and no one is allowed to pass judgements, there are no standards of morality as long as no one gets hurt and it’s not illegal.
            Frankly, think however you want, we’re still free to do that in this country, I believe. “What difference does it make to me?” I just hope someone else in your daughters lives cares more about their well being (physical as well as spiritual), than their papa.

          • KevinH

            Funny how this all came from a satirical list that was among the stupidest wastes of time ever, on a sports site, no less.

          • Neal Feldman

            Your reductio ad absurdum/straw man fallacyfest is duly noted as such.

          • KevinH

            Me thinks you’re a waste of time.
            Which fallacy is that?

          • Neal Feldman

            The ‘you got nothing’ fallacy it would seem.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            Lord of the flies was not even about passing judgement lol you are so fucking stupid. And it is open-minded progressive people that bring us as a species forward. It is people like you who die out because you cannot keep up with the times. You are just a simple Samaritan.

          • KevinH

            What? Did you seriously just revisit a message board conversation dating back some 7 months ago?

          • Don

            Where do you people come from ???? The man said making a living at the start of all your ignorant, childish, uneducated bullshit remarks. I personally have never seen an ad in the paper “Hiring Heroin Shooter” Experienced Preferred / Willing to train. My God people, maybe you should spend your time improving brain functions before using without proper testing. We will all feel safer.

          • KevinH

            So, making a living is the premise? Point is, no father worth sh#t is going to be okay with his daughter being a porn “actress”. If that’s not apparent, or needs to be debated, then you’re all just a waste of time.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            Actually Neal sounds completely intelligible while most other like Kevin and Ana base their arguments on opinions, which ARE FACTUALLY WRONG! Rather than fact, which is well FACTUALLY CORRECT.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            ^Strawman argument. You sir are a fucking idiot and should not be allowed to argue until you can do so correctly.

        • Ana

          Agreed. For any father to not have a problem with their daughter being a porn star, must be a porn subscriber that has desenitzied himself to how wrong and degrading it is.

          • Sarah

            Woman here. I personally believe that some types of porn CAN come across as degrading. However, I recognize that the degrading aspect is something that I am taking from it. Just because I see it as degrading doesn’t mean that everyone does. I know plenty of women who like to be in a submissive position-they like to be controlled by their men- it turns them on. I like to be in control (or at least equally in control), but who am I to judge someone else for their preference?

            Porn stars are not forced into porn, if there is something they don’t want to do, they don’t HAVE to do it. Yes, I’m sure that there are many situations in which women are pressured into doing it, or feel like they don’t have any other options, and in those cases I do believe that it is sad, and a problem. But for women who DO enjoy it and are comfortable with it, who are we to shame or judge them for their decisions?? There are plenty of articles/interviews about porn stars who LOVE their jobs. Don’t believe me? Google it. Don’t believe the porn stars? Well then you simply lack the ability to accept someone else’s opinion just because you don’t understand it. Some women are very open about their sexuality and really just love sex! Having the opportunity to get paid for it? Awesome! Would I do it? No! Does my opinion invalidate anyone else’s that is different than mine? No!

            I think Neal is completely justified in his firm stance that he would support any of his ADULT daughters if they did porn because it made them HAPPY and HEALTHY. I respect him for having the ability to back up his daughters in whatever choices they make, because he understands that they are not his choices to make. Why is it so hard for people to believe that porn can actually be empowering for some women? Consensual sex is not a sin!!! These women are not being raped by std infected men/women!!

            I would be curious to know how all of Neal’s opponents would feel about him saying that he would support his adult SONS (assuming he had any) if they decided to live happy and healthy lives in porn. I would guess that there would be less push-back. Why is it okay for men to have all the sex they want, but not for women? We are ALL sexual beings, regardless of how we express it.

            I do feel that too much of porn involves the man being in charge; I would like to see more if it where the women takes to lead, or at least their roles are more equal. I assume that that is because the majority of porn viewers are male, and the majority of those men probably prefer to be in charge. I think that is more of a reflection on society as a whole, not an idea that is caused by porn. Don’t get me started on that though. All I want to say is that there should be more representation of more equal roles of men and women for the women (and men) who prefer that.

            Go Neal!

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            Ok, you, I love whoever posted this, but believe you me there are tons of female dominant porn clips out there! ;D Believe me! They are.

      • Sean Denninger

        You are perfectly right! I love porn stars. They hide no secrets.

      • Guest

        Watch out if you have any sons as well! More women than you imagine love porn as well, I would say at least 70-80% of my g/f’s and women I know have a need! *g*

  • Neal Feldman

    Prude much?

    This isn’t the 15th century. Grow up!

  • DC

    Now, after going through the slide show and reading your completely sup[id comments. It is very obvious or that you are either gay or a mommy’s boy who is brain dead from too much
    religious roderic. So, listen up cup-cake girly-boy. They are CHEERLEADERS at a man’s game. We men like to look at sexy girls. I understand you might like looking at sexy guys or maybe your simply dead from the waist down. You actually posted that they should be wearing sweat pants…. That is completely nerdy and totally unmanly. Try finding a group of pictures of cheerleaders wearing sweats or fully clothed and then asking the crowed if they are interested. Because the point you had tried to make just isn’t flying. Where in the world are all the real reporters?

    • RedBubba

      Or maybe he is joking.

    • margey sebastian

      what’s roderic?

      • DC

        ummmm….. it was to say ” rhetoric.” However, when I knew I spelled it incorrectly, I did a fast spell check and clicked the first word that was given as a correction word- not looking to see if that was the right word. So when I noticed it after my post…well, I got your reply. Which, by the way always makes me giggle when I am brought back to my high school English teacher.. Now do not ask what “ummmm” is. SMILES.

    • Belinda DeVargas

      #1 DC….please do not slander LGBT (no I am not gay) or compare them to Mr. Barr…the supposed “reporter” of this piece of garbage…other than that I agree with you on the “reporter” ” accidentaly becoming a father” #2 dondewsnap has it right. #3 leave politics out of this discussion. Mr. Feldman…I would hardly think you would be “okay” with your daughters being porn stars….what kind of parent, let alone a father would feel that way. No I do not like porn..do not approve of it but the way I see it, it’s not my life, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be ok with it if any of my children chose that way of life. For people being so worried about what these cheerleaders are wearing or not wearing and taking the “religious moral high ground”…really people? what century do you live in? Not everyone is morally bereft because of the clothes they wear…whether at work or in public. Take a good long look at yourselves before casting stones.

      • DC

        LOL… first off darling. At what point did I “slander” LGBT? If you
        are referring to my saying, ” you must be gay “, that is not even close
        to slander. It is a point of view. MINE. I don’t give a gay rats azz if
        that dude is gay or not or what your sexual orientation might be… My
        post was to point out that the reporters comments on these cheerleaders
        has no value as he completely missed the point of why they are dressed
        as they are. and that furthermore, by my view of his comments, it seemed
        to be from a gay man’s point of view…if not by the very “flame-ish”
        tone of his chosen words. In the end, I cannot speak for anyone else
        but I have, do and always will take a good long look at myself
        (meteorically ) before spiting comments….. I can cast stones..not
        because I am perfect, but rather, I am merely picking up those very same
        stones that had been thrown upon me and simply giving back to my
        beloved community…. SOWAFLOWA + happy thoughts. DC.

  • Di

    more interesting than this story…. is the ad that ran before it was Chick-fil-a .. Another reason we should boycott them .They don’t believe in the rights of the lgtb community but they are advertising with an article about scantily clad cheerleaders..
    take that to church this morning Mr Cathy…….

  • mattogilvie55

    And I was hoping for pictures of wardrobe malfunctions.

  • Istvan Buda

    uhm, they are cheerleaders , thats the only exciting part in the NFL

    • Sean Denninger

      HAHA you don’t go for massive 300+lb guys chasing eachother down… tackling each other in the mud which 90% of the time results in injury? haha

      • Istvan Buda

        no i am not gay i only go to see some hot girls …don’t care about guys chasing each others


          I’m not a sports fan but cheerleaders are the best thing to a sports game.

    • Simon Says

      There are two exciting things about football, maybe three. Cheerleaders, of course; money one makes off a bets (which is even better *g*), and sometime the half-time show (that one’s a give and take.)

  • quantrill

    So are you and your husband going to adopt?

  • Joe Wilson

    Some reminds me of the Movie The Replacements. Whatever it takes to win the game I guess..

  • Casey

    Ashlee Figg, Captain of the Bucs Cheerleaders, is my friend and co-worker. She has a marketing degree and is the sweetest person you will ever know. She has a boyfriend and does not ever flaunt her beauty or ‘body’ anywhere other than her commitment to Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    These girls work tirelessly to raise money for charity and take time out of their busy schedules to work with girls who would love to do what they do. (TBBC, Jrs)
    Do not judge people you do not know because of what they wear.

    • Dee Omally

      or because of what they “don’t wear”…such as the complaint here….I mean we see more, much more at the beach…..not?

      • nancy woodruff

        yet he has no problem with swimmers, volley ball players and runners! I think it’s the way they are moving and it’s turning him on.

    • Ana

      If she doesn’t flaunt her body when she is not cheerleading, she obviously has morals but for some reason puts her morals aside when she cheers for the Bucs. Because if she really did not think there was nothing wrong with showing her body off she would show her body off everywhere. Somewhere inside she knows it is not right. I wonder what it is about cheering for the Bucs that makes her want to put her morals aside? The glory of telling people she’s a Bucs cheerleader, the attention she receives, the paycheck?

      • Casey

        So Ana, am I to believe every girl at the beach casts aside her morals to go for a swim? I worked with her for 5 months before I knew she was a TBBC, so, no, not the glory. $50 per game/10 games = $500, so probably not the money. And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do it to show off her body, if so, she could be a stripper and make more money.
        Maybe because she works so hard to raise money for charities that involve children: wait, that would require morals.
        Have a wonderful day Ana, I’m sure you are special in some way too.

        • Ana

          You can raise money for charities without showing so much skin or being a cheerleader. So there has to be something more to why she cheers than just doing it for a good cause. I never said she had no morals. And I never said anything about her being a cheerleader because she wants to show her body off. I said that if she was okay with showing her body off to be a Bucs cheerleader but then dresses modestly everywhere else then there is something inside of her saying it is not appropriate to show my body off or else she would not think twice about how much skin she was showing off the field.

          • MichiganProgressive

            You can also strip to the buff to help protect fur-bearing animals. What is the big deal about showing skin? Whether it’s over my knuckles or over Mr. Chuckles, skin is skin.

          • Michael Usher

            Ana…..leave it alone, you sound stupid……

          • NunyaBusiness

            How stupid ARE you Ana?? This is her UNIFORM! Of course she doesn’t wear it outside the stadium…DUH. She’s not going to wear her uniform the grocery store or to a restaurant…would a LIFEGUARD wear his/her “uniform” to these places? I think not…you sound so FRIGGIN’ ignorant!!

