Lions' Louis Delmas Was Fined For Wearing Wrong Color Socks

By Connor Muldowney
Louis Delmas
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has been known for fining players for big hits and, most of the time, they are illegal and dangerous to the opponent — such as hits to the head or horse-collar tackles. This week, Detroit Lions hard-hitting safety Louis Delmas was fined a mere $5,000 for breaking of the league’s rules.

As I said earlier, he’s a hard hitter — so he probably hit a player too high or in the head, right? Wrong. Then what did the talented defender do wrong that landed him in hot water with the league? Well, he wore the wrong color socks during a game, of course.

You might be asking how that is a fineable offense, and I am actually asking the same thing, but it’s a rule that the league has in place and someone should have told Delmas before he decided to wear black and blue socks.

The rule states that Lions players are only allowed to don blue and white or all blue socks. It’s not that Delmas wore some ridiculous, out-there color that turned heads, but he wore black and blue, which is apparently forbidden for this team. Not sure if there is someone to monitor that in the locker room, but this has to be one of the dumbest rules in the league.

I’m not saying Roger Goodell came up with the rule, but we are going to blame him for this one. There’s no way a player should lose $5,000 for something so ridiculous.

Delmas told the media that he found out about the fine when he received his paycheck. He used more colorful language, but I wouldn’t be too pleased if a chunk was taken out of my pay either.

Way to crack down on the important things, NFL.

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