Picture of the Oakland Raiders New Mascot 'The Raider Rusher' is Beyond Terrifying

By Dan Parzych
(Kelly L. Cox/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to the Oakland Raiders, there’s no question they have one of the strongest fan bases in football as they’ve always proven to be some of the most passionate in the NFL–even when their beloved team is losing. Now, along with their fan base it’s safe to say they will have one of the most scary looking mascots in the NFL as well.

The Raider Rusher
(Darren Rovell Twitter)

The photo seen above is of “The Raider Rusher”–who will be the new mascot cheering on the Raiders each week. No, as much as we wish this was a joke, this is a photo of the actual new mascot for Oakland and as bad as it sounds–it’s beyond terrifying.

It may be difficult to come up with a good idea for a mascot, but it’s difficult not to wonder what the Raiders were thinking when they came up with this idea. The Oakland fan base has always been known for their intensity, but this mascot looks like something that would appear at a children’s birthday party.

On the bright side, at least the Raiders may have something to be excited about in quarterback Terrelle Pryor as the former Ohio State star has looked impressive so far this season as the starter. Pryor may not have been heavily tested in the team’s win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2, but he’ll certainly have the chance to prove what he’s capable of in the national spotlight as the Raiders take on the Denver Broncos during Monday Night Football.

Unfortunately though for fans, The Raider Rusher won’t be there cheering from the sidelines just yet.

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