          • Ana

            Never said anything about a cheerleader wearing her uniform everywhere.

          • Julie Poole

            maybe she likes to cheer…and how she dresses outside of cheer leading is her deal…why do you care so much and your whole “something inside” comment is kinda stupid…i know chicks who are strippers…and they dont walk around topless and in a thong all day…i mean really….

          • Corey McChesney

            WOW!!! I don’t think MORALS have anything to do with it! There is a time and a place for everything… A time and place where wearing skimpy outfits is completely appropriate, such as going out to a club, bar or concert, or like many said, at the beach, or even at a gym if you want. There’s also a time when its better to wear a nice blouse and knee length skirt, or a long dress… as a teenager, I took hip hop and African dance classes. My teacher asked us to wear tighter clothing, if we were comfortable, so she could see how we were moving and if we were doing it correctly. Cheerleaders routines are fun to watch… As are the bands and color guards. but if their movement was masked by clothing, you couldn’t really tell what they were doing…. Its kind of like the difference between deciding to wear jeans or slacks – a lawyer wouldn’t go to court in jeans and a sweatshirt… male or female… a guy looks good lifting weights in a tank top, or even no shirt at all, but he’s not doing it for attention – he’s doing it to stay cooler. However, it would be off putting to see him at the grocery store deciding between cantaloupe or honey dew in a wife beater, no matter how much of a stud he is (or isn’t). That’s why most bars and restaurants have a strict “NO TANK TOPS” policy for men – no one wants to be shoved up next to someone’s armpit hair.. its not appropriate. But at the beach, its hot, so the same rules don’t apply…

          • Gwenleif Irene

            No, it’s people like you judging her actions and decisions that makes her “think twice” about how much skin she shows. Some of us are completely okay with being naked or semi-naked in public. I model nude for the art department at the University, but when I get done modeling, I put my clothes back on, even when it’s hot outside and I don’t want to. Why do I do this? Is it because there’s some little voice inside telling me, “This isn’t right”? Or is it pushy, judgmental assholes like you saying “Look at that fucking slutty attention whore walking around naked. Who the fuck does she think she is?” People always seem to forget that if our society would collectively grow the fuck up and get over nudity, this would be a non-issue. It’s only our own morbid fixation with nakedness, vulnerability, and our own bodies that we have this problem.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            Because she would be cold if she always dressed like that. She just dresses skimpily like that because it is apart of the job. She realizes no moral implications such as you are saying. It’s her job! And you ask why not do it in more clothing? CAUSE SEX SELLS BETTER! USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE, ITS, NOT, THAT, DIFFICULT, TO, UNDERSTAND! And to all people who say everyone has the right to an opinion. NO YOU DON’T! CAUSE OPINIONS CAN BE WRONG AND THEREFORE SHOULD BE DISCARDED IN ALL ARGUMENTS. BECAUSE OPINIONS ARE WRONG!!

      • Simon Says

        I guess you have never worn a bathing suit. It’s ok. Please don’t force your morals on others. Thanks, we would all appreciate it.

        • Casey

          Thanks Simon, I think maybe jealousy was rearing it’s ugly head?

          • Simon Says

            NP. Maybe, could be a lot of things. I respect a woman and her rights if she is dressed head to toe or naked walking down the street. But hey, I am just that kinda guy. I don’t like people trying to impose their mores upon others, I am sure they would be horrified if I imposed mine (or lack thereof *lol*) upon them! *g* There are people like this in the world, think Temperance Movement *shudders*. Just let them spout off, tell them thanks but no thanks, because you can’t change them (ok, maybe have a little fun with them) and walk away. They ain’t worth the time nor trouble b/c no matter what you do say, they refuse to entertain any thoughts contrary to their own. Have a good one, Simon.

          • Guest

            It appears you do too.

          • Simon Says

            Because I believe women have rights to dress as they like w/o someone telling them how to dress? Then yes, you are right. I believe in peoples’ rights. Expressing an opinion is one thing, trying to make it apply to everyone is outrageous. WE must respect everyone’s rights to do as they see fit as far as life choices, and that is what pisses me off the most. These are professional women doing a job they WANT to do, no one has a right to slam them b/c they think it is immoral. State one’s views, but don’t go over the top.

          • Guest

            So, respect her right to have an opinion without your harassment. You’re doing exactly what you’re criticizing, you buffoon. .You have stated your views but have gone over the top. You won’t realize this however, because you’re another, I am right, she is wrong and only my opinion is correct type of guy., Now, I’m not saying I agree with her, but she has a right to her opinion and you have a right to disagree but let it go already.

          • Simon Says

            Sure, but she doesn’t have the right to tell others how to dress, she needs to get over it, so do you. You are the buffoon, not me.

          • Simon Says

            P.S. I work out every other day, does this mean I should wear a shirt all the time, esp. at the beach? OMG, let me go get an 1890′s bathing costume, maybe I could wear it for Halloween?!?!

          • Casey

            No shirt?? You brazen male hussy……where are your morals??

          • Simon Says

            I know! I am so immoral! I should be locked up for my own safety! Do you think I might get turned into a sex object at the beach? OMG, that I am nothing more than a piece of meat, only oogled over for my body without respecting me for my mind and my accomplishments? Am I leading women towards lewd and lascivious actions? (I hope so *g*) A. I doubt it seriously, too old for that now. B. Wouldn’t care one way or the other *w* That’s their issue, not mine.

          • Max Lucy

            Well said Simon! lol Too funny!

          • Simon Says

            I almost forgot! I have to get rid of all my house/yard work jeans, the ones with all the holes in them, you know the ones your mat always hates? Can’t take chances ya know!

          • Max Lucy

            LMFAO too funny Casey

          • Casey

            :) I LOVE your puppy picture! However, they do make sweaters to cover them up properly………….hahahahahahahahaha

          • Ana

            Definitley not jealous.

        • Jarek Solomon Lilly

          Ana isn’t FORCING her morals on you. She’s not MAKING anyone think that way. I read someones opinion, I don’t know what you thought you read.

          • Simon Says

            Please read ALL her replies up and down the list, you will see I am right.

      • DAO

        ana they are beautiful women in small cloths…BFD maybe we sjould go all muslin on them

        • Ana

          Yes, they are beautiful. That was never an argument. They are just beautiful and talented enough not to have to show off so much skin to get attention. Cheerleaders showing too much skin takes away from the sport and talent of being a good cheerleader in “my” opinion.

      • Michael Usher


      • Max Lucy

        Ana, your priest called, you missed confession AGAIN!!??

      • crusader2010

        Put your burqa back on and let your man beat you.

        • ericdz

          … What an ignorant statement.

          • http://Sexyasfuq.com Bob

            ericdz. It’s not ignorant because that is the reality of those women’s lives. It is how life is for them.

    • CoastW

      I don’t think he was making judgments on their character, he’s just trying to write an article. After all, if you’re going to a game, would you really miss the cheerleaders at all?

      • Ryan Paul

        yes, yes I would miss them!!! they make timeouts, media breaks, official reviews, and the time between plays, so so so much more fun!

        • CoastW

          Just don’t steam-up your binoculars.

    • Stephen Schroeder

      You are obviously missing the humor behind this slide show. Loosen up and laugh.

    • JJ truth

      Yawn….zzz. Cry me a river what’s education got to do with being slutty?

    • Ozymandias

      Totally agree and your friend does good work.

  • DC

    cheerleaders, porn stars and librarians all have the same thing in common… they all get us guys to look at the fine print.. If we want covered up-mindful views of girls we need only to look at mascots, documentarians and well, , librarians…. Ball game, Beer and hot Babes…an AMERICAN MENTAL INSTITUTION. And all those other countries wonder why we are the best in everything we do…..most things. We suck at being second…..LOL

  • sharongibson

    They’re cheerleaders, what on earth are they supposed to wear? There are bathing suits that are more revealing.

    • Roger6T6

      Especially if you are in Europe. When my daughter took a job in Luxembourg — where she wears suits or dresses — and went to the beach for the first time she felt vastly overdressed in a two piece. One wears what’s appropriate.

  • taratree

    HE’S GOT TO BE KIDDING…. plus I suspect HE is the one harboring “impure” thoughts about these women whom he purports to to care about–not to mention they have on a lot more than if they were wearing swim suits!

  • MCS

    Why else watch the game? Maybe he’s content to just watch the guys but I’m not! Gotta wonder if his wife or girlfriend put him up to it? Or maybe he’s just not interested in the female form at all.

  • Navy Di

    goes to show you how shallow men really are!

    • Mark J. Anderson

      Woah, honey! Women are equally as shallow, and definitely more caddy about it. Spoken like a true lebanese!

      • Ana

        More and more women are starting to fall into this lusting trap too. But men are proven to be more visual than women that is why the numbers of men lusting over women and seeing them only as sex objects is higher than women with men and is why it is more talked about.

  • Zachary Bennison

    The author of this is a moron. While sure if I had a daughter, she would not be aloud out of the house in that. The women in this photo are adults and are free to make this decision. You religious conservative prick are what is wrong with this world. If you disagree with something ignore it or keep your fucking nose out of it. The rest of the intelligent world want the scientific discoveries that you stop by not allowing us to study things and normal people like half naked other people just because you can’t find a mate cuz you are an asshole don’t destroy enjoyment for the rest of the people. DICK

  • David Wolfe

    Either the writer is having some fun with the readers, or has completely missed the point. These girls/women are like actresses going on stage or a movie set playing a sexy role and dressed appropiately for that purpose. Of course they all have minds and other qualitities, but those are not what it’s about for whatever time they are out there performing their cheers for their perspective teams. Sure, they are all someone’s wives, daughters, girlfriends, etc.; but I think they clearly understand, as you must not, that they are all part of this larger fantasy going on while they are out there in their sexy outfits cheering on their teams; afterward they go back to whatever they do in their private lives off the field in the real world.

  • Kevin Smith

    The ones complaining are feminist..my advice to them…don’t be jealous cause your butt ugly!!

    • Jane

      I agree this is a dumb article. But, you are butt stupid not to know the difference
      between “your” and “you’re”. Or, did you mean “your butt is ugly”?

    • Ana

      I am no feminist. In fact, can’t stand feminists. And I am not jealous of these girls, for I could have been one of them. Just because women believe in modesty does not mean that they are either of those two things.

  • StraysAbound

    Aaron Charles,

    Thank you for the article. I am a hardcore Heathen (yeap, one of those, who – female or male – should be given to impurities), but I agree with you: these women (and girls before them in high school) allow themselves to be turned into sex objects fit for the dance pole.

    Then these women wonder why they get treated as sex objects straight off the dance pole, ready for the sale of meat.

    Were I to have daughters, I would literally dread having grow up into sex objects. Were I to have sons, I would dread having them grow up into meat-seekers following the standard that first you look to the goods, never mind the other, lasting and meaningful qualities. Then we wonder why our divorce rates are so high, and why certain levels of society are so riddle with so-called “trophy wives”.

