Shaquille O'Neal Becomes Part-Owner of Sacramento Kings

By Connor Muldowney
Shaquille O'Neal
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are considered one of the worst professional sports teams in all major sports. How do you get a franchise turned around — and fast? Well, how about having Shaquille O’Neal buy a stake in your team and become minority owner. That could work.

How bad are the Kings? They haven’t won a conference title since 1951 — when they went by the name Rochester Royals — and have just four division titles in the history of the franchise. That conference title was their only such title in their history and it led to their only NBA title as well. So why would The Big Diesel buy a stake in the historically-poor organization?

It seems as if Shaq wants to turn what ESPN’s recent franchise rankings called the “worst franchise” of 122 teams in all major sports. The Kings took offense to this distinction and named O’Neal minority owner in a move that looks like it will send this organization upward.

O’Neal, who referred to himself as Dr. O’Neal to our partners over at USA Today Sports, has said that wants to turn this team into a winner and wants be part of something big. For a team that was once his rival when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers, they seem like the team he’s been rooting for the most to come out of the cellar of the NBA.

Shaq wasn’t always a big fan of the Kings, once proclaiming the franchise as the “Queens”.

Pretty interesting move from Dr. O’Neal. Let’s see if he can cure the Kings of terrible basketball.

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