Michigan Apparel Sold at Official Connecticut Merchandising Stands During Game

By Connor Muldowney
Michigan Wolverines
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Connecticut Huskies aren’t one of the best teams in college football — not even close. In fact, the Huskies have been so mediocre at football for the past so many seasons that it’s almost a tough time getting fans to buy team merchandise from the stands around the stadium.

The basketball program is usually one of the best in the nation, but football is another story. Like I said already, getting fans to buy football apparel is not easy for the merchandise stands, so that left them with one option regarding the matter: time to sell Michigan Wolverines apparel.

Wait, what? Yes, Huskies merchandise stands were selling Michigan apparel around the stadium before, during and after the game on Saturday because of their matchup with the visiting Wolverines.


This picture was tweeted out and it shows that Michigan shirts and hats were being sold amongst a wealth of Connecticut apparel as well. It’s not like the Huskies apparel was hard to find — as the Michigan clothing took up just a small section — but it’s definitely weird to see an opposing team’s apparel sold in an official team store.

I get it that it could be a nice way to make some money in an otherwise slow-selling store, but you would never see one of the best teams in the country have its official merchandising store sell the away team’s clothing.

This is almost promoting Michigan in a way that no team should if it’s playing against the Wolverines — at home. The game ended up being far closer than many had anticipated and the store probably made a couple more bucks.

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