    Has anyone (male or female) ever given consideration to the fact that the prowess of the body fades quickly, but (if present) only the meaningful qualities of character and wisdom last?

    Furthermore, there is indeed a fine line between “class” and “trash”, between “elegance” and “lewdness” — the point is, don’t bare all, leave something to the imagination, which in the final analysis is by far more “sexy” and “exciting” than baring it down to next to nothing.

    Thanks again, Aaron, it is time more people speak up about the degradation of our society to the level of worshiping the attributes speaking to mere base instincts. We should pride ourselves as a society that values attributes far more advanced and developed on the evolutionary level — in short, the wisdom and intelligence of the human mind, not just its vessel.

    • ron

      And, I suppose you think it is OK to teach kids in Kinder garden Sex Education. How is that going to work for you??????????????? Our Idiot President thinks it is OK to teach Sex education to 5 year Olds………………How sick is that.???????Get down to the basics and pay attention to what is really happening, Deal with the facts.

      • StraysAbound

        Read carefully what I said. The sexualization of teens and young adults is every bit as criminal as the sexualization of minor children — sex, homo- or heterosexual, has absolutely no business anywhere in a child’s life until they reach 18 — all too soon will they learn the pains of adulthood.

        Thus, leave the children their right to innocence for as long as you can.

      • margey sebastian

        wtf are you even talking about? where are people coming up with this shit?

      • Nyx

        There’s nothing wrong with sex education. And if you have a problem with it and view sex as dirty and forbidden, i think you need to seriously re-evaluate your thought process. Sex is a part of life. All animals reproduce. Big freaking deal. Kids learning about sex early on when they’re less ashamed to ask questions is a GOOD thing. That way they can be informed instead of getting the wrong information (ie: from media, internet, rumors, etc.) and getting hurt or pregnant when they’re older.

  • zagatosz

    Moronic post.

  • dondewsnap

    Clearly the writer is either 1) being satirical, 2) is not an independent
    writer and was ordered to write a supposedly serious piece by someone with undue
    influence over him, or 3) has never been to a beach. The clue that the answer is
    #1 is his comment about accidentally becoming a father. I’m impressed that he
    could maintain the illusion well enough to fool so many people (witness the
    comments), but I’ll bet he couldn’t keep a straight face while he was writing

  • TEDjosa

    wish iwas 21 again so much beaver on the hoof

  • Dave Edmonds

    Time for someone to have his man card revoked if he even had one in the first place. That and also yeah he’s a moral example to have to his kids with the statement he makes about becoming a father accidentally. What a loser (CAPITAL L)

  • Ms T

    Clearly the author was rejected by a beautiful cheerleader. There nothing wrong the their uniforms

  • frank96740

    I guess i miss the point, these girls didn’t look cold or upset or in danger in their outfits. Were they FORCED to wear the ‘uniforms’? Games without sexy cheerleaders would be like America without Obama – oh wait, America without Obama would be a good thing, the loss of sexy cheerleaders would be terrible!!

  • Dave Michaels

    Accidentally become a father, better not be with my daughter.

  • Stoneyjack

    NFL cheerleaders are fine, fit, freedom-loving & fearlessly feminine. Only virility-challenged nerds don’t love them.

  • me

    dont go to a beach in brazil europe sir you will think these young ladies are over dressed

  • Bruce Stroh

    So I guess what Mr. Charles is saying, is that because of his puritanical ethos the REST of us shouldn’t enjoy the women…?
    Mind your own “accidental” daughter, Mr. Charles — and leave everybody else’s alone! What they do is THEIR business, NOT yours!

  • Travis

    Was this article written by an overweight feminist?

  • MichiganProgressive

    What would be the point of watching cheerleaders in burkas? Unless maybe you’ve got a burka fetish.

    • Ana

      Nobody said anything about burkas. You can show less skin and still be cute and a phenomenal cheerleader.

  • russilini

    yes we need more cheerleaders in overcoats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      LMAO! Too funny!

  • NellieBucket

    Amazing the morals people have. That is why the U.S. is in destruction, no one has any values. Do what you want, as long as you are happy. Well God says something entirely different. As a woman, I find it degrading to show excessive amounts of your body. Leave something for your dignity, and your husband. Frankly, I wish Cheerleading was a think of the past. It really has nothing to do with a team winning or losing. Only a disrespectful man would focus on a woman in such a way. A sexy man is a man with good morals, and so is a woman.

  • Jim

    Bradd Barr…sanctimonious puritan direct from the 14th century. Hey dipshit! These ladies aren’t “going out” in those uniforms. They are going to work. Friggin moron with a keyboard, that’s all you are.

    • Linda Hatt

      You’re the friggin moron with the keyboard. Bradd Barr took the picture. The opinion was written by Aaron Charles.

  • Sharon

    As a former cheerleader in Jr. High and High School I sure wish we could have had less clothing! It restricts you and when you’re in 80-90 + degree weather pushing your routine, the more clothing, the more overheated you get. We actually had girls passing out. Also, this guy needs to go back in time where he will, obviously, feel more comfortable.

  • GoldyFan

    Where are the pictures of NFL cheerleaders showing too much skin?

  • Balls2Mouth

    Apparently I’m a Godless heathen..

  • Criminal Beats

    fuck the writer. Fuck his/her writing career down the drain. Why the fuck are retards writing bullshit stories like this. just dumb. I’m dumber now then before reading this story….

  • Maliciousboy

    I’m guessing this article was just a stupid joke. Emphasis on the “Stupid”. Should have been titled “More Hot NFL Cheerleaders to get some Internet Traffic for our lame site.”

  • dpedron

    I see more women in the gyms working out with less than this, what about beach volleyball players? honestly.

  • Turtles Run

    Is this guy straight. These women are cheerleaders. Nothing wrong with what they are wearing. Don’t like it don’t look at them.

  • inesison

    This page goes through a lot to say how cheerleaders could dress less provocatively, then they proceed to give a few dozen links to websites that show half naked women. What was the point of the article?

  • keith hinkel

    Beautiful! Show that body! Want disgusting? Go outdoors in summer at a shopping center.
    There are sooo many God awful “aliens” its disgusting. These ladies are beautiful and show less than any bikini clad beach bunny. Shut the hell up. Fool!

  • Rmaggiore

    Looks fine to me

  • blablabla

    Ooooooh, oh no, some men will think impure thoughts about you, how terrible. Seriously, you really dont realize that these women dont know that? What, are they stupid or something? The only person not giving these women any respect or credit is YOU! They know that PEOPLE, not just men (cause according to your stupid ass, lesbians dont exist), will think “impure thoughts” about them. Dude are you kidding me? This doesnt read AT ALL like a “progressive exercise.” This is about as conservative as you can be. This about as ass backwards as you can possibly be. Please, just shut your mouth. Because at least then people could only assume you’re stupid rather than confirming their assumptions.

  • mrsgunnut10

    The writer must be a Gay man, Atheist,or maybe has some other “problem’s. I’m 80 years old and wish I could go to all of those football games if I could set behind those Cheerleaders. All beautiful young women, nothing more. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.


      Why an Atheist? I’m an Atheist and love how those cheerleaders are dressed. I guess the writer would consider me a heathen. I don’t care.

  • JustObserved

    Weak excuse for an article. Alert the media: cheerleaders used as sex objects.

    If it helps, think of these women as somewhere between professional models and sex workers.


    Look good to me.

  • Tom

    LOL. what a fag.

  • Simon Says

    Ok,, either he is very,very gay or has some major issues with the human body, which is a beautiful piece of art. He would flip if he goes to any of the beaches I go to, these girls are dressed for winter in comparison; and please, for God’s sake and his own, never, ever go to the beaches in any other Western country. Topless? And please stay out of Africa, SSDD if not worse. Muslim countries might have a suitable dress code for him to be comfortable..

    • Ana

      News flash: for a man to want to have the utmost respect for women and strive to not see them only as sex objects is very honorable and does NOT make him gay.

      • Simon Says

        Please read some of the below posts. I would say about 98% of them believe the ladies’ are doing the right thing. This has nothing to do with sexualization of cheerleaders. These great ladies know what they are doing. When they go home they lead regular lives just like everyone else. Most people love the human form. Guys are guys, we are supposed to look, but that doesn’t mean we are making perverted thoughts in our heads and NOT respecting them. And, let’s get real, women do the same thing towards men, they love a sexy stud of a man. Should I make the obverse view? WHen you look at a half-naked man, you are doing nothing but turning him into a sex object that you drool over. I have too many female friends for you to deny that one, they do it as well. If I guy is working hard in the yard, or whereever, is hot and sweaty, strips his shirt off, he’s NOT trying to be sexy. He is doing his job, humm, sounds familiar, kinda like these beautiful, sophisticated women doing a career that they love. And yes, he’s STILL gay.

  • Dee Omally

    ya right…too much skin as in guys with no tops on..enuf with the double standard.

    • Simon Says

      Sorry girls, yeah, I am going out right now to find me a 1890′s style bathing suit! …..NOT!

      • Dee Omally

        ha ha……for that matter, let’s not stop there…..should we all now cover up our faces too…..below the ankle….

        • Simon Says

          Oh no! Not the dreaded, dare I say it? The burkha! I doubt I could contain myself, all that flesh from a coyly exposed ankles and simmering eyes. It would be a Redd Foxx incident, “Lamont, help me, I’m going to my maker!”

  • Shawneuser

    I was tremendously disappointed in the amount of clothing displayed in this article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenda-Lea-Coons-Findley/100001345476286 Glenda Lea Coons Findley

    I would give anything to look like that!

  • Dogon Sereht

    Bradd Barr sounds like a right wing Jesus Freak.

    I would be proud if my daughters had been NFL cheerleaders. Skin is not evil

  • geno4red

    This writer needs to go see the Sisters of Mercy cheer leaders and leave full grown women alone. He might have his gender checked while he is at it. Strong but stupid opinion!!!

  • regulus30

    here is another likely scenario for the writers hypothetical daughter;;she leaves the house dressed like a Catholic school girl, gets out of sight and changes into her poll dancing outfit she has stashed some where.

  • Houstonguy1984

    Omg, we better tell almost every woman at the beach to put on more clothes too! Stop your whining Aaron and enjoy the view.

    • Ana

      Yes, I hope girls start waking up and start choosing more modest bathing suits for the beach.

      • Houstonguy1984

        People need to quit being so uptight, and not be ashamed of the human body. The only people complaining are the ones who probably don’t look good in a swimsuit to begin with.

        • Ana

          It is not about being uptight and being ashamed of your body. I am neither one of those plus I’m skinny and look good in a bathing suit. I just believe in modesty and saving my body for my one day husband. I do not want to get attention from men lusting over my body. I did not always think this way. A few years ago I would have agreed with you but my eyes have been opened to truth. I hope yours will one day be opened too.

          • Simon Says

            Tell ya what, you dress like you want to and let them dress like they want to, no harm, no foul.

