Rashad Johnson Tweets Gruesome Images of Torn Off Finger; Warning: Graphic Material

By Ryan Heckman
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals endured a beat down at the hands of the undefeated New Orleans Saints. The loss, however, was somewhat the least of worries for a certain Cardinals defensive back.

Arizona safety Rashad Johnson helped bring down Saints running back Darren Sproles at one point during the game and afterward said he felt pain and numbness in his left middle finger while also noticing blood dripping from his glove.

On the sideline, trainers cut off the glove where they found his finger was severed at the knuckle, with the cut-off portion still inside the glove.

This is the part of the article where I tell you to stop reading if you are weak in the stomach — like you’re really going to stop now. Otherwise, take a look at Johnson’s finger below.


Photo from Rashad Johnson Official Twitter Page — @49foyamind49


“It didn’t really set in until this morning when I got here and we took the gauze off and got it cleaned up here and I actually got to see it was the same length as my index finger,” Johnson told ESPN. “It was pretty shocking to see it that way. But you know, this type of stuff happens.”

“I’ve been lucky to not have any major injuries, but to have someone have to chip away at your bone and dig into it to get it to the point where they can cover it back up was pretty painful the night after,” he said.

Johnson also did not rule out playing in the coming week, saying that it is ultimately up to coach Bruce Arians. Johnson said that if he gives him the green light, he’ll be ready both mentally and physically to step out on the field. Until then, he plans to take it day by day.

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