Denver Broncos RBs Determined Who Scored Final Touchdown Over 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'

By Dan Parzych
Broncos RBs
(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

As expected, the Denver Broncos cruised to an easy 37-21 win over the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football as Peyton Manning made NFL history once again by having the most touchdown passes over the first three games of a season with 12. While there were plenty of great topics to discuss from this game, the decision on which running back got to rush for the team’s final touchdown may have been the most hilarious story from the Broncos third win of the season.

Apparently, Denver’s running backs played a friendly game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who would receive the football in the fourth quarter when the Broncos lined up on 1st-and-goal from 1-yard line. Turns out, it was Ronnie Hillman who won the contest over Montee Ball and Knowshon Moreno as he scored what turned out to be the team’s final touchdown of the game to give the team a 37-14 lead.


Sometimes in sports, you have to have this type of fun when your team has a commanding lead considering the touchdown gave the Broncos a 37-14 lead at the time and it was clear the Raiders had zero chance of coming back and winning the game. It’s one thing for a team to have two solid running backs to rely on, but Denver should consider themselves lucky for knowing they have three solid players they can rely on in the backfield.

With the way things have turned out so far for the Broncos over the first three games, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these three running backs used Rock, Paper, Scissors a few more throughout the regular season to determine who gets the ball in these types of situations–just for the fun of it.

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