          • Ana

            I don’t pay attention to girls wearing bikinis on the beach. I don’t tell them how to dress. It’s when the subject of lust and modesty comes up that I say “my” opinion. I didn’t always think this way but it took hearing a few opinions for me to form my opinion. Will someone care about my opinion, prob not. But when an article is written that I agree with I will share my opinion whether anyone is listening or not. I want the writer to know I agree. Why don’t you find an article more inline with your beliefs instead of hating on someone’s post.

          • Houstonguy1984

            Truth regarding…. what exactly? Why is lust bad anyway? Who cares if a stranger you’ll never see again looks at you in a sexual way? Nobody is being harmed. People will lust no matter how you are dressed, unless you’re dressed as a Muslim woman with only your eyes showing. It’s not like they are going to rape you, and even IF they did, that is completely their fault. If swimming for recreation violated my religious beliefs, should I demand swimming pools be made illegal?

  • John Baldenegro

    This person needs to get a life and quit being a religious far right republican!!! If you look at our country representatives for Beach Volleyball in the Olympics. They show more a** Cheeks and Ta Ta’s then these cheerleader outfits do. He needs to get a life and come out of the dark ages!!

  • Tucson cowboy

    Like Doogerhot I need to know if this writer is Queer as a three dollar bill or if he or she isa pulpit beating religious nut job. Come on these ladies love what they are doing and wearing a lot more than most do at the beach and to make a comment like “These ladies are never going to meet a nice boy wearing outfits like that.” Is probably one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. My daughter was a cheerleader and I can guarantee you she is one of the most upstanding young ladies in her age group at 24. She has found and married one of the nicest guys I could ever hope she would find. If this writer has nothing better to do than to bash young ladies like these than he or she really needs to look at their own sense of worth and change vocations because they truley suck at this one. To the cheerladies I say Rock on you beautiful women of the football season. To be honest I dont like football just isnt my thing but when a friend or my son ask me to go at least I have these ladies to thank for having a great day.

  • Daniel

    Great article! Thanks for sharing

  • cbinflux

    This is totally lame!!!

  • Katie

    Oh, please! There are women who go to the beach and walk out of the house daily with more tits and a** showing than these girls. Appreciate the distraction! This from a mom with a little girl who watches NFL every Sunday. There is other stuff in the NFL that is more worthy of complaint.

  • Not Amused

    Stay home then.

  • Daniel Craig

    what an old fart…..this is not 1913……

  • linda

    Yet beneath this article links to “15 Awesome Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend”, “15 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders” and “Top 15 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Starting Quarterbacks”. Hipocrite much?! And besides, these girls do a lot for the community …Instead of spewing out dirty lyrics and dancing provocatively against male counterparts.

  • Scott Morgan

    Go back to your church ladies.
    Do you work for the NCAA or what?

  • Tom Fraioli

    I personally do not see anything wrong with these uniforms that they are wearing, they are cheerleaders, what do you expect them to be wearing bathrobes to cheer. This article is totally uncalled for and I think this person whom wrote it has some serious issues.

  • Spawn of Santa

    Uh, they’re cheerleaders. What was the point of this article??? It’s like whining about Victoria’s Secret models.

  • Sean Denninger

    This is the most hilarious article i’ve ever read…. probably because the writer is so serious! These women are gorgeous, intelligent, and their job is to keep the fans occupied. It is their intention to dress provocative and sexy!!!. If you were writing about high school cheerleaders, I could understand. These are grown women, who give the world a reason to keep spinning. Your complaints remind me of a grumpy old man, who’s never going to get laid ever, ever again.

    • Townpiper

      Wow! I thought the game was suppose to occupy the fans. That’s why I watch. It’s not to see broads dressed like strippers and performing stripper moves. I consider football a family program. If men are there for boobs and butts wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to a strip club and if they’re watching on TV why not just slip the porn tape in. By the way, I’ve worn a swimsuit and managed to find one my size that my butt and boobs don’t hang out. Many other women do too. I’d rather be called a prude than a slut any day. Women need to clean up their act.

      • Don

        Did you find that swimsuit at a mattress store ? Do the bottom sheets still come fitted in your size ?

  • Tiffanyhm

    I see NOTHING WRONG. Seriously there’s nothing wrong with admiring the human body or dressing provactivley. It’s easier to show violence on tv than it is sex that’s something wrong with our society. WE ARE TOO UPTIGHT

  • maxentropy

    I really don’t see a problem here.

  • Mark

    great article, writer is a moron but at least he included great pictures, lets have a follow up!!!

  • Bob

    Aaron Charles…you are a (verbal expletive deleted) idiot. There is NOTHING WRONG with the attire of any of these cheerleaders. I am getting pretty tired of reading NON-stories like this. Where do whiny-ass journalists like you come from anyway? You need to send your press credentials back to Crackerjack.

  • Larry Moon

    These girls look fantastic!!! What goose would even joke that they don’t?!

  • Larry Moon

    Okay, so I’ve read all of the writer’s comments now and I don’t think we should be to harsh on this poor person. This is clearly a simple case of someone who has been cryogenically frozen since 1920. Let’s give the poor bastard some time to thaw out.

  • Leave The Cheerleaders Alone!

    The person that wrote this is clearly either a jealous woman or an angry man that would never be able to get one of these girls. The person that wrote this obviously needs some sunshine f**ked into them because those comments are ridiculous.

  • Rich39

    Gee… looks like the old ladies biddy committee has returned. Why don’t old women like young girls??

    • Ana

      Wrong. I am not old, not everyone is old here. I just have strong morals when it comes to modesty.

      • Neal Feldman

        No, you have strong self-righteousness and sanctimony.

        There is a difference.

  • Richard G Morrison

    Aaron, you are one sick puppy. But of course you already knew that.

  • Dee Omally

    Dear “yummie”: “transgender things”????

    To disagree with us is perfectly fine. To call us things? As in objects? As in “that thing…IT is a thing”. If only you knew the horrible consequences that we with a transgender history face as a result of being depersonalized……things to be discarded…..lives lost……maiming…..because our humanity is voided as we are reduced to “things”.

    That is my real picture and people call me “ma’am”, “her”, “she”…..but never a “thing”. You owe all of us an apology or clarification. Not doing so would be a horrible “thing” to do.

    MPrP (My privates R private)
    MGmB (My Gender, My Business)

  • Amber

    This ridiculous slut-shaming rape culture rhetoric right here…

    How about instead of trying to guilt women for daring to show the same amount of skin that men do regularly because men might “think or say inappropriate things” about them, we adress men who think it’s ok to treat women as if they are simply sexual props with no autonomy.

  • Jeremy Rapp

    Anchor Woman

  • Dee Omally


    “transgender things”?????

  • H4BAF

    “As crazy as it sounds, some of those men may even go through this slideshow with no intention of participating in the progressive exercise I described. There are some godless heathens out there who just want to look at the attractive women, and this article is definitely not for them.”
    “Godless heathens” for looking at pics YOU put up in the first place? Go screw yourself you high and mighty windbag.

    • Simon Says

      I bet he had to go through thousands of pics to find the right ones, sounds like a hypocrite to me!

  • ArmyCSM

    Let me guess, this guy is Mormon and thinks they should all wear “garments” under their clothes. http://www.mormoncurtain.com/topic_garments_section1.html

  • jrr_wired

    I love this article. He’s exclaiming outrage, and yet making an excuse to oogle and post photos of scantily clad women. He should have been posting in high def, then I would be able to critique more closely.

  • Danny

    Stop ranting about how much of a bad ass dad you would be. 1. Do you work out in any of the coverings you suggested for these women? Sweatpants when you work out in the heat? No, because it would miserably sweaty and nasty. They take that into account and make something of a fashionable team-themed workout attire that allows for fluid movement of the limbs. 2. They’re adults. At some point, BOTH SEXES GROW UP. You should do the same.

  • Marc G

    The author of this story is either a prude or a a “non-straight” individual who is utterly jealous. It’s funny that I’d defend these ladies because I’m a deeply conservative person…….but……..they’re showing less than many women show at the pool or the beach. They’re not having…….or even emulating…….anything sexual. They’re just some gorgeous ladies showing the gifts they were endowed with.

  • Patrick Thomas

    what is wrong with you man?

  • Jen Keller

    The person who created this slide show appears sexually threatened by these ladies. They are doing their jobs. They understand that how they dress may attract attention and I am sure they take self defense classes. They also do not wear their uniforms all the time. If my daughter were to dress like this, it would be for a job such as cheerleader. They can support themselves and they respect themselves. This author has some issues they need to take care of.

  • Reese Mothereffin Pieces

    I’m not a cheerleader nor a dancer but i am a grown ass woman with my own opinion on what determines one being “Provocative” or “slutty” whoever wrote this is obviously a fuckin hermit ass idiot that denies his own MASTURBATION SESIONS to the pictures he so obviously despises because his mommy used to let his uncle viciously rape him in his ass and has not “theoretically” ever had sex with anything….so let us ALL hope and Pray that this fuck ass NEVER Pro-Creates!


    I guess this makes me a heathen. I don’t care,I’m an Atheist anyway. These women can’t be too under-dressed for me.

  • Steve H.

    Dear Aaron,

    Shut the hell up. The only way you’d ever become a dad is if you got the sheep drunk enough that she’d stop moving long enough for you to baaaaaaaaaang her. If you don’t like the cheerleaders, then do the rest of the world a favor and go watch another sport. I heard tennis doesn’t have any.

    I thought these cheerleaders were really going to be naked, that’s about the only way that they’d ever show too much skin. ;)

  • ok18879

    Look morons, the writer is NOT some prude who is upset at the way cheerleaders dress. It is feigned shock as in “my, my arent you a naughty girl?” But wow, what an experiment in social science to see how many MORONS took this at face value. Kinda scary when you remember these idiots vote.

  • Edward O’Shea

    What a pigheaded moron the writer is. What are you saying? That if someone is an atheist, they are automatically a sexual predator? So if you believe in god, you do not have sexual attraction? Preach your garbage to the Catholic priests and leave your garbage in your tiny head.

  • rj

    I’m surprised by the comments here. After looking at these pictures, I totally agree with you, Aaron. If men were required to wear skimpy pants showing their butt cheeks as part of a uniform, you can bet there would be some backlash. Come on!

    • crazyredneck

      You’re just mad you wouldn’t be able to pull off that look.

