San Jose State's Punter Ejected After Fighting Minnesota Player After Onside Kick

By Connor Muldowney
Harrison Waid
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not often you see a punter take care of onside kickoffs, but the San Jose State Spartans have just that in Harrison Waid. Down 43-24 against the Minnesota Golden Gophers late in the fourth quarter on Saturday warranted an attempted onside kick and, apparently, Waid doesn’t get much practice with the rare kick.

After an awful attempt at an onside, Waid ran down the field, looking to make a heroic play at the bouncing ball, but it handed right in a Gopher’s hands, but that didn’t stop the punter from advancing like the ball was still loose and one Minnesota blocker didn’t want him touching his teammate.

What happens next you will just have to see for yourself:

Waid was not happy that he got his clock cleaned on the kickoff that went awry. After he was knocked down by Minnesota defensive back Derrick Wells, he got right back up and attacked the back in a way only a punter could. He latched onto the defender and the two hit the ground after a bit of a struggle from Waid.

While Waid started the fight, it looks like Wells won heavily. The punter ended up at the bottom of the pile and started a fight that should have never happened between the two teams.

San Jose State might want to get this kid under control, because it’s obvious the frustration got to him. I’m not sure if he’s always been picked on for being a kicker, but this seemed to be the straw that broke the punter’s back.

He was ejected for starting the fight. I’m going to guess he was the first punter to ever be ejected for starting a fight. Ever.

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