Chris Kluwe Rips San Francisco 49ers For Letting Aldon Smith Play

By Andrew Fisher

Even though he’s currently out of the NFLChris Kluwe is still well aware of what’s going on around the league. The former punter has of course made national headlines in the last year for his thoughts on gay marriage and other assorted topics. To call him outspoken, doesn’t really do him justice. So anybody that’s familiar with him, wasn’t surprised at all to hear his latest rant on the Aldon Smith situation.

Kluwe went off this past Sunday. First on the announcers of the San Francisco 49ers‘ game and then on the team itself:

“Listening to the announcers justify playing Aldon Smith is pretty ridiculous. The sole reason he’s playing is because they care more about winning a child’s game than what a man does with his life.”

He then ripped sports analysts who were suggesting that Smith could have filed a grievance if he wasn’t allowed to play in Sunday’s game:

“For those curious, ‘conduct detrimental’ is a clause in EVERY player’s contract that states you can be fined and/or suspended if you engage in behavior deemed detrimental to the image of the team and/or league. It applies to EVERYONE. So saying ‘the 49ers didn’t have a choice’ is flat out hypocritical bulls*** and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do your f***ing job.”

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I think most rational football fans will agree with Kluwe’s assessment, even though they may not agree with the way he made his point. But that’s how he rolls. The former punter often uses profanity to help make his argument, but he’s usually spot on. Smith shouldn’t have played Sunday and that’s been made clear by the fact that he’ll now enter an in-patient rehab facility.


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