  • angrydude

    F*ck this lame thread. The writer sucks, the pics are generic, and there are too many ads. DOWNVOTE

    • bmz


  • alexandru benza

    I see more skin ON CAMPUS during the spring semester. dumbest article ever. these are cheerleaders. this is what they wear. it’s like being like “oh, female volleyball players should cover up.”

    and to which 15 are you referring anyway? in every picture you have each cheerleader wearing no more or less than the others in the picture.

    maybe something like this would somewhat help your silly stance: http://legacy.barstoolsports.com/_images/articles/2007/09/02/butt2.jpg

  • Ana

    I was a cheerleader in high school and dreamed of being an NFL or NBA cheerleader. I never did get around to trying out (lived in a small town). Which, now I am very thankful I did not try out because I may have actually made the team. These days, my eyes have been open to how lustful our society is and how dressing immodestly encourages men to see women as sex objects and nothing more. Constant lusting over women’s bodies leads to infidelity, not being satisfied with their partner, or possible porn addictions. Before all you men start calling me stupid for thinking that looking at a scantily dressed women would lead them to cheat or get addicted to porn is stupid and idiotic, STOP. Yes you may not run out and do those things right away but the more you lust over women’s bodies you are slowly skewing your views on women and after many years you may just one day do one those things. Just like someone doesn’t become overweight overnight by eating junk, one does slowly become overweight if they continue eating junk. If you think lusting over women’s bodies and fantasizing about doing things with them is okay then I can almost can guarantee you watch porn and have desensitized yourself to what is right.

    • Ana

      And for the record I am not against cheerleaders! I still love the sport. (And yes it is a sport-don’t even start with that because I won’t go there) I am just for cute but modest uniforms. Cheerleaders can be pretty and entertaining without showing so much skin.

    • Simon Says

      I am 50, going on 51. I love looking at beautiful women, most men do, it’s in our DNA, it’s our job. However, despite your doom and gloom prophesies, I am not addicted to porn, In fact I really don’t like it, I don’t fantasize about raping women, I treat all women with the utmost respect, regardless if they are beautiful and naked or a kindly old grandmother dressed head to toe. I believe you are taking your preconceived notions and projecting them unto a populace (both men and women) and believing they will fall victim to what apparently you did. To be quite honest, I should be angered or certainly perturbed at you flagrant banalities and objectifications spewed at me and all men in general; but I am not for two reasons, one, I respect women, and two, you have a right to your own beliefs. Please have a good day.

    • Neal Feldman

      You are a prude.

      If that is OK for you in your own life, more power to you.

      But you seem to be trying to be self-righteous and sanctimonious in your ivory tower.

      Also if you have a degree in human sexuality and psychology you should return it for a refund. You demonstrate no credible knowledge of the subject.

      In point of fact covering up may do more for objectification.

      1) Clearly you feel you are a sexual object, otherwise you would not bother covering up.

      2) It adds the ‘forbidden fruit’ enticement.

      3) If you think guys (or girls… there are lesbians too) have no imagination then you are fooling yourself.

      4) I have seen women drool over sexy guys too. Does that make them ‘depraved’ as well?

  • P.j. Whitman

    C’mon, it’s football, not a 1960′s-1970′s go-go club. That is what the girls look-like in most of the costumes. The NFL cheer squads usually do a lot of charity events, though some has the smell of Public Relations promoted by the team. The Go-Go girl costumes have nothing to do, one way or another, with the character of the young woman wearing it.

  • dukenukem3d

    Women love to be the focus of attention.

  • lecriveur

    Anyone who actually thinks this story is about cheerleaders and their outfits missed the point entirely. The premise is false. The only cheerleaders who would not make this list are BYU and USC (although technically they are “song girls”). The point of this article was to get eyeballs and it worked perfectly. Well done, Mr. Charles.

  • John

    @AaronCharles. It’s kind funny to think that you actually think you put together a great article of showing the the bad side of professional cheerleading. Unfortunately if you want people to actually listen to you maybe your last 2 articles should never have been posted/written. In case no one has read those they are titled “10 Hottest Female Pro Golfers” and “15 Female Athletes you would leave your Girlfriend for”

  • crazyredneck

    Who the hell wrote this? A 60 year old virgin male, a homosexual or a 50 year old lady with saggy breasts and butt? A missionary Baptist preacher, perhaps?

  • Eric L. Wattree

    Who is this guy, the Pope? There is absolutely nothing inappropriate in any of these pictures.

  • Nyx

    Seriously? This is ridiculous. I’m tired of slut-shaming bullshit that dictates women have less worth or self respect for how they choose to dress.

    “Shame on you ladies! Didn’t you know you’re just ASKING to be disrespected? The human body is shameful and inherently sexual! Cover up you hussies!”


  • Rusty

    Cheeleaders have allways dressed like this, they work very very hard to stay in shape and should be proud to show off their bodies. I f you don’t like it then don’t look and mind your own business. Don’t put down someone for something you know nothing about. My wife was cheerleader for many years! now my daughter is! and I am proud of them for it, a woman’s body is a beautiful thing, let them show off what they work hard for!!!!!

  • Will Mette

    Cheerleaders should have to wear burkas, thank you Aaron for pointing that out, I would not have noticed otherwise.

  • Vince Deuvall


  • LBBY

    So what I’m grasping from many of the comments here is…….for women to be respected we have to hide our bodies? That men have no control? *sheesh* Favorite quote from the discussion: “dressing immodestly encourages men to see women as sex objects and nothing more”……..It kills me that people who tout this stuff fail to see how these viewpoints are exactly what STRENGTHENS over-sexualization of women and gives a free pass to sexist men to never evolve! The human body is a beautiful thing – and the women in this article are beautiful! It should be embraced and celebrated. Maybe if we had healthier view of sex in this country we all wouldn’t get our grandma panties in a bundle over a bit of skin and immediately think dirty things. But I guess I better shut up and put on my Hijab…..cuz only then I will be safe from sexualization or rape……because we all know that women who wear those are completely protected from objectification and oppression! Insert giant eyeroll…..

  • S M

    Seriously? Have none of you ever been to the beach, a lake, a swimming pool and other such places where people where bathing suits? I have seen teens and young girls in swimsuits that reveal way more than NFL Cheerleader uniforms not to mention everyone else at the beach. So is everyone who wears a swimsuit putting their morals aside when they go swimming or relaxing at the beach (pool, lake)? Swimsuits are worn in those specific situations and most people will dress much more modestly when not in that situation. That is the exact situation you are claiming against this cheerleader who dresses modestly when not performing.

    You need to remember this is a show, a performance and what they wear are their costumes. I have seen the Rockettes wear costumes just as revealing, yet they are looked upon as professional cream of the crop dancers. There are so many performers who wear revealing costumes but dress modestly otherwise.

    Most NFL Cheerleaders are very well educated and hold advanced degrees and hold advanced employment positions. There are many reasons they are involved in cheerleading but the most important reason is that it makes them happy and who are we to judge or step on other people’s happiness.

    I am sure there are things that the author and commentors do that make them happy that others don’t agree with or like. Does that give us the right to berate you for it or call you names? Or to go on public record and announce to every one what an immoral and bad person you are for engaging in something that makes you happy and doesn’t directly affect anyone else in a harmful fashion?

    Oh and for the record…Cheerleaders, like swimmers, gymnasts, dancers and so on, wear these skimpy costumes for another reason other than just to show off their bodies. The less material that you are wearing means less chances of a costume snagging or getting caught on something that could easily be the cause of a drop or major error that could wind up causing a devastating injury.

    So, in a nut shell, Haters…grow up. Let others live their own lives and worry about their own ideals and morals. They are not trying to force their beliefs on you so what gives you the right to force your beliefs on them? Just worry about your own sins and morals. (psst…being judgmental of others is considered a sin or immoral. It is not our job to judge others. Just sayin’)

  • S M

    Leaving another comment. I just went and scrolled through the pictures and read the comments. First of all there were ZERO uniforms that were more revealing then most 2 piece bathing suits which everyone seems to think is alright. And those comments appeared to be so immature and catty it makes me wonder about who wrote this article and what the motivation was.

    If you are going to preach morals and prayer to these women then it’s kind of hypocritical to make rude comments and assumptions about people you know absolutely NOTHING about other then the fact that they perform a choreographed dance routine in costume at football games, no?

    This was absolutely an attack that seems very unprovoked. Please understand that I am not judging you, only giving my opinion based on everything that I have read here. I will not pretend to know anything about you, I have only been trying to understand the provocation and perhaps give some information that could maybe shed new light on the issue.

    Please read all the comments carefully (those for, against and in limbo) and take time to reflect on them and maybe you will decide that they are not actually that bad after all. Or maybe you won’t, maybe nothing will sway your current belief. However, it is only fair to those who took the time to comment on your piece and for those you were writing about, to consider all the information that has been placed before you with an unbiased mind.

    • Neal Feldman

      I have indeed found that ridiculous… on a beach she can be wearing what a female friend of mine referred to as ‘two band-aids and a cork’ and it is perfectly OK, but let her exhibit more skin anywhere else than one of Cromwell’s Puritans and she is a ‘slut’ (or worse)?

      And the whole thong swimsuit vs ‘underwear’ that covers FAR more situation where a woman will walk around in the tiniest bikini in public but if someone sees her in her ‘underwear’ it is all shrieks and covering up, etc.Inconsistent puritanical and repressed nonsense.

      I doubt I will ever comprehend that paradigm.

  • Dee Omally

    So have we reached a consensus? This article should have been titled “15 pictures of NFL Cheerleaders who Are Wearing Too Much Clothes?”

    And shame on that disparagement “…referring to we females (transgender) as “things”. No wonder we are beaten, attacked, struck down for we are mere “things”.

    • finzer13

      If you are a transgender, you are a “thing”.

  • Megan Tippett

    I am a 23 year old female. I do dress modestly, all the time. We have a pool which we will have all-girl’s or all-boy’s swim parties. I do wish to challenge (visually stimulated) men to see me for more than what they can see immediately, like my skin or my body. I want a relationship that is more than skin-deep and more than physical. I want the man who is captivated by my spirit and not by my awesome abs. I want a man who will be there for me and have eyes only for me, even pregnant, bent over with morning-sickness and looking my worst (because that’s when I would need the most support, though I would feel my lowest, and I’m sure that sight would make a lesser man run for the hills!), even when a younger, hotter co-worker may be within fingertip’s reach. I want a man who loves me for who I am, and it has been my experience that the more they come to know the person beneath the skin, the more we both know whether that fantastic, long-term type of relationship would work between us, a relationship that is hung on love and devotion, not on things that can change so rapidly, like being good in bed or looking hot. I want to attract men who will look deeper within me than just my exterior. I believe that I do attract more men like that when I dress modestly. I protect my heart, for all things flow from it. I don’t give it to every man who says that I look good, and I don’t set myself up for heartbreak. I stay away from things that could hurt me, and a man who only has eyes for my body and what my body can give him is not the one that I wish to grow old with, for he will most certainly grow tired of me long before then and upgrade. Not a popular opinion, I’m sure, but I figured I’d put it out there so perhaps any people perusing the comments would see a different response to this article.

    • S M

      I am not sure how this applies to this thread as we are talking about cheerleaders who are in a performance, there is no evidence that says that that is how they look for love. It’s their job not how they walk around in public.

