Watch Jay Cutler Dunk in High School

By Andrew Fisher
Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler is now a 30-year old NFL quarterback. He’s not exactly known as the most athlete guy, but he does display great elusiveness in the pocket. As it turns out, Culter was one heck of a high school athlete. Check out this video that surfaced recently, which shows Cutler in his athletic prime. Most of the highlights are of him as a football player, but towards the end, you get to see him on the hardwood throwing it down:

And they say white men can’t jump…

There’s no denying it, Culter could do it all on the football field in high school. Granted, he was playing at Heritage Hills in Lincoln City, Indiana (about 600-700 students), but he was a jack of all trades. He played offense, defense and special teams. But of course, he made his name as a QB. In total, he amassed a 26-1 record during his junior and senior seasons, while going undefeated his senior year.

Cutler earned first-team All State honors in football and basketball, while being named an honorable mention in baseball as a shortstop. Mighty impressive to say the least.

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Nowadays, Cutler is running the Chicago Bears offense at an extremely high level under Marc Trestman. He has the Bears all alone in first place in the NFC North (3-0) and if he continues on his current pace, he’ll earn himself a sizable raise via a new contract.


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