      • Megan Tippett

        Well, if you’ve read the numerous previous comments, you would see that many people were suggesting that it was impossible for women to ALWAYS dress modestly, including cheerleaders with their outfits. I explained that, yes, it IS possible and the reasons why I do it. I’m sorry that my comment didn’t do anything for you, but hopefully it does change at least one person’s thinking, and in that I would call my efforts a success.

    • Seola


  • E.A. Blair

    How many fans wear face paint when they’re not at a game-related event? These aren’t clothes, they’re costumes. If you want women in burqas, go to Saudi Arabia.

  • Rocky

    Wow was this article written by a jealous high school girl? I get if our thoughts are against women showing their bodies but to just come of with random comments about girls who are dancing about as a part of the greatest sport in America, usually as a side gig that they enjoy? … not news worthy and you should be fired from espn. The only reason I saw this was I was trying to see the cheerleaders… go back to school and learn how to be a writer! Wow! #aaroncharlessucks

  • Seola

    Am I the only person who noticed that in the last photo of the Chiefs cheerleaders, one of them is headless?

    Right in the middle – they stuck a pom pom where the head should be.

  • Dont Understand

    why would you want cheerleaders to wear more clothes….? #suspect

  • 1517Genevieve

    i think all nfl cheerleaders need to show some more skin,be free and be proud of who they are, i think cheerleaders needs to keep thier clothes off and i think all nfl cheerleaders looks very beautiful and pretty,sexy in thier cute cheerleading outfits and i love seeing them in skimpy skirts and midriff tops i really love seing thier pretty belly buttons and cute butts
    as well i love to see nfl cheerleaders in thier bikinis in the swimsuit calnders that’s sexy i like it very much,and i think cheerleaders,and i love seeing cute cheerleaders wear midriff tops,mini skirts,short shorts that’s sexy and i want all nfl cheerleaders show off thier sexy tummies and pretty belly buttons with pride i love seeing cheerleaders showing off thier skimpy clothing and show thier beautiful belly buttons and show thier cute tummies and shake thier booties with pride and let these cheerleaders show off thier stomachs and i think it’s beautiful and pretty as well and i love seeing thier cute belly buttons and it truns me on. and i think chherleaders needs to ake thier clothes off and wear skimpy uniforms during all nfl games and that’s the way it is,

  • Ashley Lepesh

    Hey, you, whoever wrote this article-your insecurity is showing, maybe you should cover that up ;)

    • Don

      Yeahhhhhhh Ashley

  • zeb

    Thanks for the awareness Aaron Charles. *wink *wink

  • Guest

    They all look great to me, fantastic fit looking females. People get so hyped up about sex appeal, like it’s something unnatural… Sex appeal has been going on since the dawn of humanity, and there is no reason to think it is not natural. If parents/people really have issues with these outfits being too “revealing”, ever had a child play with a Barbie? Or watched cartoons in the morning (yes they put in full figured sometimes low cut females)? Sex appeal starts at a very young age, and there is nothing wrong with it as long as people take it with a grain of salt… to think these cheerleaders are overexposing themselves is stupid, as many other people have said…. you can see more going to the pool/beach.

  • snow_tracks

    looking silly.

  • KevinH

    Absolutely the stupidest list ever.
    Don’t know who Aaron Charles is, but he should forgo making such asinine list and spend more time with his boyfriend. Either that, or he’s trying to impress his wife by making this list of women dressed “so disgustingly”.
    Please, go back to watching “Say yes to the dress” and let us enjoy watching these ladies perform.

  • Emailr Otten

    Sweatpants? What ever happened to a DECENT ARTICLE that showed a little intelligence?

  • Jim Baxter

    Whomever did this article is obviously GAY to the extreme or a fanatic morman

  • the Sperminator

    i don’t know what’s more appalling, the comments on here or the fact that i was unable to view 4 or 5 of the photos. to the author, you’ve been a dirty little wascal. does your pastor know about your on-line obsession with scantily clad women? porn is the next step brother, so REPENT. remember,if your lustful eyes are sending you to hell, better to pluck one out and enter the kingdom. also, quit being an hypocrite. you are being judged by the same standard you are judging others by. if the Creator, the Almighty One himself, looked down from Heaven into the Garden of Eden at the totally NUDE Adam and Eve and saw that it was GOOD ; who the hell are you to chastise men or women for emulating their Heavenly Father? these women look GOOD to me also. in America, sex / lust sells everything. i’m not here to say that’s it’s right or wrong. if a naked women holding a Barbie doll or Matchbox race car increased sales by a whopping 400% , and Mattel and other toy makers could get away with it, imagine what Saturday morning tv ratings would be like. that is sad , but true. we are responsible for our own lives and yes , sins. since you want be the one judging everybody on Judgement Day, can we please put the Salem torches out? by the way, some church choirs form circles and chant hymns when practicing. exorcisis also form circles and chant over possessed people. does that make them all witches too? with the Father, nothing happens by chance. there’s never been an “accidental” pregnancy in the history of the world. do you know of anyone who was walking in the store and just fell into a vagina and caused an accidental pregnancy? they were just minding their own business when out of nowhere they were drained of their semen and forced a pregnancy out of thin air. when 2 people engage in sex, that’s not an accident. manslaughter is an accident. drunks don’t intend to kill anybody when they leave home to go out and party. but, they do in the end. it;s like that with sex too. 99% of people enjoying sex are not looking to get pregnant. shit happens. now, you have basically 3 options. 1) tell your wife or girlfriend it’s way past time they let you pet their poody cat , 2) you continue playing your favorite Star Wars character Hands on Solo steering your own Millennium Falcon joystick , or 3) shut up and leave people alone, i still don’t see how you made it through all 21 photos while so repulsed. what a struggle it must have been, you desrve a medal or something you brave little trooper. you know you enjoying seeing flesh and that’s why you’re so twisted about it. if your conscience can’t handle the time, avoid the photo sites and commit no crime. now say 10 Hail Mary’s or Ceasar’s and get a life. i gotta go cuz’ i’m feeling the urge to merge. and she looks GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOD to me.

  • Michael Arnold

    To who ever the hack wrote this tripe, dude you work for Rant Sports, one of the few websites you actually need to shower after reading, maybe you should call that fraud Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council, I’m sure he can find a place for you there, now there’s a place where you can demand women wear burkas and head wraps and you’d fit right in, asshat.

  • Mike

    You like to give them personalities? Dude, you sound like a cereal killer. Just shut up and imagine them naked like a normal person.

  • Harold Bimple

    I’m betting the guy who posted this is either REALLY old or gay. I can’t think of any guy that I know that would want cheerleaders to cover up.

  • John Miller

    This author is clearly gay. Sorry you don’t like attractive, athletic girls Aaron. Do they scare you, or are you straight and have to cover ’cause your wife caught you looking?

  • HollyPoopDebunker

    This is the dumbest piece of crap I have ever seen. Stupid title, stupid idea, stupid execution. Who thought this up, a retarded 8 year old?

  • BiscuitWheels

    Jesus Christ, people. How obvious does sarcasm have to be before you idiots realize it? I guess if there isn’t a picture of the author in clown shoes and a spinning bow tie, you dipshits will fall for it.

  • Guest

    Okay, knock it off. Pointless article for this day in time. Your morals are your own flaw along with your insane beliefs about what is right and wrong and who made the rules. Survival of the fittest in every sense, always has been, always should be.

  • Jason

    I’m pretty sure you are all getting trolled here. These captions are ridiculous, and if you take the captions away, this is just a slideshow of cheerleaders, a lot of who aren’t really that scantily clad. This slideshow is the equivalent of saying “porn is bad, now let me show you a slideshow of porn to prove my point.”

  • ian caldwell

    this is a great base idea for a column for “pro-cheerleaders” Guys ive dated cheerleaders throughout school. The detais are slim , the sex is , all a mental challenge and belive me the field of competition never ends . it wasn’t worth the stress , or my hard-on lost in her great body .. Ill never get back..

  • LuceroLee

    it would be pretty cool if our society could pull its head out of its ass and just accept and embrace the human body.

    dress too conservatively, dress to scantily – people will have something pigheaded and arrogant to say about it. you can’t win.

  • Billy Martin

    Who ever wrote the captions to these pics is obviously gay or just has a fat wife and is hating. They are cheerleaders, they are supposed to be hot. Do you want them in overcoats? Seriously…. dont just type just to be typing. This article would have been better with just the pics, instead of you bashing someones daughter. Get a life.

  • Ryan Paul

    This “godless heathen” came just to look at the cheerleaders! Oh and to laugh at the author’s archaic views of sexuality and women’s bodies. If you don’t wanna look that’s fine, just means there is one less person to block my view hahaha!!!

  • SurferMom2

    I think he’s got a great point! Women are sexualized enough…cheerleaders are the least of my worries but HEY, I think this dude actually CARES and VALUES a woman enough to not objectify them and says, ,”Hey, you are more than just a pretty face.” I think there is not enough men out there like this. How is having less clothing give women more power anyhow? I mean, really!? Men are so visual, they’ve already pictured in their minds what they are wanting to do with them before they say, “hello”…just natural. Does that make a woman more powerful? NOPE! They just become an object and they’ve been judged by their looks only initially…

  • Razorbacks1986


  • Michael Usher

    Aaron Charles!!!!! You an intern or what?!? This is the stupidest thing I have unsuccessfully tried to get thru since friggin Talladega nights. Don’t quit your day job!

  • CharliDenae

    I understand why people think these ladies should wear more clothes. Flaunting their bodies seems as though they are lowering themselves. The thing is, they’re still wearing more than they would on the beach. Plus, it’s considered their uniform and, though I’d actually design something a little more attractive, I don’t see that it’s really that revealing. Except for their butt cheeks, they’re pretty much covered. I’m also sure that these girls wear a lot more on the street. I would hope, anyway. I do agree that I wouldn’t let my daughter out of the house wearing this but, once she’s grown, I wouldn’t have much say. I would just hope that she’d use the brains she was born with and good taste. I certainly wouldn’t wear this, either, but I’d love to have the body to wear it! LOL!! Best wishes, ladies!! You totally rock!

  • Stephen Abariotes

    If you want to be in a place where women wear plenty of clothes, move to Saudi Arabia, or some other messed up Islamic Country, otherwise, what is your point. A sexy girl is a Sexy Girl. So What?

  • neverhome

    I keep telling myself that the author was making an attempt at sarcasm here. But either way, thanks for the purty pichurz.

  • nancy woodruff

    and yet you watch beyonce and all the exercise videos with the thong up their asses…

    • nancy woodruff

      I think you are obsessed with cheerleaders.

  • Hooti Babbootz

    could everyone be quiet? we’re trying to look at the pictures of very pretty women in very little clothing and you’re distracting us

  • Baked Goods

    What a small minded and simple man. If you only knew what your daughter or daughters do when away from home and out of your sight! They do the same things you did or at least most boys/men do, but usually with the opposite sex.

  • Don

    I wish people would get over their lack of mentality. People like this is what’s wrong with society. These are the people that sit and bitch about what other people are doing and in this case what they are wearing, so they feel better about being an alcoholic ? stalking children in the park ? or is it the Wife Brutality. I have seen other post like this lately and people need to grow up. Maybe Simon wouldn’t mind getting one of those vintage swim wear for all of unmoral sick human beings ???

  • Steve_Denver

    Well, Aaron Charles, I know who I’ll never read again. Are you related to Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum?

  • MEG

    As a Father of three daughter, I agree in part. Yeah, I don’t want to see my kids out wearing revealing clothes, ala yoga pants. Yet, I do not mind seeing hot, athletically built cheer leaders showing off what they have worked hard to achieve. Every guy and a few women, have their binoculars glues on them. They are an accessory to the game, beautiful and inspiring. If you do not want to see your kid as a cheerleader, then veer them away from it at an early age.

  • rafaelastorga12

    This article is honestly stupid. There is nothing wrong with cheer leading. These women love what they do for a living. That is hard work and dedication. And its so stupid that someone is trying to push there morals and beliefs on other people to try and seem above them. No one has the right to judge anybody else and we do happen to live in a country where we have the right to dress how we want, preach what we want, and do whatever makes us happy. It seems like people don’t have anything to write about so they rant on easy targets.

  • Kevin

    I’m not understanding the point. Why is this guy telling them to put on more clothes on one hand, then saying they can do what they want? This is what men want to see! The fact that some men don’t know how to control their prick is not the ladies fault, it’s the guys fault and always will be. He sounds like a rape apologist, “if they weren’t dressed like that, etc”. Every time I think men can think beyond the end of their prick, I find out that I’m wrong, and I’m a guy. I like sex as much as the next guy, but I know how to control my impulses.

  • MaKaHa96792

    The “guy” writing this and i use that term loosely, is GAY! he will NEVER have a daughter as a guy-guy couple cannot procreate EVER! These are beautiful women and they work VERY hard to achieve what they have, idiots who write things like this should NOT be writing about ANYTHING!

  • tedskins

    Aaron Charles must be gay. As such, he should not be covering this subject.

  • Max Lucy

    Aaron Charles you are way too ugly to be gay so why hate on beautiful women!?? They are HOT and can flaunt it ALLL they want!! GO GIRLS!!!

  • bcfingers


  • William Brown

    Aaron Charles is a freaking moron.

  • David Olson

    The author is a prude. The article is a waste of time. I’m glad I stopped by photo 6.

    • Marcus Brooks

      Either prude, christian, or gay.

  • Chad

    Am I really the only one that thinks this article was written tongue-in-cheek?

  • Dogma

    Is this guy gay?

    • Marcus Brooks


  • Chris

    Must be very difficult watching these women as a gay man or a woman. Luckily, I’m neither and thing they’re all gorgeous.

  • Jack

    who actually spent the time to put this jealousy rant together? these girls aren’t waking around in these outfits in their daily lives. Every girl in those pictures is absolutely gorgeous and are there is nothing wrong with what they are wearing.

  • Chuck Pockat

    Are you Gay? Really “Dude”?

  • Luna

    Enough with the slut-shaming jackass!

  • Michael Lubin

    “As someone who could accidentally become a father someday…”

    HILARIOUS! Phooey on all these comments taking this premise seriously.

  • MikeMango

    You sound like a disgruntled preacher from somewhere or a frustrated 300 pound male who doesn’t know what a bar of soap and a shower is like who has absolutely no chance to get such a pretty girl like this to even talk to you. You attack these girls with immunity to who they are paid to entertain which are for the most part the grunting beer drinking males in the stands. Yes the stadiums serve beer and it wouldn’t matter anyway because most of these guys were probably tailgating outside the stadium with a six pack already inside them before the game started and are probably seeing double before they enter the gates. Stand at a stadium gate as these individuals enter and ask these guys if they object to the cheerleaders and try to find one to say yes. So before you attack people you do not know why not post a few comments about those that drink too much at the stadium who inspire management to entertain them or is excessive drinking not on your damned list of forbidden things to do? Remember that these drunks in the stands are the ones sitting next to the families that brought their 10 & 12 year old to watch the game.

  • Phil Millard

    Aaron Charles is a moron, who does he think he is to even begin to think he can push his idea of proper dress on anyone. STFU Ms Charles, and grow a pair you simpering slug.

  • BlueWeasel

    What an asshole. I guess now I know why this is call Rant Sports. Same recycled complaint 25 times.

  • pelermon

    The attraction of the CHEERLEADERS are not waving the pom poms.
    Everyone enjoys the beauty of skin show.

  • nate

    I’m hoping Aaron Charles is a girls name

  • rockyvee

    The article should read. 25 chearleaders that should take more clothes off. The writer of this article needs to go back into his secret little closet.

  • disqus_OBJ1nn7cwY

    The poster of this article(?) is either an angry gay man, very stupid or just simply has a poor sense of humor or all three. In any case, I am sure he is scared to death of attractive women who are actually pretty smart and making big bucks…

  • Bam CaimanHunter Rubenstein

    He might “accidentaly” become a father? What? Hes going to accidentally fall and land in a vagina? I guess I’m a godless heathen.

  • Julie Poole

    all the chicks are haters and all the guys wanna bang them…personally..i was a cheerleader in my younger days and so was my daughter…but our outfits were not this skimpy but times have changed as outfits do..why not focus on things like child abuse or education or something that matters…dont like it dont watch football lol

  • Michael Goslin

    What age are you from? The 20′s. All these ladies are dressed more than a swimmer @ the beach.

  • Jim Hayes

    Who the hell is Aaron Charles and why is he being such a pansy-ass, holier than thou, never gonna get laid, limp dick, reporter?! Has he never been on an NFL sideline before?! Go get a life, dude!

  • Josh Chiaratti

    I know he’s trying to be a smart@$$ (only derived from looking at the list of his other articles), but he just comes off as an idiot. This article is terrible….

  • Adam Dahl

    Wow, this is the saddest and most pathetic article I’ve ever read. This is a classic example of projection on the part of the author, and it makes me wonder what Mr. Aaron Charles does find acceptable (not to mention what demons and suppression issues torment his poor little mind). Showing skin is not a sin, nor is it shocking. On top of that, most of these outfits seem to be quite tastefully designed. The only thing I am appalled by is the attitude of Mr. Charles as he berates and belittles his fellow human beings.

  • Josh Bobst

    If when you say there are some men out there that think very impure thoughts about them that some men appreciate their sexuality and contemplate what sex with them might be like, I think you understate the case. I think all men – and boys – who’ve passed puberty and aren’t dead, or in a committed sexual relationship, contemplate that. But why those thoughts are impure I can’t imagine. I think this kind of denigration of sex and sexual attraction makes a mockery of what life is all about. Let’s remember that after survival, sex is the primary motivation of all organisms, and survival has reproduction as its goal. It drives the increase of order in the cosmos, and is a virtuous system that we are all subject to, even if some of us don’t like it

  • doofus

    Behold, the wicked (controllers) brings forth iniquity; (destroy morals & Family)
    Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood
    He made a pit and dug it out, And has fallen into the ditch which he made.
    His trouble shall return upon his own head,
    And his violent dealing shall come down on his own deceitful] crown.”

    Psalm 7:14-16

  • Rob Billeaud

    Put on more clothes, what are you, crazy?

  • B. Cuz

    Is this tongue in cheek or head up ass?

  • Brawndo

    One of the most useless internet posts, ever.

  • FatPost

    I don’t know who Aaron Charles is nor do I care. My gut feeling is telling me this, if this is a man he is either a homotype sexual or a jealous cross dresser. If it this is a chick, she’s so fat she can only wear hot pants as ankle warmers or she’s one of those save the “stupid” girls from themselves types.

  • scarey2

    HUH…??? WHY??….dontcha just love nature..???

  • LEL

    Ah who cares? Nobody watches the cheer-leaders anyway.

  • DanielDX

    The one who wrote this article is one big hypocrite. If you don’t like those cheerleaders and the way they dress to the point you must criticize them openly, then why the hell were you watching them to begin with. I’m sure none forced you to.

  • reader_in_colorado

    The guy who wrote this should attempt to give himself oral sex and if successful, choke on his own unit and die … rather insipid and trite …

  • RonJohn

    Why are you calling them ladies, when they certainly don’t act so.

  • Soundstorm

    They’ll only look that good for a few short years, dad. This is the time when they’ll be picked out of the chorus girl line by hopefully the right guys to start a family with. Let them have their time.

  • Melvin Bennett

    Who made the comments, a man or a mouse ? What do you want them to wear, potato sacks. Or would you prefer male cheerleaders ?

  • Melvin Bennett

    Me thinks the PC(politically correct) police are now, in their PC world, going to go after what they deem is correct wear for NFL cheerleaders (you know the line, it’s degrading for women). It’s not like the PC networks even show them very often on TV. Leave our Eye Candy alone !

  • jenkem5

    What are you a bunch of f-a-g-s? Less is more dumbasses!

  • No Name

    They look fine to me. I see it’s ok for the NFL players to go out and bust their heads and have lifelong problems, some deadly, from the concussions they get while playing the game these cheerleaders are working for. That’s no problem for you, eh? Aaron Charles, you are a hypocrite. Almost all high school cheerleaders wear very short skirts as well, are you calling them sluts, too? You are the only pos in this article.

  • Xabier10

    What a waste of bandwidth!

  • shannonpotratz

    Did they actually pay this flake to write this “article?”

  • search9286

    Lets put them all in Burkkhas ’cause that’s what he fans want to see.

  • T Inman

    Obviously Aaron Charles, who assembled this slideshow, still thinks girls are yucky. I imagine he becomes sick to his stomach when the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show airs.

  • voted against carter

    Aaron Charles is a friggin idiot.

  • John V Boschen

    I dunno,I don’t see where there is an issue at all with what these or any other Cheerleaders wear. What would YOU have them wear “Aaron” a pant suit?

  • mbutler91c

    No issues with me. Aaron, just curious, are you gay? No judging if you are, just curious.

  • cowcharge

    Gimme a break with the fake, self-righteous concern for these women. If you were actually concerned for these women’s dignity, you wouldn’t have made a salacious slideshow out of this “story”. You’re just trolling for hits like every other blogger.

  • Corey McChesney

    wait – if you’re gonna say this about cheerleaders, then you might as well be a prick about most female athletes… what about the outfits track runners wear? http://nikeinc.com/track-field/news/nike-unveils-track-and-field-collection-of-german-federation#/inline/11177
    I mean, honestly, get your head out of your a$$ – it’s not a hat!!!

  • Marcello Costarica

    What the??? These women are fully clothed, the average Hollywood starlet wears less shopping at Rodeo Drive. I recommend you head on down to the local gay bar, grab your ankles and get your initiation over with….

  • Atlantis

    These photos are really boring. What’s all the fuss? And why write about them?

  • Kelsonus

    Worst article ever

  • Cliff Hatfield

    They are keeping their naughty bits covered and showing off their form, if you can’t enjoy the show then avert your eyes.

  • Dericc Pierce

    Why would anybody want cheerleaders to put on more clothes?

  • tomthebomb024

    dumbest article i’ve read today

  • Ryan LeBlanc

    nigga please… this article is nothing more than a self-indulgent criticism of sexuality misplaced in an environment of capitalist fervor perpetuated by the NFL. Cheerleaders have been sexualized by the drivers of the US sports industry in order to inflate interest in a sport that has lost its appeal as a result of over legislation to the point that it is incapable of drawing the attention of those interested in the nobility of athletic competition. This article not only demonizes naturally human sexuality, but also obfuscates the root cause of the decline in popularity of american football. Riddle me this: is it more important to misguidedly and futilely legislate human behavior through arbitrary and irrelevant shame or to advocate for the achievement of excellence in performance? This article boils down to a pejorative attack on individuals selected for their capacity to excite individuals by those responsible for the degeneration of American appreciation of athleticism and serves no substantive purpose. The hypocrisy is evident when looking at the half-naked women featured in pics for other articles featured by this website…

  • Patrick B Dizzle

    The other day I was walking through the park. Happened across these two dudes making out…kissing. I mean these two dudes were going AT IT !!! And that was the GAYEST SHIT I EVER SAW…Until I read this article. I mean…really? Put ON? more clothes. Gay!

  • DanielDX

    The person that wrote the article is being sarcastic, but he’s done it poorly that it came out as if he was serious.

  • c warren

    I sure wish you people could find someone other than some “gay” guy to do these captions; only a “gay” or “trangender” would make such ridiculous and incredibly unfunny remarks.
    Normal people know that cheerleaders do not design or approve the outfits, so ridiculing them is quite juvenile.

  • Dan-o

    Actually they look so silly all grown up doing this for whatever reason. But damn where my girls from Green Bay I hate biased articles

  • Mikeyoung6

    I see no problem here.

  • Name


    Must be tongue in cheek (look at his other articles re beautiful women etc), but if not, and If anyone reading this knows this man, please be sure to remove this man’s shoelaces and belt before he goes to bed tonight. This man needs to talk out his issues with a competent therapist.

  • Omar

    I went through the pictures because I like cheerleaders. Am I a bad person?

  • Johnathan Wright

    nothing to see here…………….. and that’s the problem!!!

  • cken

    Hope this dude doesn’t own a boat or ever go to the beach.

  • Alex

    So a male bodybuilder can go on stage with nothing but a small piece of cloth on and he is admired for it, but if a female is confident and empowered enough to cheer lead, she lacks morals.

    The writer most likely has some issues to take up with a therapist, or he himself is lusting after these women and finds disgust in his own behaviors. Either way, I found this to be written in poor taste and I find it sexist. Women, just like men, have the right to be proud of their physical accomplishment, and who are you to be in judgement?

    Take your own inventory.


  • olbartender

    I wish there was alternate programming that showed nothing but the cheerleaders during a game so you wouldn’t have to sit through all that stupid football just to get a glimpse of them.

  • Kurt

    I don’t know who wrote this article, but he is either Gay, a priest or both. If you don’t like looking at them, just don’t. I see they did manage to get their tokens in (black, Hispanic, Asian) even though most of them are ugly.

  • Abbey

    I am appalled at the descriptions at the bottom of the pictures. You wrote in the short article before the slideshow that yes, these women are adults and can do whatever they want, and that you don’t want to judge them, yet at the bottom of every image, you put phrases that are not only slut shaming, saying that they are not deserving of good men because of what they wear, but also continuing rape culture. They should expect animals to chase after them dressed like that? That’s the equivalent to saying that a woman deserves/wanted it because of how she was dressed. Shame on you. You are doing the exact same thing you warned readers of. You even suggested “playing a game” of imagining possible personalities of these women, yet you disregard your own advice and continue to judge these ladies, completely objectifying them to sex objects who are only performing for your pleasure or displeasure.

  • Morgan

    Does anyone know if this supposed to be a joke? Because if it is, it’s not very successful and if it’s not, this is the most offensive thing I’ve ever read.

  • Kimberly R. Kelly

    i imagine a fat out of shape girl or someone with no confidience writing this article… i have more respect for these ladies than I do for this author

  • Richard

    Obviously the author of this post is surely lacking self esteem. These young ladies are not only friendly and intelligent, but they are all highly skilled trained professional dancers.

    • VolpeNotte

      Obviously, it’s satire. “Spinning or sinning” -it’s both!
      What kind of dipstick writes an article that is essentially a catalogue of hot girls in tiny clothes, putting “eww gross” as the caption for all of them, and ISN’T kidding?

      The sad thing is, it probably is out there on the internet, but this isn’t it.

  • VolpeNotte

    Oh come ON people; it’s SATIRE! Unwad your panties, dude’s making jokes.

  • ℳello ℳonroe.

    what the hell? do you want them to parade around in sweat pants and turtle necks??? damn. give them a break. this post is stupid.

  • Lori

    This guy is ridiculous! He treats the human body as such a detestable thing. As an artist I just don’t understand how you can treat such a beautiful thing with shame and disgrace. The women here deserve to be proud of their bodies. Every human being has that right. Besides, I hate to burst your ashamed, puritan bubble, but have you ever been to the beach? These ladies are wearing more than your average bikini. They work hard, have lives that you know nothing about and deserve more respect than your snarky comments have allotted them.

    P.S. No, in New Orleans, its not “Mardi Gras” during football season too. Mardi Gras is a feast before a time of abstinence and restraint. What you see in either event is a reflection of a very unique culture. Our culture is one of openness, hospitality, acceptance and the desire to live life to its fullest and dare I say, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

  • SamIam

    It’s pretty hilarious how jealous of these women the author of this post is.

    SO much jealousy in those quotes.

    Are you ugly, or just hideously fat??

  • Emily Beaver

    Further proof that people have this irrational fear of women’s bodies. Articles like this are meant to shame women and make us feel like we’re doing something wrong if we show our bodies. The media simultaneously sexualizes us and then tells us to cover up.

  • Tim Watroba

    Is this written by a woman or gay male? Either way it’s not funny or creative. They aren’t even that scantily dressed. Prude and or out of touch equals this mess.

  • http://batman-news.com Mr_Paine

    Are you a fag? Do you prefer men?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Frano/100003338245557 Robert Frano

    Re: “…As someone who could accidentally become a father someday, I am appalled by
    all of the ladies in these pictures. If my theoretical daughter were to try to go out wearing such revealing outfits, she would immediately be sent right back to her room to put on some clothes.”

    Adults, wearing uniforms, (skimpy / transparent / ‘Haz-Mat’ / otherwise…), are, quite
    literally, ‘employer-employee-workplace’, &/or, ‘O.S.H.A.’ – concerns…
    I’m reminded of the recent NY Daily News profile of a women financing her law school
    tuition via porn flicks…

    While there is a distinct possibility some future law firm-employer might raise a ‘double
    or triple standard’ stink, thus incurring an unwinnable, (‘sexism / sexual harassment’), law suit if they refuse to employ this women, post graduation, (on so-called ‘moral turpitude’ grounds)…
    Thereby, (potentially), making her filthy rich, prior to even beginning her law career, (!!)…
    There is NOTHING anyone can say.

    In the article, this women is quoted as saying she finds porn a “liberating experience”;
    As long as her ‘co-stars’ AREN’T children / animals / corpses, / people, obviously, ‘under the influence’, (rendered chemically helpless), AND the film-producers have
    obtained consent forms…
    There is NO law broken, regardless of audience-reaction!

    If I worked at ‘xyz.com’ (a ‘hypothetical’ company)…
    And my parentals / some other, ‘disinterested 3rd party’ came along to add their 2 cents, OR tell me what I could / couldn’t do / wear / say / otherwise be involved with, I’d be
    pretty embarrassed / angry at such un-requested interference!

    These cheerleader pics seem pretty ordinary cheer-leading / modeling pics to me…
    Heck, one can see far more hominid-skin-surface-area, revealed, on the internet &/or in real, (OR ‘reel’), life, without even the ‘slightest’ risk of whiplash, so…

    Unless your daughter is STILL a child, (aka, ‘under 18’), in which case she wouldn’t be hired in the first place, (as it would be considered, ‘promoting the criminal-sexual-performance of a child’), it wouldn’t be your decision to make!

  • Ronnie Anthony Pate

    LOL, I was wondering……. nice satire.

  • Proud Skeptic

    LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it!

  • Cornu Copia

    Must be a homosexual male’s list of envied women he wished he looked like. Nothing to see here folks…..moving right along.

  • Gail Miller

    I didn’t see anything wrong with their outfits.. But my God, who wants to see rib bones? These girls are just too skinny. It is not attractive, imo anyway. Nothing wrong with a bit of fluff LOL

  • http://obbop.wordpress.com/ obbop

    Aaron the author must be a real treat to have at parties.

    • seeseebutler

      I’m sure the lesbians love him.

  • lobotrojan

    Why wear anything at all? You have millionaire jail birds, wife beaters and thugs entertaining drunken mobs at the colosseum who pay big bucks for three hours of gladiatorial escape and sex. Give the children the best seats so they can model how adults behave. $$$!! Romans! Let the games begin!

  • biglipzulu

    So is the articles author bi-sexual or just gay? I don’t get it. He must either like women to to suggest he could “accidentally” become a father and I imagine that could be getting a woman pregnant himself of maybe he finds a butt buddy who bred a child somewhere? He must be somewhat of a pole smoker to think these women need to cover up more. I bet he would be fine with Elton John prancing around in chaps though.

  • Bob Tests

    Let’s face it, the headline for this article had only one purpose – to make people click on it to see girls without enough clothes on! It worked. Now, anyone who has been to the beach in southern California (and occasionally to the grocery store there) has seen more flesh. Let’s all embrace the spirit shown and go with the flow.

  • xXGrizZ

    I’m assuming the author is being facetious. Or he is just gay.

  • WuzYoungOnceToo

    I can’t help but chuckle at the mouth-breathing window-lickers here who are incapable of recognizing the blindingly obvious facetious nature of this headline and story.

  • DJYahtzee

    What prig captioned these photos? Get a life. Better still, get a love life….if you can!

  • milootoole

    Excessive masturbation , I have read, will cause you to see sexual evil where none exists.

  • http://aikenareaprogressive.blogspot.com/ jovan1984

    I’d go on a date with every last one of these NFL Cheerleaders, as long as they are wearing their uniforms to the date. I can appreciate these girls that you slam as “sluts” and calling their performances “smut”.

  • Arthur Read

    Who cares? If you don’t like cheerleaders, just don’t look at them. I’d assume that more fans are for cheerleaders than against them. If you think their outfits are too revealing, then cool, but there’s no need to make a whole article about it.

  • Aubrey Bowman

    Attention Aaron Charles, Please check the expiration date on your Man Card, it has expired.